Instant LP

Instant LP VideoInstant LP is a very easy to use website builder designed specifically to build landing pages to promote affiliate offers or your own products either through PPC, SEO or other promotion methods.

Instant LP comes with hundreds of templates, a very easy to use WYSIWYG editor, and pre-made standard pages, such as privacy policy, terms of use, contact us pages. But despite being easy to use, it still provides advanced features for editing raw HTML code.

Why buy?

If you don’t have advanced coding skills to create websites but you often need to quickly create landing pages for your campaigns.

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1 thought on “Instant LP”

  1. Hi!

    Nice recommendation here. This is a quality product. My company, had the privilege of producing the promotional video for the software so I wanted to dig in and see for myself how the whole thing worked.

    Well, I gotta tell you…it was difficult to keep the promo video down to under two minutes because there are a lot of features packed in. Even though I use Dreamweaver for my own personal projects, I WILL be using InstantLP to get the thing kick started. I’d NEVER be able to do everything that the software does (even if I set up templates myself).

    I agree with the owner of this blog. Go up above this comment and click on the link to go check out the salespage (and the video…lol).

    Oh, I almost forgot. The other thing that I’m really impressed with is the legal forms that it generates…automatically. We all know that the FTC is cracking down HARD now on internet marketers so any “extra” protection is always welcome.


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