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Instant Cash Empire by Andrew X is a software program for creating websites.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Instant Cash Empire to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Instant Cash Empire or other products by Andrew X, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

If there are no reviews below yet, keep in mind that they come from real users and it can take a little while for someone to post (especially if the product is new). If you want to see more Instant Cash Empire reviews, bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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147 thoughts on “Instant Cash Empire”

  1. The video for this product landed in my mailbox today. Took a look. A difficult video to get out of I found. No mention of price at all. As an interested “newbie” I like to look at things simply out of curiosity if nothing else.
    Started to look up reviews of this product, and have found nothing. No reviews at all. Either I’m looking in all the wrong places, or everyone is strictly selling it only.

  2. It arrived in my inbox today, this morning.
    The video is powerful (in my humble opinion) and that guy seems to have been labelled as ‘weird’, I’m sure I had a wave of email a few weeks back with a subject line of ‘watch this weird guy’ or ‘have you seen this guy – weird’ or just ‘see this – weird!’
    Anyway, there was a price today, first it was $37 then it was $47 but you could get a One Time Discount of $10, none of the payment links worked. That’s how I discovered these prices by going to the site direct. Still the links failed.

    Anyone got any further?

  3. I bought the program and when I hit the No Thanks for the coaching the next screen said I was “Forbidden” to access the program on my server…Whatever that meant…I placed a complaint to the support email but have not recieved any response yet…I hope I didn’t just get ripped off….

  4. what i don’t get.. is that we are the consumers.. yet we don’t demand that an actual LIVE case study to be given, we seem happy to believe the story. I don’t want just hype and logging into accounts(and you are showing us your own sale.. in clickbank if you don’t select the ROLE drop down.. then we are seeing money off their own products), who cares! Show me what it is you are actually doing on screen that is bringing in the cash, prove it that way. If you are real, you can and you will do this.. otherwise.. its just another $37 entrance fee, with backend sales that you have to purchase to get the “best” results. We should demand REAL live proof of the method that’s making 100’s of thousands of dollars. 1 case study.. that’s all!

    This site is the closest I have to seen to real opinions and reviews on these types of products.. anytime I get an email about the next best thing.. I now come here.. if no reviews.. I don’t even finish whats on the page, delete the email and get off the list..

  5. lol… i just looked at the header… 7 clicks huh.. SHOW ME those 7 clicks.. I bet you can’t! or you would have.. what a joke.

  6. I just bought the program and try to work with it, seem some function not work like what shown in the training video, first stage i got problem is when system suppose to generate article for me base on keyword that i had entered but there was no article except just a videos from you tube…and pages to load also pretty damn slow may be they have a problem with over traffic hit their server and the issue with bandwidth …hope they will rectify this soon if not………another case ……ripped to support team …no reply yet….

  7. Looks like another scam to me folks…I should know; I’ve bought dozens of them.

    If his story is true we know he is very unethical…wouldn’t a good/moral person give the laptop back? Of course they would.

    The guy is full of it!


  8. I just purchased this too, took payment fine.. lol had to go throughquite a few pagess of no thank you just send me to down load page after a bit of time got there then said …………..The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator tryed 3 times………. have email customer support and click bank…. souned too good to to true but still get caught up in beliving it…….. He made it sound like this is all we need to buy but once you have paid for it you then get bombared with other offers regarding the product……. well ill give it a day to see if i hear back.

  9. I also went through all the hoops to finally get the membership login link but I could never login, it just keeps on timing out, if I don’t get it to work in the next hour I am getting a refund. This does not look good!

  10. Thanks for this site just saved me another load of frustration.

    Howabout if we list every guru that actually reccommended this and just
    swamp them with our complaints.

    Not on really…i actually respect this guy Phil M. but down in my
    estimation now.

    We should just have a site that highlights the garbage AND highlights
    those peeps that reccommend them.


  11. Warray, I too, see only a small list of videos when looking for an article there. Emailed the support regarding this issue , but no response yet. I also had problems logging in, but finally could get through. I also did not buy any upsells they offered. Now I’m curious if me not being a VIP member there caused the problem of not being able to see the article list.

  12. I just had the same problem a lot of other people seem to have. I purchased it then he wanted me to get the upgraded version I said no it went to the next page and its forbidden. Like no its forbidden im sorry but you have to get the $150 version thats how I make this much money in my click bank accounts. lol
    What a joke Im emailing clickbank for a refund. What made me interested was he said he would give you a hundred dollars if you didnt make money. Another dissappointment. 🙁

  13. Hi
    I managed to log in finding i can only view videos and not the articles have just email them regarding this, dont panick to much click bank always refund so there be no problem in getting your money back, Im going to hang on in just incase its just hic-cups. will let you know. it does look easier enough maybe just teething problems ay,
    fingers crossed : )

  14. Hi Again
    Just got a reply from them real quick too, there was a problem, is now fixed so you should be able to view articles now, im just off to retry.

  15. Well, I kept clicking out of the “sales” video and finally came to a page that said I could get one of the cash making sites (claimed to make $477 per day) for FREE, just enter email for instant access. So I entered my email and was taken right back to the sales video. No FREE site to try out – why does it say that if they are not going to give one???? This has SCAM written all over it. I am leary of anything that says “complete autopilot, no lists, no advertising, just 7 clicks of the mouse” and I was also disgraced to hear of the “theft” of someone else’s system. Seems to me one theif is just as bad as the other. Good Luck!

  16. Well, I got stuck at the registration stage. I clicked the “Get your login details” button and got a message saying:

    “The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.”


  17. I got an email from Stephen Lee Jones today promoting “Instant Cash Empire”. This is two days in a row he has sent me this email. Yesterday, I replied to the first email he sent, with my complaint about not being satisfied with the support for “My Membership Empire”, which is the membership program for using the “instant Site Launcher” software he and Andrew X sold last April 2010. This cost me 500 bucks Canadian and it turned out to be an expensive lesson for me. I have not made a dime using this software and have never heard of anyone else who made any money with it either. Customer support was negligible and these guys never followed through on their promise to hold regular webinars for their members on how to effectively use the software.

    Which leads me to say something about this latest software they are trying to get me to buy! No way will I ever buy anything from these guys again. This is just another bogus sales page trying to promote a ridiculous notion that it’s so easy to earn money on the internet. Just 7 clicks and voila!! You are going to make BIG BUCKS. Any real honest internet marketer will tell you this is just not possible, so beware the sales hype on this one! Just remember, these guys are always coming up with slick new products to con everyone into buying. And we are all suckers who do, me included!

    I have read a lot of the other posts about “Instant Cash Empire” on this site, before posting my own comments here. It seems like everyone has had bad luck of one kind or another. That should tell you something I think. So beware folks! Buy at your own risk!

  18. This appeared to be a piece of software that would take a lot of time and work out of producing my other stuff. I had a hard time sitting through his sales pitch. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster with six up sales and down sales. All the time I was thinking what a fool I would have been to accept his original offer…$532.00! What a joke. Very frustrating, and the voice got to be irritating as well. I had all the problems addressed by others…only to find it doesn’t work as advertised…Not only will I be contacting Clickbank for a refund, but I will give the boot to the IM guru that recommended it. I will say, that, conceptually, it is a nice little piece of software for $37.00…if only it worked…not ready for prime time.

  19. It’s just another scam. Nothing works like the training video shows. Like others, all I got was a lot of You Tube videos. Even if you put in the example they use, “hair loss”, you get nothing but videos. Haven’t heard back from them either. I will most likely have to go to click bank and try and get a refund. I see alot of marketers out there pushing this system. I agree that we need to list them and have everyone shy away from anything they promote. So much for the video where they promise honest software that works and no BS.

  20. I purchased the Instant Cash Empire today, and can only get videos and no articles. I am a complete newbie and it looks as if this is a scam. How do I go about getting my money back from clickbank?? Many thanks.

  21. Bummer 🙁 i almost bought it until i read all these comments. I read a lot of review sites but haven’t found one with a review of someone purchasing it and giving a real life review after using the system. (Proof of some money being made.)
    I’ll buy it just for the software,but I’ll wait to see if any more comment reviews come in.

  22. I have been wanting to get started online for a while now, but a little leary after getting burned a couple of times from products that dont do what they are supposed to. Remember tweetomatic profiteer, it was complete and utter piece of garbage software, this time I wont mention the marketers name, but if these people keep pissing me off I will start to make a list and a site, making the good honest consumers aware of the people making and promoting this garbage. So to all you marketers who may read this comment, the customers can break you.. just as well as make you.

  23. This site has saved me alot of time and money…thanks for saving me again!.. this is just another scam…I hope you all get your money back. William, there should be link in your Clickbank receipt you received by email to be able to access the order and request a refund. There should also be a vendor email to send a request to. When I have receive a refund through the Clickbank site for a product, I always let them know if I think it was a scam in the section that you fill out for “reason for return”. Good luck.

  24. Got my money back…phew! Or an email saying I’ll get my money back at least… we will see.

    I still believe Instant Cash Empire is a scam though… if not, what’s the point in it, as the software and many pages simply don’t work. Why launch it if it doesn’t work unless you are trying to scam folk?

