Keep Your Day Job

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been right where you are many times and still find myself going back from time to time. That never ending thought or draw that keeps us trying to find that magic bullet. It sometimes haunts our dreams and almost always is in the back of our minds. We’re entrepreneurs. We can’t help it. We want something better than a regular nine to five.

I have been in the “multiple streams of income” business for about eight years now. And over these last eight years I have made A LOT of mistakes. Wasted money on online marketing courses, ebay courses, late night real estate courses, investing in the stock market, you name it. I have tried it all.

But here’s the deal. What I found is being successful in owning multiple streams of income is actually being able to understand what that means. It means exactly what it says. Multiple streams of income.

Sometimes that means keeping that nine to five. That’s right. I have a GREAT day job. Its challenging and allows me to fund my “other” endeavors as I try to diversify my income streams. This doesn’t mean that I have “sold out” or given up on my dream to be financially independent.

What it does mean though is that I have realized that without my nine to five I wouldn’t have the resources to try and take risks. Which risk taking is part of trying to become financially independent. Its just ONE of my income streams.

So eight years later I have a nice rental home portfolio, I own an LLC and an S-Corp and have figured out ways to minimize my tax exposure keeping some of what I earn. I am starting an internet business all the while working my nine to five.

And you know what? I am proud of that. Yes eight years ago I thought I would be sitting on some beach somewhere watching the sunset sipping an adult beverage with my awesome wife. But I’m not. And that’s ok.

So sometimes the answer is to keep that day job. I am not encouraging you to give up on your dreams. But keeping that day job just might be that extra income stream you need to put you over the top. It worked for me.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Day Job”

  1. I think that once your online businesses are producing the same, or more, income that your day job is, that it would be a safe time to leave your day job, if that is your goal. Also, make sure to have 3-6 months of bills put away in savings in case something goes wrong.

  2. I share your opinion on keeping the day job. I was an industrial manager for a few years but I always wanted to start my own business.

    The worst part of becoming independent is to start ;). Sounds odd but the start is pretty hard. After I managed to make a good and steady income I finally left my job. Just make sure to diversify your income streams and you are safe. But anyway, keeping your day job is the safe way and sometimes the right decision.

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