Keyword Elite 2.0

Keyword Elite 2.0 is the new version of Brad Callen’s keyword research tool. In a nutshell it’s a tool that gives you a good look over the keyword data when you’re looking to SEO your site or run a PPC Campaign.

Through the years, however, Keyword Elite got quite obsolete and constantly evolving Google’s keyword tools have caught up making it pretty much redundant. So it’s no wonder that Keyword Elite 2.0 is released.

It was improved and has many new features. It now covers not only the basic keywords research, it introduces Adwords spy, content network and placement research tools, etc. Looks like Brad Callen and co. have not been wasting time.

It’s all cool but do you need a tool like that? You’ll see a lot of hype around this release and people telling you can’t live without this tool. But the matter of fact is, you only need it as long as you really need it.

Answer yourself, if how you do keyword research can be improved and how. Do you do keyword research at all? You get the drift.

Keyword Elite 2 is one of the best keyword research tools out there, so if you need to make your life easier, you might want to try it out. The good thing about it is that it’s a one time payment for a desktop software.

Below is a screenshot of Keyword Elite 2.0 which pretty much describes the contents of it:

Keyword Elite 2.0

Some of the titles may not tell much (ok, most of them don’t tell much), so here’s a quick breakdown with screen shots of each module in action (click them to see larger):

  • Keyword SurgeKeyword Surge – generates a list of related keywords from a root keyword. It gets data from Keyword Elite own database, Google’s Keyword Tools,, Wordtracker, and meta tags (of top sites I assume). This wide range of sources, any of which you can select, makes the results quite “creative” – you can see that from this screen shot. So it’s a good idea to play around with different sources as it might get over-cluttered with phrases that aren’t that related to your niche. Each keyword is presented with its source, length parameters and search volume.
  • Market Research SleuthMarket Research Sleuth – market/keyword data analysis. This is where you further analyze the keywords from Keyword Surge or any other source. You can analyze the data from Google, Yahoo and Bing, you get estimated searches, CPC, KEI and other data. Upon selecting a keyword a quick list of top search results is shown, but other than the url and position, no additional data is presented here.
  • Adwords Time MachineAdwords Time Machine – shows the past performance of competition in PPC for your specified keyword. It’s sort of a light version of the PPC spy tools. The data is shown on monthly bases, you can see the breakdown by domain name, additional keyword that each domain is bidding on and their ads.
  • Search Engine DominationSearch Engine Dominator – shows a breakdown of top 10 search engine results with competitive SEO information. This is where the 3-step keyword analysis with Keyword Elite 2.0 continues. You get a wealth of information here – the PR of result pages, number of backlinks, keyword distribution and density parameters on the pages, etc.
  • Adwords Competition SniperAdwords Competition Sniper – similar to Adwords Time Machine, only allows you to monitor your specified keywords. You can create several projects here and set up scheduled runs. The monitoring is competition oriented, meaning you have to enter not only the keywords to monitor, but also the specific domain names.
  • Advanced Google Site TargetingAdvanced Google Site Targeter – find Google Content Network placements for your keywords. This module scans the top sites (you can choose how many) for a given keyword, looks for Adsense blocks on them and returns the exact url where it’s found. With this information you can proceed to run placement targeted campaigns on these urls.
  • JV Diamond MinerJV Diamond Miner – helps you find JV opportunities in your niche, that is the sites that have newsletter optin forms, so you can pursue them to promote your products, help you build your list, or negotiate other joint ventures. Similar to the Site Targeted, you get the sites and exact urls where the optin forms are found.
  • CPA MagnetCPA Magnet – helps to find products for you to promote. It searches most networks, not only CPA, despite the name – it includes Clickbank, CJ, etc.

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7 thoughts on “Keyword Elite 2.0”

  1. “But the matter of fact is, you only need it as long as you really need it.”

    I would LOVE to see some very detailed review / comparison of this tool along side of Market Samurai and Keyword Rockstar.

    Because of the “continuity factor” of KR – it is by far the most expensive. However it was brought to my attention in the first place by Keith Baxter who says “it’s all I use anymore”, and having spoken on the phone with Jon – the primary creator of KR – I at least THINK I’m impressed. Problem is – I’m still so darn new at all this stuff, I not only barely understand how to use ANY of them to my greatest advantage – – I certainly can’t afford $100 / mo. for something I may or may not really even need.

  2. Appreciate admin honest review on a new tool once again. I have question on this, from the look of it it seems that KE2.0 will only be relevant for a certain period of time only.

    Perhaps after 6months or so it will become obsolete because its not constantly updated, am I right? Admin please correct me if I’m wrong.

    This is a big factor in determining how good this tool really is. I’ve got very credible IM guru who I subscribed to his newsletter recommending KE2.0 as well. But I’m not entirely convinced over how ‘durable’ this tool is.

    It would be great if admin can share your opinion on this.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Well, there were updates in the first version, to fix bugs etc. But the fact that it needed a separate launch for the second version says a thing or two. As an example, Market Samurai has almost daily updates and it builds up new powerful features seamlessly without extra cost – it has now probably at least 3 times as many features as it had when I bought it.

    Having said that, I don’t think it will get obsolete in 6 months, it has much more features than the first version and they will always be useful. But I can’t say how they will do with the updates. My gut feeling says that they won’t resist a chance to make some extra again from KE 3.0 and so on.

  4. BTW, Jeff, regarding Keyword Rockstar, I’m not familiar with it much other than reading its feature list, but there’s no way I’d pay a monthly fee when there’s KE and Market Samurai for a one time fee and I don’t think they are any inferior.

  5. I bought KE1.0 two years ago and back then it was great. Sure there were quite a few bug update releases but no new feature updates,.. and of course those clever geeks at the big G have been hard at work catching up (and some!).
    KE2.0 looks good but I refused to buy into it (at $97 with the discount coupon for current users) because it seems clear to me that the whole release of the KE2.0 thing was strategically planned behind the absolute knowledge that KE1.0 would eventually become redundant.

    Rest assured there will be a KE3.0 and it too will attract a premium.
    I found Bryxen support to be pathetic overall (see me blog posts) and their attitude even worse.

    Internet marketers have more options than ever now and I for one think that greed should be rewarded with rejection. I like the alternative of Keyword Blueprint and the Google tools… that’s more than good enough to do great campaigns and SEO with.

    Just my 2.0 cents!


  6. Looks like a great product and just what i need to get earning on the internet. The idea that a product can be marketed so efficiently = profits for me.

  7. Working with Keyword Elite can be very rewarding once you learn how to use the tool to its full extent. It’s not as intuitive as some other software out there, but it is a very accurate tool in keyword research, particularly when used in combination with other softwares.


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