    Steer clear of Instant Cash Empire!

  25. Hi
    Their sent me an email about logging in, they did not advise me about why i could not see the articles, even though thats what i asked for in my email, reason I brought this was I suppose a lazy reason wanting it done for me with out alll the learning process involved, so i am going to go to click bank now for a refund. And go to another source. which i shall give you guys incase your intrested, One is THINK IT COST ABOUT £18.00 PER MONTH reviews are brillant on them, but you will still need to pay for a domain name the support is meant to be really good. The other is Chris Farrell his course is about £27.00 per month plus you need aweber and domain names exellent reviews and support i have read. So I am going to give one of these ago and stop going round the houses. Let me know what you think about these two.

  26. I jumped in with both feet and bought it, absolute waste of money – best thing you can do is keep your money in your pocket. Half of the website doesn’t work, they do not tell you you need cpanel hosting – and even when you do have it, there are mysql errors after mysql errors. The support form doesn’t work and when you send a normal email to them, you get no reply back!

    I have got my refund back – and learned my lesson!

  27. It does not make any sense to not have it work, especially on a launch.
    They can’t keep the money because everyone will cancel, if it does not work.
    So what is the point with all this nonsense. I e-mailed them yesterday about
    the pages not loading and their has been no response from them at all.
    I am thinking that their servers are down but since they have not responded,
    it does make things look bad. Another one that bites the dust.

  28. I received the sales email too. From reading these comments I’ve come to a few conclusions.
    1. The product was launched too soon and not fully tested.
    2. The marketing technique he used works as evidence by everyone googling “instant cash empire review”.

    3. The product is a script. Scripts only work as long as they are updated against the latest viruses/hackers. Is he going to be there 3 years from now ?

    4. Scripts that bloom on line get noticed by Google and unless you are able to modify everything in the template are considered cookiecutter sites. Which eventually get devalued / de-indexed or whatever terminology you want to call it when your site ends up on page 55 of Google search.

    5. There is no such thing as quick money. In your heart of hearts you know what he is offering is too good to be true. Don’t be sucked in by the greed factor.

    Make your own sites, do it right, save your money, modify your sites the way you like, don’t depend on somebody who might or might not be there in 5 years.
    Create Quality not Quantity.

  29. Thanks for the heads up!!! I am a struggling affiliate and have been scammed more often than I care to admit on products that are all CRAP. Can anyone tell me if there is a money making product that ACTUALLY works? I am not looking to become a millionaire overnight. I am simply trying to do my share to support my family.

  30. Just stating the obvious, but there’s an ‘I recommend’ list just above the comments. And there are hundreds of other products on this site with reviews, not all are just negative. I invite you to use this site. 🙂

  31. I bought the software and IF it did what it was supposed to do I think it might be worth the $37, but it doesn’t work for me. I was able to get all the way to upload to my site and I got a string of errors. I agree that it was probably launched without fully testing. I didn’t upgrade, thank goodness! I have sent an email to support and I am waiting to hear back.

  32. Thanks Maggie. I have requested a refund with clickbank, and I wrote this in the reason section:

    Reason: I can’t get the product to work.
    Comment: This product does not work, and I believe I am a victim of a scam. I have have e-mailed
    them for help, but they have never replied. I was horrified to see on the intranet that a
    lot of people were complaining and have been scammed by this.

  33. I bought this system too,, in fact i paid twice as i had a error report once i tried to access the members area then i set up hosting and domain with their special offer . so ive had the same problems as everyone here has anyone actually got the software to work as promised in the video . and there is no articles showing up for any of the keywords searches even if you try the example he used (hair loss)
    very disappointed as most of us here , plus im still getting emails promoting this ????

  34. I’ve had similar experiences as mentioned before. The content does not load up. Only a few videos come up. I have had no response to my email complaining about this…. I sent the email two days ago. today I tried sending an email to support via their website but I got an error, I then sent an email to their webmaster, which was given in the error but I got an email saying “Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain…..The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 No Such User Here”
    So, I am very disappointed!!

  35. It is sad that we all fall for products like the Instant Cash Empire. As if by magic we hope to fill all our dreams and achieve instant gratification.

    More like greed! In this world there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    A few years ago the buzz word was work SMART not hard. However, that has proved to be impossible as times have become difficult with the recession. We are all deluded and chasing after rainbows. There is no substitute for sheer hard work. There are shortcuts but we ultimately have to put in the hard graft.

    We even cheapen the efforts of those who really work hard at making a good business. It’s about time people stop whinging about the unethical scams out there and get on with their own business in a decent honest way. Just unsubscribe to all these crackpot schemes if you don’t want to waste your money.

    Watching Mike Harvey pontificate about his 7 button instant cash product was laughable and pathetic. Not once did he show how he got his ill gotten gains. We are only left to ponder at his fantastic claims and listen to his silly testimonials.

    More and more products abound in the market place but I’m afraid there is no genius out there who can replace the mechanics of real work and obtaining a good livelihood. This unfortunately or fortunately is for us to sort out.

  36. I’m an ex-systems analyst so in theory I should be paying attention to solid and honest results.

    However, I almost did purchase this until I saw the name ‘Andrew X’. No surname is used so nobody can bash in his door and give the shit a hiding. He is known to produce 2nd rate crap that grabs your money and produces nothing. I only purchase via CB because they at least ALWAYS honour a refund claim…even if the supplier objects. However, CB now need to do an internal review of all this crap hitting the public as eventually it will be them seen as promoting fraudulent garbage. Yes, this ‘Mike Harvey’ is a clown pretending to be the developer…sadly most of this market crap is generated by consortiums of rogues that set up to prey on the ignorant.
    There really are some good people on the web and indeed some decent products…just very hard to find.
    I can only recommend you go to the Warrior Forum and subscribe to some of the folks there…there is a peer-group that ratifies anything sold and there is a lot of support and decency.
    Unsubscribe from these silly parasites with their dishonest garbage and if they leave you unsatisfied, report them on a site like this or on ‘scamreport’ so the world knows. ALWAYS name the culprits so WE kill off their activities.
    PS.. The way these guys make their money is by sharing name lists, sequencing releases, conspiring on content and using the same team to write the sales pitches. Like a bunch of professional bank-robbers they should be arrested for fraud. I actually believe they are wide open to this charge if their goods do not do as they say they do. Check this out through your local Trade Practices Office or police department. It REALLY IS fraud and you can get damages. Let these theiving bastards suck that fact.

  37. Thanks for the great honest reviews folks and admin this is a wnning idea. I will definitely check out Warrior Forum. The thing I find most worrying is that these so called gurus who have made tons of money still feel they need to cheat Joe Public. How much money is enough and in actual fact you make more money selling a product that actually works than selling a dud because you get repeat buyers. People worry about markets becoming saturated but if you really have cracked the code you should be able to duplicate it at will.

    That’s my 2 pennies worth!

    Affiliates/Internet Marketers Never Give Up!

    Personally I never pay for anything without extensive research and the old adage is true, if something sounds to good to be true it probably is!

  38. Wow. I sure wished I would have seen this page before I purchased. Lucky thing for me I didn’t up buy any of the extras. I admit, I had a feeling this wouldn’t work out right. But I just had to give it a try. Now I’m having regrets. I must say I didn’t experience any problems going through the purchasing phase. My problem was trying to use the ICE software. Like everyone else that tried to use it, there was no articles, just videos. I have also written to the support team twice in regards to this and no response in 4 days. I’m giving them one more day to email me back and resolve this. If I get no response from them. Clickbank will be getting a refund request.

  39. Purchased this software, but soon found parts not working. Reported this many times to them but had no replies. Reported this to Clickbank. Looks like another scam. Will be requesting refund. RA

  40. Today is March 11 and I did get an e-mail back from a lady named Maria from Instant Cash Empire
    and she said that I should make sure that I have Firefox connected. Why this matters, I do not know. She said that everything is working on her end and that both the videos and articles are loading. I told her that mine were not and that she needed to look further into the situation because many people are having the same problem. I told her to Google Instant Cash Empire Reviews and see what everyone is saying about the program and how theirs is not working either.

  41. I also got that same email about using firefox/ I downloaded firefox just to see if it would work and still no articles. I’m really trying to be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt that they will get this problem fixed.

  42. I also finally got an email from Maria about Firefox and articles working on her end. However, there are still no articles on my end even with Firefox. I requested a refund yesterday.

  43. I’m having the same problems. Videos only and no response from customer support. I have started the dispute and resolution process with PayPal with this message.

