Lethal Commission

Lethal Commission by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim

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3 thoughts on “Lethal Commission”

  1. Don’t touch this with a barge pole. Bought it 2 nights ago and still can’t download it. Emailed the support team and 18 hrs later they reply with “this is a known technical hitch” and no date to fix it.

    Three big upsells inside for back links at $247 and some other thing at $197 and then a monthly payment for something else.

    Buy at your peril

  2. I bought this product two weeks ago but was unable to download it due to software glitches. They claimed I should upgrade to gain access.

    They have outsourced their support and they are completely useless and I had to go back to Clickbank to get my money back – more than $650.

    Do NOT get involved with this jerk!

  3. If there was a (-) rating, I would put it but there is minimum 1, so I put 1. I should understand from the very beginning of this macho video intro that its a bunch of crap and nothing that I should waste my time on. Maybe its good for some one that doesn’t know s@*t about SEO.

    They have teamed up features from other existing SEO software and put it in one interface. Personally, I spent 324$ and couldn’t even do more or the same than what I am ALREADY doing with the software I have bought for LESS money.

    I contacted their customer support but some jerk replied they don’t have account under the information I provided them. They just want to AVOID the refund. I filed 2 refund requests at Clickbank and if they are serious, they will do the refunds. I am still waiting…

    STAY AWAY from this CRAP.


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