KajabiKajabi is a digital product publishing platform. It provides all tools to publish, sell and manage your digital products, coaching programs, membership sites and other online business activities.

What does Kajabi provide exactly? If you’ve seen a few recent launches by some of the biggest internet marketers (Product Launch Formula, List Control, Video Boss, AffiliateDotCom), and especially if you’ve bought any of them – it’s the technology that has powered these products. That includes:

  • Squeeze pages, sales pages and other product presentation, including graphical templates
  • Shopping cart and integration with payment gateways
  • Integration with popular autoresponders
  • Customer and support management
  • Affiliate program management
  • Content delivery
  • And much more

In other words Kajabi gives all tools to release and sell products online in one place. Most importantly it makes everything look professional.

Another important feature is that the service is hosted on a could which enables the on-demand scalability. That means you don’t have to worry about your server breaking down at the peek of the launch.

So who is Kajabi for? It’s made by marketers for marketers so it’s perfect for those who are already selling products online, especially if they include membership programs and/or affiliate programs. It might be also for those who are about to launch a product and want to do it properly.

What is it not for? If you’re completely new to internet marketing or you simply don’t intend to release any products, coaching, membership programs or anything that involves directly dealing with customers, it won’t be of any use to you.

I understand that you’ll probably be getting a lot of emails about how Kajabi is gonna skyrocket your business and that you must have it. But don’t forget that it’s just technology, as good as it is, and it’s still up to you to create products, bring traffic, leads and sales to your business. So don’t get overly excited but consider this to make doing business online a little bit easier.

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8 thoughts on “Kajabi”

  1. It seems to me that Kajabi is a fine product for those who have their own products to push — I cant see the advantage for the ordinary guy with 3 or 4 websites for affiliate products
    Tell me if I am wrong – cant quite see how it builds lists if you dont have your own product

  2. Nope, it’s all about selling your own products, I don’t think there was even any mention of affiliates, other than running an affiliate program for your product.

    Not sure what you mean by “ordinary guy”. To have a product is nothing extra-ordinary. And at the same time there are affiliates who make more than most product owners.

  3. Hi

    Are there any users out there who have moved to kajabi form membergate. looking for the best way to transfer our data but not gettign the best support form Kajabi HQ at the momnent.

    Big issue is making sure we have the right shopping cart as we currentley use Sage Pay

    Any Ideas?

  4. Need a way of knowing, by an api or web service call, of a members status given an email address…. for integration into existing products….. Is this possible..?

  5. You can get what Kajabi offers for FREE. Lookup WordPress, for example.
    Also, why pay for NO support? Unless you want to waste
    Time and money, GO KAJABI!

  6. Not a user myself but I’ve seen sites that run on it. You will not make that with WP unless you’re a programmer or hire one. There aren’t even any good free shopping cart plugins for it, not to mention things like hosting on the cloud. So I’ve no idea how you can make that free with WP, I’d sure like to see you do it.

    Care to elaborate the “no support” remark? Are you a customer? Has the support been not responsive for you?

  7. Hello,

    I heard the one of the downfalls is that if you decide to stop using Kajabi, you lose everything you created on their platform…..

    I guess it’s smart on their behalf, after you sign up with them and spend all that time creating landing pages/websites, you can’t leave them…. you’re stuck paying the monthly fee… What if they decide to increase the subscription fees?

    Just my 2 cents…



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