    Software does not work as described or advertised. Cannot get a response from customer support. Many customers are having problems and complaining. It appears to be a scam. Would like a refund. Thank you

  44. The members area works best in Firefox, issues, you need a fresh domain for each site, therefore time consuming and costly, multiple auto blogs on one host will certainly lead to Google banning the sites and any others linked to it, so if you have a well indexed site it will also suffer

    It looked to me that if you didn’t buy the upsell you won’t get the traffic despite it clearly saying you would in the video

    This idea could work but not I suspect like this

    Thanks for sharing everybody Tony

  45. I didnt buy, you can create your own by going to googlefreekeywordtool put in a subject you are interested in look at the traffic per month, check out key word for that subject, go buy a domain name with keyword in it get wordpress site and load it with wprobot articles and it will load articles for your keywords, go to google adsence get code for domain site insert it and go to clickbank find a product on your subject get several banners from different products insert them and there you go. A website with auto articles,clickbank products and adsence ads. Oryou can go to odesk and ask for abuilder, or email me and I have a builder in the phillines. Good luck, dont throw good money after bad.

  46. Everybody’s right, ICE software doesn’t show any contents except a bunch of youtube videos. No support, nothing. If anyone don’t know how to get a refund. Just go to your email, look up your clickbank receipt, you will find the service there.

  47. I ordered this at the $27 price that you get offered when you try to leave. I am completely underwhelmed. It is very lightweight. Clickity click and presto you get to set up a wordpress website with keywords etc. However, there is no way to tell just how great the keywords are so you have to do your own research on that. The content — well for 4 of the sites I tried to set up, there was no content for my keywords.

    And they recommend you use their chosen hosting company — I have one that I already like and use and all I got was an error message when I tried to post the new site. They do offer a couple of other options if you don’t use their host.

    Filling out the info and choosing the theme was a disaster as things froze every time. I tried using my own uploaded keywords but the system crashed.

    I’m not even going to bother with complaining about not being able to post to my host because I know the suggestion will be to use their host. I can post my sites by hand a lot faster.

    If this is reengineered software that took a year to create, well, something had to be wrong with the software engineer. This is basic stuff that should have worked properly from the get-go. I’m not impressed.

  48. I almost bought this but now with all these comments of my forerunners I think i will just wait to see if someone reports something very convincing about this “magic” software! Moreover when the so called guru stole from someone, it leaves much to be desired! A thief stealing from a thief will lead to many thieves! Too many scams these days with very appetizing empty promises! Sad!

  49. Their customer support person “Maria” is a bot. The articles did not load and every time I wrote them about it they sent me back the same email that I should use “Firefox” as a browser……

    I have been using firefox and I still do not get the articles.

    great concept except their software just does not work.

  50. I knew this was too good to be true, but thought I’d check it out. Glad I did. I won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Thanks for all the feedback, especially to those who got burned and were willing to share. This site is great!!! And yeah, that dude in the video is kinda weird. I just turned the volume down and let it play in the back ground, while I check it out.

  51. hey everybody.. thanks to alla so finally i found some body to be in touch about this kind of products since we have no or alittle experience . so we still make our selfs convince and still this crap softwares.
    the program is not working.. its not showing any articles as shown in the training videos..

  52. sorry for any inconvenience..
    but there is one thing more.. i need help of the how can i do to get arfund from click bank,, tell me what to do plz.. because i bought 3 softwares . and all of them is not working..
    1- click income tycoon.
    2- free money formula by philip mansoor
    and the one wre talking on this page
    its all a scam..
    plz reply me

  53. Just found your site after viewing the video a couple of times and following the sales pages to the $27 offer. I did not purchase based on what I’ve read here but I have to tell you that this looks exactly like Push Button Cash Sites. The same wordpress with adsense and clickbank optimization. Push Button also wants you to use a certain webhost. Frankly the Pushbutton production is waaaay better than this ICE. I bought the PBCS and was presented with all the upsell pages as well which I did not buy into. There are 11 training videos showing all the tricks. I haven’t gone any further than that yet but I hope their version of the software works better than Instant Cash Empire’s. Has anyone here looked at the Push Button Cash???

  54. Am I a sucker or just hopeful that one of these products might actually work? I ordered the product, went to the web page, but it was late at night so I figured that I would keep everything up on my laptop and come back after a good night sleep so I would be fresh. Now all I get is that the webpage cannot be found! What a scam!

  55. Like my mum use to always say “IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS!” A question you should ask yourselves. If you knew a way of making money quickly and easily online, would you tell random people you dont know? The answer is NO! The more people know about it the less profitable it would be! They sometimes say on their adverts that they are making so much money that they can give you the big secret to earn big money. Well think again! If you were in their shoes would you give them the know how, or would you hire people to come work for you, and pay them a wage?
    Last thing i will say If you want to make good money Train yourself to be something! loads of good honest courses out there you can become anything these days, so study hard and in a few years you could be on a nice wage. DONT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS. YOUR GIVING THESE STRANGERS YOUR BANK DETAILS IN MOST CASES! WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOING TO DO WITH YOUR BANK DETAILS?

  56. Don’t Buy IT!!! It’s the the biggest Scam.. out there. Nothing works, no articles, no response from support group. And when they finally do get back to you with an Email. They say: Everything seems to be working fine, here’s your new link. Well, it works for a little while.. and then nothing, it craps out on you. Passwords, don’t work.. trouble with Hosting C-panel ID#.. nothing works, freezes, crashes.. craps out! Over and over again.. time after time. And when it finally does work, or at least you think it is. There’s no articles, just silly videos.. and who knows if they even work? Because, when I hit the (Add Content) button. It all just froze up, and pop-ups “No Authorization, Not correct username, Site not verified… stuff, like that.” But, still nothing… no completed site, that I could see. So, I went to see the Email, to see what was wrong. Maybe I have the wrong ID numbers, or passwords. All the links they gave me to “Host Jester” did not respond! I clink on the link, to get into my “so called C-panel” And, Nothing!. A page pops saying, “Host Jester”, but all the links, membership buttons, passwords… Still, nothing.. Just a non-responsive page. I thought, this is weird! So, I typed ( into Google, to see if I could bring up the website, that way. Guess, what? There was a site alright, a dummy site! Because, even on the webpage, nothing worked.. buttons, links, categories, nothing! I couldn’t get into, “Host Jester!” These guys are good! I’m mean.. good at fooling people. Dummy sites, dummy bot support.. no support, really. And I was shocked to find-out, that even the Hosting Site was a Fake. There’s no such thing as a Hosting Site, called “Host Jester!” Now that I think about it. What’s a Jester.. a fool, right? Well, we’ve all been taken. And I say, don’t be a fool and buy this! It’s complete.. CRAP!!!

  57. so a guy that steals software, and you want to buy online from him!!! are you guys nuts! i have looked at alot of these but never paid for them because they dont work!!!!

    the only way is the right way, get on with it.

  58. The concept used here is basically money chain. It is illegal in most countries, so in order to circumvent that they add a product along with it so that the amount paid goes for it. So this way legally it doesn’t become a money chain even though it is.

    So if the software ideally worked whoever are at the top of the chain would make money from the lower ones, eventually it will come to a point where the leaf nodes(lower ones) becomes a million and they don’t have anyone else to refer to.

    ONLY 37$ for making some 190,000$ a month ? Who is he kidding ?

  59. just to add to my previous comment the importance here is not for the product that comes along with it, but to refer others to this scheme(to create a chain).So if you refer 10 and each of those 10 again refer another 10 imagine how much money moves from the third level to the first.

    So if that software had worked, he would have made a hell of a money by looting others. Thank god that t didn’t work. He is basically sucking others hard earned money who fall for it.

  60. To avoid spreading unnecessary myths, no, there are no money chains or multi level referral programs involved in this product. It’s just another “create a money making site with a few clicks” software.

  61. i had the same problems as everybody else. just tried again now and its WORKING PERFECTLY. articles, videos, the lot. i suggest you all try again.
    i havnt tried posting any sites yet tho.
    my only query now is how much is a domain to buy. sure there will be a cost, but of course if it works it will be worth it.
    ill probably buy a couple of domains, test them out and see what kind if income they generate, then take it from there.

  62. I also was having the Article problems.. I just turned on my computer for the day and now the Articles are showing. I’m going to test it now and see how far I get

  63. I got the program and waited before promoting it because I like to try out the things that I offer people. It’s like what everyone has stated: They have programming errors on their end which do not permit them to open the websites to which the “cash website” is to be installed. I alerted them to their programming problems on March 13, 2011. Their site was down early March 14, 2011. Now that it is back up, they only solved two programming errors and not the “fsockopen” issues on their end. As a webmaster, I was and still hope that they can get their programming team in action before asking for a refund.

    I already have software that can grab any article by keyword. What attracted me to their program was the inclusion of Clickbank ads and other anxillary income-producing features to a website. What they offer is doable. However, they really need a programmer that is savvy enough to work out the bugs that should have been taken care of long before promoting the product.

    I am not satisfied with these “cloud” software products that you do not get to own. This is the second “cloud” program that has failed to live up to its hype.

  64. Ever hear of Amish Shah, usually delivers a lot of bang for your buck, magic bullet, his last software sold out quickly at two thousand a pop. Amish usually offers a good product and good info but on the upper end, price wise. A far cry from the seven click wonder spoken of here, maybe the seven clicks are how many it takes to get away from the B.S.

  65. Hi folks,

    Here is the truth about Instant Cash Empire the concept is great, push bottom websites with video are a great concept and can make serious money, as everyone loves video, and it will help sell any product or niche.
    But the real money comes from selling the product.

