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Instant Passive Profits by Greg Wood and Stephen Anderson is an affiliate marketing software.

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23 thoughts on “Instant Passive Profits”

  1. Well, here we go again.
    Bought this today with no idea what the hell I was buying. What an idiot.
    This is nothing more than PPC.
    The members area is very amatureish. I could have thrown the thing together in less than an hour.
    Here is the concept.
    You buy their software thinking you only have to enter a keyword and the software goes and finds you all sorts of targeted traffic.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Here is the truth.
    You buy the software, and inside the members area, they direct you to dozens of CPV sites where you are expected to sign up for each of them and funds each one with $100.00 each. Then, you find an affiliate program to promote. Then go back to each of these CPV site and enter your affiliate program URL. Then sit back and watch as your deposits are eaten up on a rapid basis.
    This might be good for someone who has hundreds of dollars to invest to get started, but it is nowhere near as simple as he shows in the sales video.
    If you have ever done PPC, you know how wishy-washee this method can be. This program takes that to a whole new level. Best wishes

  2. I agree with Chuck, here we go again.

    It’s essentially a CPV training with matched URL generating software so you have something to place on your CPV (PPV) Campaigns.

    Outside of that – be careful with the sales video, as it is VERY misleading and there are several upsells that add up to hundreds of dollars.

    People are getting sick and tired of unexpected and deceptive surprises.

    Thank you for this valuable platform, it’s saved me time, money and headaches!


  3. I was about to pull the trigger and purchase this product, you have saved me the time and trouble. He does a good sales video though.

    Is there any product anybody can recommend?

  4. Very slick sales video done by actors, who make more promises than anyone should beieve. When you finally make it past the NINE (count-’em) upsells, you discover that the initial software offer is just a tease, and won’t give you the best opportunity to succeed unless you buy the upsells. Then on the follow-up email “Wait–your order is not complete” you are taken through the entire sales page process again—only when backing out of the site, you realize that you could have saved more than $170 if you had kept x-ing out of the offer at every new step. The member area is several notches below professional and very difficult to follow in an organized sequence. It is PPC and the comment about funding these accounts is true—you’ll need another $500 to get that going. Also the claims about setting up a site within 90 seconds might happen when you are totally familiar with the system, but don’t count on that anytime soon. Overall, I’m disappointed –feel severely duped and am taking them up on the 60-day money-back offer. Good intro video though–had me convinced.

  5. I purchased this product after the smarmy video, it sounded fine, but in the end it was very average software and the never ending buy this and buy that pages to get to the final software page was annoying. Now i am getting quite a few emails daily to buy his products, or that I haven’t completed my purchase and to click on a link that basically spams me to try and buy more over priced software etc. For some of you this might work well, but for me, it had issues and my questions didn’t get answered by his sales team.

  6. Thanks for the info on this product from the people who tried it. I watched the video and was considering buying it until I read the comments here. This is a very useful site and I will check back when I consider buying something else.
    Thanks to everyone.

  7. Hi Sean, You may want to check out Massive Passive Profit. It’s a blog based internet marketing. You can create 1000s of sites which are updating themself autopilot. You can start with the basic package and upgrade for 200$ when you see it work for you. You will also need private server. I wasted a lots of time with shared ones. This is about 174$/month. expensive but worth it on long term. For blog template use Stallion Theme Plugins. the best on the market by David Law. It has a great SEO. The combination of these will not make you money over night, and you have to invest in first, but it does work. My only problem is, the softver ocationaly pulling in not relevant content to the site. Specially from you tube. See it for yourself if it’s worth it for you : )

  8. I bought this product today and was completely misleading in comparison to the sales video.

    Everything the comments say before me is true, a bunch of upsells, clickbank ads start showing up even before you sign in to the members area, didn’t get to test it ’cause I need to spend another $100 to actually see if it works or not (that in my opinion it looks like probably won’t work) and I just can’t afford to loose anymore money.

    I’ve spent quite a considerable amount of money in the past couple of weeks. So I’ll wait a few more days to get on my feet again and will test only one campaign to see if I get any results.

    I will keep y’all posted with any results.


  9. Thanks, I was considering this also. I thought the video was some sort of spoof, and kept waiting for actual info on the product. Thanks again, glad I found this page – it saved me some money.

  10. Thanks for the honest review. The sales page had me ready to buy.
    Just goes to show – there aren’t any free lunches out there.
    Guess I’ll keep working the old fashioned way.

  11. Thanks Guys I thought this sale pitch was to good to be true. That why you need site like this to exposed the rubbish we keep getting. My search for good workable system continues.

