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You’ve of course have already heard about the Launch Tree by Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime, and you’ve read their free chapter. So let’s see what they want your money for.

Launch Tree is all about creating a real business online. Not some PPC, SEO, affiliate games, but real business after the model that Fortune 500 companies run. Here’s what that means in a nutshell:

  • Showing you how to fix the mistakes you’re currently making and thus helping you to increase your profits
  • Re-design your business model for consistent income
  • Bring more value to your customers

Those three points albeit short tell a huge story. Those attributes are of an ideal business that you want to aim for. Indeed this product promises to take care of your online business once and for all.

But is there the dark side of the moon? Well, I do have some pet peeves about it:

  • The promises of Launch Tree to get you started if you don’t have a product are too brave. In my honest opinion that part is to attract beginners who have no idea of what is online business and sell to them. I always thought Launch Tree is for people who know what they can sell at the very least. If you’re a beginner who’s just looking to make some money online, this might be the wrong place to look for. To put it straight, it’s for those who are looking to create a business (if you don’t know the difference, press the back button now)
  • The material assumes you have the fundamentals of online business and marketing. But what a person who can hardly use the computer can take out of it? That’s the question I always ask myself. But as the guys tell themselves, there are lots of other great products for that…

Overall, the top quality is only to be expected from guys like Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime, and this course definitely brings the quality to the table. If you’re a business owner, be it only your first steps, you will learn a whole lot from Launch Tree (what the free chapter is worth alone).

Launch Tree Official Website

Bonus – Choose from 259 Products

As mentioned above, there are two main drawbacks to Launch Tree. One is that you need to have a product to sell, another is that you must know how to get traffic and customers. To address these issues, I offer my blog readers a free access to the library of 259 IM products that will teach you how to get customers as well as you will be able to sell them as your own! Check out my Launch Tree Bonus.

1 thought on “Launch Tree Review”

  1. I think you raise two very good points. In case you are new to Internet Marketing this may not be for you since it teaches you how to optimize your sales process, which would mean that you have a product already in place.
    There really has been no talk on producing your own product and starting an online business.

    Maybe the title Launch Tree is not chosen all that well. Or maybe they do teach you how to start everything from start to finish and leave the pre-launch phase out of it. I doubt that though.

    I am an affiliate for Launch Tree and think that it will be a great product, but if you are completely new to Internet Marketing you may want to check out some other courses first and don’t get totally sucked up in all this hype.




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