    The Affiliates are making a killing, how do I know. Google “Instant Cash Empire JV” click one of the websites and take a look at the Huge bonuses they get for each person they sell the program to, look at all the up sells, My God, $197.00, $97.00, $67.00 total of 4 promotions, up to $650.00 Plus for Each Sales, yes, read it for yourself. Hell even 2 down sales for the suckers who can’t afford the up sells.

    It does not matter if we make money, they don’t care, and did you hear the guy on the instant cash empire sales page say “how much he Hates Guru’s” how can you hate guru’s and give away trips and cash on top of regular commissions for the one who gets the most suckers to join.

    I have probably pissed off many of you who are affiliate promoters, but I don’t care, it’s time to tell the truth, I am tired of wasting my money, being lied to, and suckered, I work hard for my money, and my time is valuable.

    I don’t give a D@@ about your fancy houses, screen shots of your fake paypal accounts, or the Rental Cars you stand next to, means nothing to us, as it does not show reality of how much money we can make.

    I bought one program, spent 6 hours online following step by step, and made $1.38 in commissions after two weeks of working my A@@ off, yes I followed every step to the tee.

    When I asked for assistance was told about the up sells, why should you have to buy up sells, why not sell the product so people can make money, because the money is in the up sells, as i have proven, and also adding us to there suckers list, so that every time there a new product where they can make a killing, they send a new email, with headline “My Friend” “My Buddy” ect..has a new product, some old BS…

    One last point, go to any website promoting a make money product, scroll down to the button of the page, click on the link that says affiliates, and see how much money they make off your purchase, it will make you sick, I felt so stupid when I did this.

    Folks this is where the money is, it does not matter if the program works, or if we make a Dime.

  66. I watched this video today made by this Joker, and the TWO REASONS WHY he is making so many sales with this is because, firstly, there are a lot of overly-trusting and gullible people who go online looking for “instant money making products” because they want INSTANT GRATIFICATION (which of course is highly understandable, in a global recession, etc.)
    They want to solve ALL their money problems RIGHT NOW!

    And secondly, no matter how CRAP, or terrible, or EFFECTIVELY USELESS the product turns out to be ( when people start actually trying it out and putting it to the test in the real world), there will ALWAYS be a certain proportion or percentage of them who will never bother to ask Clickbank for their money back, because they still want to believe the best about a product or its promoters. THAT’S how these CROOKS make their money online through selling worthless and useless garbage like this; from that inevitable proportion of buyers or customers who just don’t want to be bothered with asking for their money back.

    The real truth is, there is NO SUCH THING as a “magic bullet” or a “magic button” that will generate “instant riches” online. IT TAKES WORK, AND TIME (at least, SOME, and if you put those two things into your online moneymaking efforts, then, yes, it can and WILL pay off.

    I am already a member of two really good online forums like this one where you will find lots of help and honest reviews and posts about products and marketers: the Warrior Forum and the HonestWorkFromHomeSuccess internet marketing forums. I have made numerous posts on both of these forums about making money online.

  67. OMG — after trying to tell this idiot what I think of his effing ICE program, look at this crap I got today. Talk about nauseous!


    I really need to tell you something…

    I woke up this morning and within
    5 minutes of logging into my inbox

    In fact, not only did I feel sick to
    the stomach, I was REALLY *peeved* off.

    In my inbox I found 23 emails promoting
    some garbage pay per click system that
    I knew was total BS

    And yes, sadly there were 23 different
    “gurus” promoting this junk.

    You see, it’s for this VERY reason that
    I decided to make this private video…


    Please don’t share that link around,
    as I do NOT want to annoy these “gurus”
    and make any enemies.

    But hey, if they find out, I’ll be
    sure to tell them how I feel.

    I better go drink some coffee, and
    get over this nausea.

    Go watch my message, you’ll relate to it I’m sure…


    Talk soon,

    Mike Harvey

  68. Ironic,

    I got the same email 2 hours ago from the same Guru, Guess he is trying to win that Big trip all expenses paid trip for 2 to Monte carlo, and the bonus check they offer for top scammer $2,500.00 cash, as listed on the JV website.

    Pisses me off that he would try to play on my emotions, did you notice they all send the same emails, guess I must be on several Sucker Lists.

  69. everything is working now untill i get to the post site section. i then get numerous error messeges saying fsockopen, whatever that means. if anyone from ice is reading this, can this issue be sorted out as it seems like this is the last teething problem.

    greg, are you getting the same error

    you know i hope this can be sorted as it seems like a feasible opportunity to me.

    well we’ll wait a day or two with everyting crossed

  70. Thanks to you all for posting your reviews about this ICE programme. Like most people i was unimpressed by his strong language on sales page and the thieving ‘pride’ he displays as part of some weird selling tactic. But sadly still got sucked in and tried it out. After several non-working links attempts, gave it a day, wrote two emails to support- nothing! But today got it all working and managed o load the website videos plus articles. But on close examination, some of teh articles make no sense once they are all posted- also teh title and subtitle overlap and soo many other site design issues!

    I guess would have happily worked with it if there was any way of going to the WP-admin back office and editing the lay out and text etc..but NO one is stuck with what you are given and no editing options.
    Trouble with this kind of software even if it worked is; having a guy who has no itegrity take control of your business is a one major mistake that anyone can make!
    So with that realisation, even though the page loaded, i do not have any editing authority or control whatsover and i am therefore not proud to be associated with such rubbish-filled website.So have already clicked the refund button at clickbank!

    And before anyone signs up for what they are calling FREE websites, its not free cos you get to pay overated hosting and domain fees to their preffered hosting company while MR ICE ripoff swims in teh commissions we generate on the back of that!
    There you have it. Another ‘steep learning curve’ for me in the IM journey.
    I agree with those who said success in IM will only come from sheer hardwork and not autocash push buttons! PS. Thanks to the brilliant people behing this honest review site:) Onwards and forwards to all, Rose

  71. I was actually was
    going to buy this program but I was skeptical about it. He didn’t show no testimonials and there is no such thing as a push money button software. so pretty much this is a scam.

  72. You know what

    This program ended up as a piece of garbage…… I purchased the licence and then silly me got fooled into getting a free website and paid hosting and domain name for $107

    Received the website and what a load of “SH&*T” it was. Total waste of money and its not even a Niche website just rubbish internet marketing crap.

    Ice software was rubbish it didn’t work and that is a waste as well.

    Up sell to commission elite program special offer $1 then in the checkout its $70 per month.

    There was not even one mention about how they would get you traffic to your website, just ads flogging off traffic generation for you to buy…..

    I got fooled hard and just want to warn others that is program is all hype….

    I have been approved the refund of the product from clickbank and unfortunately can’t get money back on the domain and hosting as all sales are final.

    Come to think of it, the only thing about the program is it has a great sales video to get the person it as it gets to people’s emotion and action to call/buy other than that It is a waste of time.



  73. ages ago i had printed 5000 a5 leaflets, directing people to aSIMPLE AND BASIC website, which i got free thru bt. i directed people to 3 clickbank productson the site which i use myself and i know are decent products. but im lazy and untill last week i did nothing with my leaflets.

    i tried the stuff on this ice that we all cant get to work.

    sick of it all, i got off my bum and posted my leaflets, it took me a week.

    result, i got approx 1.2% response, thats 62 orders i got. income for my weeks work in clickbank orders is £3600

    not bad for a week, and im fitter for my efforts.

    going to repeat thisover and over again

    funny all this internet high tech stuff dosnt work, but basic stuff does

    heres my pretty crap site if you want a look

  74. Ok. my latest progress. Finally the ICE software is working with articles and videos. Problems still exist. After going through all the steps to upload the ICE software information to my domain name on Hostjester. and click to see the website, it shows up a blank page. I sent them an email in regards to this and waiting for a response from them as to why. Lets see what happens now

  75. I am having a refund from Clickbank, and today I get this rubbish. Can you believe it.

    Hi William,

    Judging by the response and the excited
    emails I’ve been getting all day…

    You can’t wait to meet this underground
    super affiliate that’s quietly banking
    over $1000 a day…

    That’s cool, as you’ll get to meet him LIVE
    *TONIGHT, Wednesday, at 9pm EDT*

    Secure one of the final seats here…

    Quick update from over here:

    The totally unheard of commission system you’re going to
    see LIVE TONIGHT from a very underground affiliate
    has already…

    Sent 7,000+ visitors to MY website and banked me over
    $5,224 in the last 7 days.

    And what’s really cool is that I didn’t spend a dime.

    Just make SURE you set aside one hour tonight to
    see exactly how he does this at 9pm EDT – New York Time!
    (check what time it is in your area).

    I promise that this is extraordinary, and you will be
    blown away.

    Sign up here. (quick, there’s only a few slots left)

    See you tonight at 9pm EDT (New York Time!)