  12. Good warning to us all. The product might work for some who have as you said more money to invest. This is the problem now with many digital products -” the upsell” but is not mentioned beforehand. It’s very tricky, and misleading, where is the love. Sometimes we thought that a $47 price is affordable so we are excited to buy the product but after paying we found out that the product we just bought is almost nothing unless we pay for more upgrade or upsell. If this is a business technique then I’ll tell you this is a bad technique and somehow can backfire in someway.
    It feels hurting because we don’t expect any upsell, if there is upsell it should be stated before customer pay for the product. I think the buyer has the right to know all the prices and what level can they get at what price. Let’s say for $47 they will get yellow and green, for 97 they will get yellow green and blue and for $200 they will get all the colors, in that case it is clear to the buyer from the start. There is another thing that makes my stomach hurt when you read something like only 3 remaining..etc..but after 6 months or one year still says the same thing. I just don’t get it. Anyway happy affiliate marketing.

  13. I also just asked for a refund.

    The up sell was horrendous but I kept buying because my psychology at the time was that I wanted nothing to stand in my way of achieving success with this. I actually believed the guy in the video to be the person I would be dealing with. When I found out it wasn’t I was very pissed off. Why start by misleading the people you are trying to attract. To suggest or even say that and then to find it was all a con is very bad – but I persisted. I signed up with the VIP section and also the “Done-For-You” campaigns – the whole lot so no excuses could be used by me or them. I had trouble with my DirectCPV account (money missing, bonuses not awarded) and was told that they would fix it up. My response? “It’s not our problem, contact DirectCPV” – great.

    The feeling these guys are giving us is that no one can be trusted, all sales pitches are lies and we should not ever give anyone the benefit of the doubt. The actor paying the actor telling us he wasn’t an actor and was the real developer is the height of trickery and tells us from the outset that “we are here to trick you! We already have”.

    Either these guys are out to trick us as a proper job or they have received some extremely bad advice telling them that lying and deceiving your customers is a great business plan.

    I wish I had something else to suggest but I’m still looking. Shame on you IPP! You are stealing people’s dreams and adding to the anger out here. I’m as angry as I could be about this and yes, I feel like a complete dickhead for believing them.

    Stay away “negative 1 million out of 10” – you know, soon one of us is going to go postal on these guys. How much more do they think we are going to take? And I’m talking to all the vendors who prefer to trick and lie to get our dollar and then think they can just treat us like crap the instant they get our money. Everything said above is true unfortunately. I was bitterly disappointed at the material and felt “Is that it?” I’ve requested a full refund from Clickbank and I NEVER ask for refunds – I just take each failed useless course as more experience and some knowledge.

  14. I was about to pull the trigger but instead googled it first and found the valuable site. I’m glad I did. I thought what a bad actor the presenter was but I wanted something that I didn’t want to spend tons of time marketing and that this was it.

    I’m glad I found myself here.


  15. Hi everyone, thanks for your honest reviews

    I have been looking for a legitimate on-line business for months…there is soo much BS out there you’re often left not knowing what to do…I make it a practice now to google reviews of products before purchasing because I’ve been ripped off soo many times yet I still manage to have faith that there is something real, easy and affordable out there for me but am I really deluding myself honestly???

    There is nothing worse when you feel excited that maybe just maybe this product is different only to find that once again you have been duped, your confidence and self-esteem drop and your excitement suddenly turns to disappointment and feeling ripped and pissed off…then you have to remind yourself somehow through the blind fury that these negative feelings and thoughts will get you no where so you start all over again…

    Is there any decent person out there who has a system that works well, earns money fast, is easy to follow where you don’t need upsells to get the most out of the system and does exactly what it says or am I just a dreamer dreaming???

  16. Thanks a lot guys for the info. I am looking into internet marketing, haven’t started yet and have read all your comments. At least I am not starting on the wrong foot. Will continue searching i suppose.

  17. Not a singe positive review. Not even with a ten foot pole will I go anywhere near them. Whats with the $49 thing while he is earning millions. Doesn’t make sense to me. Sort of like Donald Trump or Bil Gates asking for $20 to give you the recipe for success. Highly unlikely.

  18. I purchased this product recently and debated refunding it I finally decided I would for the following reasons.
    First of all nothing in this product was specified whatsoever. Off the bat like any product purchased your hit with a slew of upsells Support was not even there they could not even give me specifics when I asked them since I don’t need a website where do I go what do I do.
    Check out my video feel free to respond too

  19. Thank all of you for trying this program. I too was just about to push yes. I even had my credit card number and everything filled out. How foolish I thought even though I am on disability and my wife lost her job. We lost our home and here I am believing this can be true. Shame on me and thanks all of you for your comments. You know $47 dollars may seem like nothing,I even got one that dropped the price to $19 with the 60 day guarentee but that was even a risk to me. Glad I found this page.


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