Lifetime Massive Profits

Lifetime Massive Profits is a course on create passive income online by Anik Singal.

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5 thoughts on “Lifetime Massive Profits”

  1. this product is over hype. and i mean over hype. it’s the same old stuff. use facebook and twitter and send your product or web page to your friends and family, write a ton af article,join forums. it’s nothing new! but, what bother me is that anik singal claims that his team and him self will help you get your first 1000 e-mail. i got my own web site and i try to contact him through the support button. and never got a reply. and accorded to clickbank reading on this product, over half the peoples had asking for a refund. so, think before buying this product.

    • >accorded to clickbank reading on this product, over half the peoples had asking for a refund.

      Where did you get this information? Clickbank doesn’t reveal refund rates.

  2. Robert said quite clearly it’s according to Clickbank, not CBengine or something else. It’s just not true.

    And CBengine doesn’t “reveal” it, it estimates it.

  3. This product sucks, period. From what I can see if is nothing more than an effort to gather emails and try to cross-sell and up-sell other products. Customer support is lacking as well.

    In the video, it claims to help you start off you business with 1000 emails via drive traffic it will drive to you but this is not true at all. You do not get any emails aside from linking up to other people who have signed up. Not what was promised.

    I actually tried to sell it as an affiliate and I did not get one single sale in over 125 hits. So it does not convert like crazy.

    Try it if you like but I do not expect you;’ll get any better results.


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