    Mike Harvey

  76. seems to me that all these ways to make money online are scaming us to scam others. Selling information is all that they are doing. I need a tangible product thats affordable and works,thats what people really want something they can put their hands on. Most charge a monthly access fee to their cheap products but why even do that. Have not found anything online that didn’t require you spend money to get traffic and we all know just because they look does not mean they will buy. You have to advertise what you are offering, others are not like you and I always looking for a deal. Yes affilitate marketing works but you got to get traffic spend and spend after a while you begin to do more than marketing you end up marketing,selling and closing on the products.

  77. I Purchased the software last Friday, skipped over all of the offers, got access and log-in information for the site, watch the 4 short training videos,proceeded to follow the steps in the video tutorials, the first time through. It only loaded videos.

    The second time through. It did load videos and article content,
    went to the fourth step and inserted all necessary information regarding my ad words account and my click bank account, web address and login information and all other necessary fields.

    Press the post button and the software was doing everything as was explained in the video, it returned a page saying something like blog successful click here.

    HOWEVER,after clicking the button, this only returned a blank page with no content.
    I like the rest of you have tried contacting the technical support at no avail.

    After doing further do diligent independent research of what the possible problems could be I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably a premature product launch without testing the software extensively prior to the release.

    This product has sold a lot of copies, so I’m thinking that customer support probably was not expecting to get hit with1000+ complaints within one or two days

    So, in my opinion at this point. This product is a total waste of time and effort

  78. There is software out there that works like that. I know because I have used it. The problem is that you still have to understand the concepts of online marketing, or software will be useless to you. That’s what these so called “gurus” know. They know that people have to understand what they’re doing in order for you to make money, period. And they know that 97% of people don’t understand, so they won’t make money. It’s not that these software implications don’t work, is that they keep the knowledge and understanding to themselves.

    As far ICE goes, I could tell from the start that this was just another program of people trying to make a sale. There are literally thousands of programs like this out there. The truth is, sense there is software out there that really does work, you will never get it. Why? Because the people who making millions with it, will never reveal it.

  79. Hi Guys, Michael.. here again!

    It looks like we’re all getting taken for a ride , on Scary-go-Round. I went back to check online to see if “Host Jester” was a real company or webpage. Well.. the page comes up, if you type it into Google. ( and most of the buttons work. That is.. “the buttons that get you, to buy a featured account”.
    But, guess what??? You can type in there anything…. (.com), and it says:- That name is available! I typed in, .. ( ( .. ( (… “and my favorite”, ( And wouldn’t you know it, Hey!! it said:
    That name is available! for each and every one of them, no matter what I typed in. I think… like I mentioned before, that Hosting Company is a Bogus,… fake as a diamond, coming in a baby’s poop-hole. Scam-site, set up by the crooks.. being that they are a team, of Clever Internet Programmers. That’s probably another outlet, to take our money. Because.. nothing works, not in the normal sense of the word. I invite you, to try it out for yourself… type in ( see the webpage, and see what you think, type in some names. “Don’t go as far as signing-up, or paying for anything though.” And see what, what you think about it. You tell, me! (Something’s Rotten.. Denmark! And it ain’t, the left-overnight Fish!!)
    Now.. as I said before, what lead me to this was.. I couldn’t get any information, ID#’s.. passwords, code names, secret decoder rings, nothing. It wouldn’t respond to efforts. So I went to the webpage for, Google.. and that time nothing worked there also.
    But the main point I’m getting to.. and I am getting to it, believe me! Is.. when I applied for a domain name, “through the infamous, “Host Jester” it said: my name was available. So naturally, I thought it was Legit. I setup my domain name, hosting.. promoted my website across the internet, for exposure and traffic. Even submitted it to Google. What happened was.. I went to check on the website, after I did the ICE… cold, blood in your veins, Instant Cash Empire, rig-a-ma-role.. BS, that isn’t Bullshit! Crap, right? LOL!! There it was up on Google, with a note written across it, from your friendly neighborhood, Google Station. THIS WEBSITE IS UNAVAILABLE- NAME TAKEN AND HAS BEEN, SHUT DOWN! It, has…. What!!!!
    Naturally.. I went to see why, because that’s what one does, in a situation like this, Right? So I typed in my domain, the one they gave from.. “Host” There were other site with my name, names similar to mine, and even names more than similar. Like, exactly the same, even. I thought, Oh, man.. Scam with a Plan! That name was not available.. it was just another side, to Mike Harvey’s dark, and he certainly isn’t on my side. For, Sure’s! Well.. that’s it! I better leave some space here, for someone else to write something. Later, People..Take, care!

  80. Does anyone else think it’s strange that when you read Instan Cash Empire review after review you see people actually recommending a product where the owner allegedly STOLE a computer disk that he claim was EXTREMELY value. I’m not an attorney but for some reason the words “felony theft” keep ringing through my ears every time I watch this site’s story.

    But it gets even better. Why would anyone trust marketers that RECOMMEND a sales page like the Instant Cash Empire page in which the concept of felony theft is even a possibility?

    In fact, there are only two choices in the matter:

    1. They are sending you to a sales page in which they KNOW the owner committed massive theft.
    2. They are sending you to a sales page in which they know the story is FAKE

    Either way, why would you want to learn from or follow anyone who sends you to a page knowing EITHER ONE of those things?

    Maybe People Promoting Instant Cash Empire Through An Instant Cash Empire Review Think Stealing Stuff Makes Kind Of A Fun Story?

    Believe it or not, I’ve actually heard marketers say that they just think stories like this are “good fun” and even “hilarious” and that nobody will or should believe them.

    Really? I guess I’m just to old for this whole “Stealing Is Fun” idea. When I was a boy…”Stealing was…(brace yourself)…”…

    A CRIME!

  81. Today, March 18, I requested a refund from Clickbank. The Instant Cash Empire reports a successful connectivity but fails to post a website and insteads reports the following errors:

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64
    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (4) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/databaserestore.php on line 32
    Error connecting to MySQL server:

    Obviously, the foregoing are errors reported on their server. If the programming is bad at this level, how could it be better once it produces and uploads a website to YOUR hosting site?

    I reckon that I will have to continue building my own website designs piece by piece.

  82. This what I’m curious to know. How come theres not one review on here of someone that this product actually worked for. Did this Software not work for anyone? Maybe it worked for a chosen few and they don’t want us to know.

  83. Do not get it it is another scam. The sit will not work and you can not get help. I like what it is suppose to do but it does not work.

  84. I guess I should have read these comments first. I ordered this and after seeing all the upgrades, I just sent for a refund. I’ve ordered so many things in the last 3 months that it really makes me sick. I got my refund, but I would rather find something that really works instead of always getting my $ back.
    Please, if anyone has found something that actually makes some $ please let us know. I know I’m not alone, but I am in such bad financial ruins that I have to find something true that works. Anyone know of anything?
    Thanks All!

  85. Hi folks.. Michael, here!

    I see that nobody has made any comments on my postings here. Everything I said.. is true. Instant Cash Empire, does not work.. because, it was made not to. It’s a scam, it was designed to be a scam, it’s only out there to take you’re money. There is no contact, because they are dummy pages.. everything is Fake, there is no legitimate way to get the program to work.

    There is no valid Support Staff, there are no, staff! There is no way, or plan to make money for you. Just, and only just.. to take your money. There is.. no Hosting Company, has anyone heard of “Host Jester” before this. Again.. nothing works on it, only where you sign-up, for a hosting plan. But, guess what? That was setup, by the the band of crooks who put the Bogus.. non-existent , way of making money, into affect. Just another part of the plan… the Scheme, “The Big Scam” to take all of our money.

    Those who fell for the, so called one of a kind, Sweet Deal. It was planned that way from, day One. There was no intention to help anybody, to get you started on a program, that will make you money, like they did. That was full of videos and articles, swiped from the Net. Videos, from.. “You-Tube, articles.. from almost anywhere, you name it! Now.. it was one Big Scam, cleverly planned. I’m upset, and I’m venting out my anger, because I was taken too! Yeah.. I’ve been burned before. But this one, was just down-right deceiving trickery, in it’s lowest form. And I think it’s utterly disgusting, because these folks.. really made you think you could trust them. And I’m even more upset about it… because I had a feeling it was a Scam.. but, I went along with it anyway. Against, my better judgement. Because it.. sounded too good to be true. And yes… It, certainly was. Why..? Because there wasn’t any truth in it at all. Not even the amount of a tiny speck on an gnat’s ass.

    Well. that’s it! I’m not falling for no more.. Scam Laden, marketing programs. I’ve had it with those guys. They are the “Scam.. Flim-flam man, With a Plan!” Rip-off, Masters. The Scum of the Earth. Blood sucking, Soul-crushing, Weasel’s. That they, are! I’m checking with, BBB.. looking up the product, in Google with the word Scam.. in quotes, (” “) And any other research method, I can think of. Before I throw my hard earned money away, on another worthless product! From these Thieving, Bastards!

    There are some good products and software on Internet Marketing, and Affiliate Promoting. But… and I emphasize (But)! They are very hard to find.. few and far between. I have found some good ones, but believe me.. they are hard to sort the good ones out. With all the useless garbage, out there. So folks.. be careful. Check up on a product, before you hand someone free cash out of your pocket, so they can stuff their pockets, full. And if you’ve learned anything from this statement here today. You people.. that haven’t bought, Instant Cash Empire… Don’t, don’t … Don’t, even give it a second thought. It’s no-good.. Worthless, Trash.. and it’s not, worth your good money!

