Internet Marketing World Cup

They say the Internet Marketing World Cup will end the hype in the Internet marketing products once and for all. I don’t think it will have such an impact that people will stop buying hyped up products, but it certainly has a good idea.

The idea is to run a competition between Internet marketers who would implement their make money online systems from scratch and document every step of it. Every competitor starts from zero and is not allowed to have any resources whatsoever from their previous work. They have to register all of their payment accounts, hosting accounts, etc. They can’t use their existing websites, email lists or JV partnerships.

In other words, the competitors are put in the total beginner’s shoes and have to show how their system works. The winner is decided by the ROI they produce during the competition.

The rules and requirements are pretty strict to ensure the transparency – every competitor has to install and use the provided screen capture software and record their every action on video, as well as document everything in writing.

At the end of the competition the top 20 winners are awarded (with the #1 winner raking in $100k) and their systems are put on sale for general public (the winners also get the revenue share). The IMWC should ensure that these systems are real, working and no hype is involved so that anyone can implement them knowing what they can expect and what exactly they have to do.

Currently the Internet Marketing World Cup is open for the registration of competitor until November 21st, the competition starts on November 29th and will finish on Januray 31th, 2010.

If you’re making money online and think you can compete, you can register on the Internet Marketing World Cup official site.

If you can’t or don’t want to compete, it’s certainly an interesting event to keep an eye on and see what the outcome is. If all goes well, it should result in 20 good methods to make money online without the fluff and hype.

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