    Carson… if you come back and happen to read this. Yes… you should try, “Michael Brown’s- Niche Blitzkrieg” it’s very good, training easy to understand. And if you stay with it, learn a little bit at a time. You can have a decent Blog, Published on the Internet. Which “Will” make you money, if you follow the easy steps. That’s what I did, and I have a pretty nice site now. I’m promoting, Affiliate Products.. from ClickBank, good ones, reputable ones, I researched on Google. And I’m starting to get some orders, coming in. You can take a look at the site, I built. And it was.. rather easy. Just follow the steps, slowly and carefully. And you’ll come out with, a Pretty Good, little site! Just click on my, name link.. and you can take a look.

    OK, people.. Best to you!

  86. I have now had my refund from CB. I imagine CB has had to make a lot of refunds to people who have been scammed with this cash empire nonsense. CB are now aware that it is a scam product, so why don’t they close this product down and make it unavailable for the public to purchase, or are they in league with these scammers?????????????

  87. Okay, I’m a firm believer in human nature doing the right thing. I purchased the software, avoided the 100 upsells, and set up the system. This is the crappiest software I’ve seen.. Below you will see the results of over 24 different post attempts to a new domain and hosting a/c that I bought seconds before buying this garbage. Nowhere do they say you need c panel. I’ve sent 20 emails. NOTHING, no response, zilch, nada! They probably do give 24 hour support, but not consecutive hours apparently. The articles and vids returned were useless. My little blog makes 3-5 dollars a day with me posting useful info. I’m now convinced that this is a bogus deal and will request cb refund. This is the last time I’ll be scammed. These f..cking bastards need to be prosecuted and clickbank needs to stop allowing the adding of crap, garbage software.

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64
    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/cPanel.php on line 64

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (4) in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/databaserestore.php on line 32
    Error connecting to MySQL server:

  88. I am trying to use this product and looks like it would be great if it worked. So far I have played with this for over 4 hours and it does nothing but error out. I discovered that most of the articles provided will not load so you have to manually check to see if it will. Then you have to start over because it will not let you back out. Probably the most concerning to me is the articles that do load are already loaded up with adsense and banners. I assume someone is getting paid on them. During the training fake adsense numbers were loaded but when the end result appeared it already had adsense on it. That should have benn the giveaway. I am waiting for support to get back to me on these “questions”. I am curious if anyone else has seen this stuff…..D

  89. In response to Michael and everyone else I went through the same problems with this software.

    I am an affiliate marketer and if I like the sound of a product then I will buy it and try it out, only fair if your going to promote it, well I tried it out and it will not load onto my hosting and I have a cpanel, and no I will not be promoting it as they have major programming problems as you will see below.

    I’m not promoting anything here but for those of you that are starting out then it’s crucial to get a good hosting company with 24/7 support, and choose a package with •UNLIMITED Domains •UNLIMITED Disk Space
    •UNLIMITED Bandwidth

    The reason that instant cash empire promotes host jester is because they will get commissions for this, as I do for promoting my hosting company, the difference being I have tried and tested my hosting and they are superb and a lot cheaper than hostjester.

    You can get around $125 for every person that signs up for hosting so you can see why they want you to use it,

    Below is the latest email I sent to ClickBank and no reply as yet.

    This is an automated message from the ticket system to confirm that this ticket has been created. Below is the most recent comment regarding this ticket. CUSTOMER: CREATED: 2011-03-18 08:15:38 AM

    Dear Clickbank, I have been trying to get this product to work since I purchased it on 7th March2011. I have had no help or support from the vendor in fact no response to some emails. I have tried to work out the problem with my hosting company and after a number of emails back and forward this is their reply;

    Hello John, I do apologize, the errors that you are seeing are not caused by anything that you are doing wrong. The errors indicate that there are programming errors on also the database user at the website you are trying to install the site from is erroring out.

    These errors are not on your account.
    Unfortunately you will need to contact them to let them know that these errors exist as we are unable to solve these errors on their server. We do apologize for any inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any other questions or need any further assistance. We are available 24/7 for your Wishes,
    Steve Anness Linux Systems Administrator LLC  

    I further went on and wrote………….

    What I would like is for the software to work, and if not at least a reason why it doesn’t.
    If not then Obviously I want a refund plus the $100:00 that the vedor promises if no monies are made, this will go a small way to all my wasted time and effort. And lastly why, if this product does not work, is clickbank allowing it to be sold at all.

    Look forward to your reply.
    John Rimmer.

    As I said No reply as yet, I wonder if I will get compensated as he promised in the video.
    I wont hold my breath but will let you know what the response is.


  90. So perhaps I am being stupid here and hopefully somebody can correct me.

    I fell for this scam but read everything on these comments. I applied to Clickbank and have successfully received a refund – the $37 for the basic package plus I was “upsold” some special training which I cannot remember the amount but translated to around 220 Euros. (That is coming back too thankfully).

    I signed up with HostJester which people are now saying is bogus too. I registered two domains and have hosting fof a year supposedly. I asked for my money back and somebody called Erin Foster ( replied with:

    As you are the legal owner of the domain we are unable to provide a refund for your purchase.

    We do not provide refunds because of the fact you have purchased a legally binding asset in the domain name and we cannot take ownership of that.

    The good news is that you can use this hosting account for the next 12 months without spending any further money.


    Good news indeed! I have checked in whois and my domains are registered to me at my contact details. So I suppose I have them for 12 months. And like “Erin” (if she is real) says, I have already been into Paypal and made sure no more payments will be made to these crooks.

    So I guess he got the commission for the web hosting from me and I have to put that down as a loss. I really wish there was some way the police could do something about these people – they chase Julian Assange all over the world for basically embarassing some governments. These people who have stolen money seem to get away with it – no doubt “Mike Harvey” (if that is his real name too) will pop up sometime in the future with some other great product.

    The terms and conditions on host jester site says that all sales are final so I cannot report this to the police in my country. Therefore my question is that the hosting is real, in that sites are there, but the people behind this scam are also behind host jester and have bought some hosting anyway which they rebranded as host jester then they take the commissions. Is that correct?

  91. Tip: move the domain names you have registered with hostjester to a reputable registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

    And for future reference, never ever register domain names with a hosting company, unless it’s a very reputable one. Why? In case the host provider disappears, you’d be able to switch hosts easily if you’re using a good registrar. If the host is the registrar and they disappear, you will have a hard time getting your domains out of it, if at all.

    And I guess that leads to another tip. If you didn’t know the above, don’t ever buy software that promises to “make money”. You will not make money, trust me, even if the software has the potential to make some money in the right hands.

  92. I am getting the exact same error messages as Harold Washington and Anthony Fontana above. The fact that all three of us are getting identical error messages tells me the problem is clearly on their, ICE’s, end…and not something I’m doing wrong. Okay, so we return this and get our money back…learned a lesson.

    But…what’s to prevent us from building our own WordPress pages with essentially the same stuff. A WordPress blog page with an introduction, other articles to add content and some embedded You Tube videos plus an Amazon carousel with some Clickbank products offered. Then you’d have to get an SEO optimizer to get decent rankings…and lastly a place, such as Host Gator, to host all these sites. You’d still only really need one domain and use sub-domains for your niche pages. Anything wrong with this concept? All feedback welcome. John Houston

  93. Hi Guys, hmmm really surprised by he rhetoric here, just would like to make a few comments,

    1) No-one deserves money on a plate?
    2) Most of the comments here are about problems with setting up the system- i.e. Server requirements, MySql problems?
    3) It does work, I am making money
    4) Sometimes with these things it’s ” Too many Tools in The Toolbox” for some people
    5) I dont condone “Rip Offs” I am a professional, with 1st tier clients
    6) If you really expect a money making system to work by just 7 clicks, then you are inexperienced in Web Marketing and need to do some more research
    7) Like it says on the Box- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?



  94. I was sent the link to this GARBAGE from the supposedly respected, top Affiliate, called Jani G from the ‘Get Free Facebook ads’ program.
    I agree with one of the above posters – we should name and shame the so called top affiliates on this website and put a stop to their cash empires.
    The weird guy in the video was telling the truth though when he mentions in the beggining of the video that the gurus do not reveal everything.
    At the end of the day it is either the gurus or us who are trying to make money out of some elses mis-fortune – there is always someone who loses out and will be spending money to never make it back.

  95. Hi there –

    I bought the Instant Cash Empires because it seemed like a simple system to set up. I skipped over all the additional product upsells as I am really only interested to see if the system works as advertised without having to add all those extra products.

    Anyway – after some frustration and trial and error got my first website/blog up and running. All the adwords and clickbank ads are there. That all seems to be perfectly fine. Download times are much longer than advertised.

    So, now, according to the sales page spiel – I should be making money. The only question is how? There is no hint on how to promote those pages, so if you’re a newbie you’re screwed my friends (as am I)

    I have sent support emails to both Instant Cash Empires as well as HostJester – no response. I’ll give it a few more days until a request a refund from Clickbank. It’s such a pain working with all those crap products on clickbank.

  96. Thanks friends, I almost bought this product. I come to this site and found only negative feedback. The conclusion is “nothing smart software exist in internet marketing”. Well, looking another product and will come here again to tell the story.

  97. The software was workiing for me till to the point Uupload) to post the website. There I got a series of errors – like many of you mentioned befor.
    Maybe the problem will be fixed one time.

    But my real concern is, how this created website will create traffic to the site to make money. I have no idea and in the videos is nothing expalined, how the traffic will come to the website. I don’t belive that from the YouTube videos will come so much traffic.

    Does anybody can tell me, how the traffic will becreated?

  98. Will someone post if they actually got their money back please. Yes it’s only $37. but if your unemployed that money could feed me, or put gas in my car!!! I can’t find where to get my money back!! Better Business Bureau Online here I come……

  99. Hi,
    I bought this software no link problems, took my $37.00 just fine. Then as stated above a gillion times the offer pages and about 4 nothankyous by me (just about everyone selling something does this up sales I think) ok so I got through all the up sale stuff and actually got to the site with NO problems everything worked as it should. I got my Thank you for buying the software email with All log in information included and it all works I have had the program for 2 weeks now, Now wait for it………………. so I go through all the training videos (which all work fine for me) and start to build my site and I have problems well it was my fault I was un-clear what information was needed but figured it out!!! well once that happened I was able to after many tries finally get one website built and showing up on the web WOW Amazing right? Wait for it……………It dissapeared and I have not been able to re create it since, but on a side note my Host service canceled me (my payment failed opps) since that embarassing discovery I now have that restored, and can’t get a site to upload properly, so I copied the error message and sent it to support: (login() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/cashempi/public_html/builder/temp-htaccess.php on line 32
    FTP connection has failed!Attempted to connect to for user peells)
    I bracked the beginning and the end of this error frankly I have no IDEA what it means, so as of today Saturday the 26TH of March I am waiting for support to contact me.


  100. I suppose it could be argued that Clickbank has done itself no favours by continuing to host this rip-off. However, the plus side of Clickbank is that they refunded the money without question and it arrived back into my Paypal account and from there to my bank within a few days. I have had full refunds of the $37 basic cost plus the “VIP training”. So -1 Clickbank but also +1 for prompt customer service.

    Thank you also for the tip about moving the domain names. To be honest, I am leaving one as I consider the money written off now and if (or perhaps when) HostJester disappears, then fine. However, I have moved the name I want to keep and will now just try to do this myself – as somebody mentions above, create a WordPress blog and then perform all the monetising actions to it. At least this way, some of the articles can be editted before posting – it seems ICE did not care much for grammar!

  101. This is a scam – appealing to our greed and laziness (come on… admit it) …. Even Bill Gates had to do some hard work in the beginning lol

  102. One of these days I’ll think about Googling the name of a program prior to purchasing it!
    I bought this product on 11 March, but just the entry level, thank goodness none of the upbuys.
    I was really excited by the video training and put it into action.
    I had already joined up with Host Jester through another program, and as yet have not used it.
    Anyway, tried using the ICE program, but no luck with the articles appearing. Tried several times over several days, and occasionally got extremely excited when articles appeared, went through all the processes and actually tried to connect to a Host Gator account I already had.
    Then the fatal error message appeared. Following are a couple of the error messages I received at different times:
    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    Apache/2.2.10 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.10 OpenSSL/0.9.8i DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at Port 80

    I sent that through to Support and of course, no reply.
    I tried contacting ICE support and even asked if they required more payment to upgrade but also didnt receive a reply.
    I am extremely disappointed the program did not work and that I have had no reply from the company. Yep, a sucker born every minute, and I guess I’m another.
    Anyway, thank you all above for your comments as you tend to feel very alone when something that supposedly should work, doesn’t!
    I think I will now reluctantly contact Clickbank and also cancel Host Jester.

  103. I purchased the sofware and then my hosting and domain, and it works just great, about the articles depends on the keywords, just few dont have articles, I found hundres of keywords with articles, I dont know what you are talking about, I read so many reviews but none of them talk about purchasing a hosting account and a domain to make this wonderful software work !!!

  104. Hello, tired of the same hype, upsells, only 15 packages left, I am convinced now that you must think of long run and not try any new fancy software, also do not go through support, go to clickbank and go on chat and you will get refund started that day, glad this website exists so we can get real reviews and not phony affiliate reviews, sorry for all that have been ripped-off as I have fallen for many of theses scams myself, not anymore as I check here and also the warrior forum, good luck to all

  105. Well I got ahold of support and they told me what to do and as stated above you need a fresh domain name with nothing loaded on it and on your host service with only the name servers pointing to your new name but as everyone else is stating sounds like a lost in space episode DANGER WILL ROBENSON ERROR, ERROR, well I have given these ICE people the benifit of the doubt and I am sick and tired of messing with it.
    I will be filing for my money back this evening from clickbank and I will be done with it , and go back to manualy up loading a site all the frustration and attempts to get this software to work I could have hand typed all the content and posted my own videos and had up and running sites, I just hate it when stuff doesen’t work as promissed.


  106. OK.. I gave this the benefit of the doubt long enough. Getting my refund back from Clickbank. Clickbank should drop these scammers.

  107. Wow, glad I found this site. I have been trying to get the software to work for over a week and have same issues everyone else has…same errors. Why can’t they be truthful about it and let all the customers know there is issues that they are working on, you know?

    I also sigh up with HostJester and I have other WP sites on that hosting and seems to work fine…installed 100%. Now I thought at first it was the hostjester server having the issues with the software because support (Maria) emailed me back saying Hostjester needed to do some upgrades for the ICE members software to work. This did not turn out to be true because things since last week have even gotten worse.

    I think we’ve been had…Lol

  108. HI ~

    I have not had all the error codes everyone here seems to have had. I did have a few problems with getting things up and going but sent emails to support and got a response the next day, 3 times now. 1 of those I did have to send in the request twice. I did go with Host Jester, got the unlimited domains package. All this is fine if I was seeing any money. While have only posted 3 sites (all with articles and videos) this should be enough that I would see something in my CB account. But all I have after 1.5 weeks is 0.00. My job is laying me off in 6 weeks and I am looking for a way to support my family. I get so tired of these crap sites. If anyone out there has some ideas on REAL ways a newbie can make any money please let me know. While jets are nice the fuel cost has got to suck …. I would be happy with just basics you know

  109. Had to listen to this garbage that landed in my inbox. What made me suspicious was the fact this person “stole” “borrowed”, call it what you like, someones programme that they unknowingly dropped on the floor. Surely this person would have realised that he “lost” something and gone home and done something about it.

    I wasnt taken in by this rubbish and hopefully many of you will not be taken in either. There is too much b.s. these days about making a quick buck by just clicking here and there. If it was that easy, we would all be super rich.

  110. Clickbank are not without tarnish either. The unauthorised debit of $313.93 from my Paypal account by them shows that. After taking the matter to the Paypal resolution center, it was decided in my favour and the money returned.I can’t do anything about the Hostjester fees. My original purchase was for $39.10 and from those numerals they concocted the figure of $313.93. I don’t know how they did it, but they did.
    Thanks to this site, I will check on any future online dealings first.

  111. Guys, I have had to request refunds before. Don’t waste your time on email support. Go the sourse,”ClickBank”
    They will refund your money. I have had no problem with clickbank for refunding my mistakes.

  112. Got my refund from Clickbank without any problems. This would have been a nice program if it was fully operational but theres just too many problems. It did give me some ideas and lessons thou.

  113. Same problem here – I bought the software and was really excited about getting into something that finally should work… Unfortunately it did not. I purchased just fine, got through all the upsales without signing up and finally got to the members area. I listened to the very short videos and started immediately to build my first site. Everything worked until I got to the final step where I had to put in my Clickbank ID, Adsense ID etc. I was not able to select a WP Theme at all and finally got the same error messages as eveybody else.
    I emailed support and Maria emailed immediately back, unfortunately just a canned message that did not resolve the problem. 3 days later I emailed again and the exact same message came back as the first time. I will give it another day or two and if nothing changes I will get my refund from Clickbank.
    Unfortunately so far another crabby promise to make money with 7 clicks…..

  114. i found this site when i have bought this same product because it was recommended to me by Imarketer i respected, only to be disappointed at the end.i got my refund. i since located a small garden i am currently tendering. that i am currently seeing some result.

  115. Don’t even try! It is not enough that this website not function as they showiing in they vidios, olso, it is impossible to get your money back: more then week I am trying get back my money, as they promissed within 60 days, I think it is not real, too. They great scammers.

  116. @Nune, if you cared to read the comments before posting you’d find that people are getting the refunds if they go directly to Clickbank.

  117. I bought this product 4 days ago but I cannot get it to work. I have had trouble as it won’t select the articles I want, and the themes page will not work, and it will not upload to any server I have joined including the one they want you to join. It is a total waste of money and although I have sent many emails to the support link they will never answer.This is a scam I think.

  118. Hi,
    I like everyone else purchased this product as the concept was good but when you try to implement it the system craps out. As an example I tried to set up one site with “hair loss” as the key and all there was for information was youtube videos so I contacted the support team and tried again later this time there were articles as well. But then you cannot upload it to Hostjester who they recommend for their system as all there is are error messages. I have contacted Hostjester a number of times, get this a gmail account!! and they take awhile to respond. They actually told me they had set up my web site which was http://www…………com but that website was hosted with D9 who are UK base. On another blog about Hostjester shows them to be a rip off as well. The emails I receive through Thunderbird from Hostjester say scam! and firefox warns about going to any of the links they send as well.

    As for I tried to get my money back through PayPal their response: “Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this claim in your favor because the item purchased was virtual or intangible. As a result, we have not taken any action against the seller at this time but we have noted your dissatisfaction in the seller’s record for future reference.” I will try the BBB to see if they can help. Clickbank next to see they will refund the money spent on Instant Cash Empire.

  119. Perdon

    Estoy empezando a pensar que aqui los unicos que hacen dinero en Internet son los que dicen que tienen un metodo para ganar dinero en Internet.

    I’m beginning to think that here the only ones who make money online are those who say they have a method to make money online.

    On Wall Street say if your trading system does not make money make a book and sell it.:)

  120. I too am guilty of buying this product and not being able to get the theme uploaded after many attemps at the support i received and email from Maria saying it had been fixed and to open up in firefox….which i did and still no go!!! more emails to support and no replies……I am giving up and requesting refund. What I am concerned about it how many sites are recommending this software.
    I am new at this and get frustrated sometimes at doing it the long way….so i thought i’d give an easy way a go… I have spent time messing around with this that could of been put to good use (eg the long way)

  121. I bought this “software” and it has never worked right at all. It is not software it is a website access. All you get is access to an internet app. It does not work. Totally buggy. Contacted support and they said that my problem was unusual…? Asked for refund and suddenly I don’t exist. Bad company bad product.

  122. Hello guys i just purchased the product about a week ago, I only paid the 37.00, for it. I am able to work with the software fine, i have contacted, their support team with quick response, however, their delux traffic, sotware in the ice system does not load, up. I have recently contacted them for this issue, with no response until now, Yet, i will be making my own traffic. Moreover, they gave me my own website, as they promised, it will take time to generate traffic because it is new, but somehow or another, it will get traffic and i will get paid. If you want to see what i received from them just go here.

  123. Hi folks

    For those that who could not get the Instant Cash Empire,dudes count your blessings.
    I though well evryone of these offers have a dude who somehow got hold of someone’s
    disc while he was siting at a bar etc and thought it might just be a marketing ploy and this
    may not mean that the product wont work. Then I thought well when I go out once or twice
    the same amount of money goes on food at a restaurant etc so lets try it out.

    Well for those that complained about the dude on the video being weird I gotta tell you that’s
    only the start man.
    No matter how many times you write to support no one answers whether it’s for info, a refund
    with the crisp 100$ bill or whatever.
    If you have bought it, thou shall never be refunded o mortal one this I can guarantee you.
    I have the program for 3 weeks now.
    The video also tells you you do not need a website or so does the weird dude but if you scroll
    way way down below video where the small print and disclaimer are situated you will see that
    it says you need hosting for 10$ and website for 4$
    As I am in South Africa that’s an extra crap load of money monthly and there is cheaper hosting
    right here anyway. Nothing is for free, neither the website or the hosting.

    So dudes if you are a musician like me just find those gigs man you are already above the rest
    as far as making easy money goes, this crap is an illusion it’s the same old Mr Pyramid in a
    different guise.
    Take care Allrighteous?

  124. Hi tis I the Muso who just wrote sorry for the typo’s man, cursor on laptop is not working
    Remember a dude with such a program that has made millions with it, does not need to
    charge you for it if he also wants to help others.
    The only one receiving help is him with your 47$ or whatever, don’t feed the top of the pyramid dudes

  125. I love this site, what great comments you have.

    The thing I thought was funny about Instant Cash Empire was that I already heard the story about the guy who had the original software, and this isn’t the first time I have heard this story. The Terms and conditions mention nothing about price which raises a red flag, because you know that the pricing does not end at $37 for hosting, website and training. And yes the affiliates website was the most informative because you can’t pay affiliates $650 if you are only making $37.

    I commend all you brave souls that tried this. I hope that the training videos taught you something and congratulations to you for using clickbank to get your money back. I would have gone further with it to learn more and hope that there was something of value had I not seen all of your posts, so thank you.

    I agree with all of the seasoned im people out there, you should always be wary of a quick buck with no effort. And no matter what system you try remember you will need to know how the internet works before you will get the traffic and without traffic you will make no money.

    Good luck to all I am going to look around for more info here.

  126. So thankful I checked you guys out first. I know we are all just genuine people looking for a legitimate opportunity out there. The needle in the haystack just has to be out there somewhere. I want to ask you how did you find this video did it come in an email. Well in the last 2 days Ive been waiting for more reviews on a new launch called Affiliate Cash Clone from Nadine Jems. Not alot of reviews as I surf google yet as people are still wondering or sitting on it until someone can come racing out and saying YES! it works. She or the system sent out an invite to their webinar EDT Wed 8pm. I click into it because I recognise oh this is the Affiliate Cash Clone girl Ill go in and check the webinar out and confirm my seat. Then pops up Mr Mike Harvey with his spiel. Shock horrow he admits to stealing the software. Dont buy from someone that admits to theft and wants to use it for his own gain.(yeah I know he said he wants to help you) If hes capable of doing it once he can do it again and again to You. And if he’s just lying about stealing it thinking that people like us believe wow he has the golden key then hes still a liar and capable of lying again and again to YOU. I am abit disappointed because I was hard core waiting for reviews on Nadine Jems product ACC as many women are not seen to be launching new systems. Coolies a woman. She is bound to get alot of woman followers. Sorry guys Im not totally generalising but if we were to measure the stats woman are more inclined to follow a woman. Well what a good start to her launch. She is affiliated with this Mr Harvey whose program has problems. Mmm I did see a few write ups about the ACC product that its having problems too. Watch these two names.

  127. Hey Folks,
    I have read through a couple of days of input of very disgruntled buyers of this bogus product and have some sound advise to all. In the future when attempting to purchase these questionable products, if there is a “paypal” link for payment (which there is on this product) then you would be best to choose that method of payment. “Paypal” honors the customers review requests and you should be issued a prompt refund (it’s happened to me before). If this is a “Clickbank” product (I haven’t checked on that), “Clickbank” will issue you a quick refund as well and they also end up slapping the hand of the product owner with extra fees which may influence future attempts of “Fraud” on the behalf of these “Con artists”. Hit ’em back where it hurts the most, the wallet, and maybe this will slow there progress some.
    Hope that helps, Paul.

  128. I gave it 1’s because there are no 0’s. I bought this via clickbank fifteen minutes ago and will be asking for a refund. Sale went through oi (which of course it would) then I got the confirmation from paypal and clickbank, I have heard nothing from the company which means that I have nothing for my money, and no links to get it. I logged out of the after purchase ‘give me more money’ BS, so I guess I lost the link. Anyone who upsells without proving their integrity first, steels software, then tries to make money from it, i guess should not be trusted, so moor fool me. After three years of looking, buying, getting refunds (cos I only but if there is one) and trying again, I know for sure that there is no one honest internet merketer out there, and nothing worth buying. Let’s face it, if you were making millions, would you share your secret? Exactly. The only big bucks these guys make are from us, the people who can’t afford not to believe that someone will show us too. Internet money making ideas are like fish. They seem fresh at first, but after a few days, they ALL stink! Good luck to you all anyway. Derek

  129. I come to this site to hear comments of real users and experience of real people. I was about to buy Instant cash empires from Andrew X. I am now better informed having read the comments of people here and my fears were confirmed and I would like to say a big thank you to all you fair-minded people. You have just saved me hard-earned cash. I went to the warrior forums but I did not get very far. I know where to look up reviews next time round.

  130. I just received an email from Socrates Socratous, who I thought was supposed to be a Legit Internet Marketer, but after watching this long and boring video, I may just have to unsubscribe from his list. I’m sure I’ll get bombarded by many other affiliates pushing this.

    I’ve been taken by 3 main Scams online to date, to the tune of over 10 grand. While this may only be 37.00, it just looks and sounds VERY SCAMMY to me. The guy in the video is definitely very weird. And only 7 clicks to set this thing up. Now how many times have I heard, from Guru’s themselves, there is NO software on the planet that will allow you to do just a ‘few clicks’ and start making money. They even tell you to RUN from those offers, yet “THEY” promote them too. So who do we newbies trust?

    I will hold onto my money for now on this one. IF by some miracle I actually find some ‘real testimonies’ from people who bought this and IT WORKED, then I may give it a try.

    Oh, and regarding this guy stealing someone’s laptop, in the video I just watched, he said that the DVD fell out of the guys laptop as he was leaving and he scooped it up. My question, HOW did a DVD fall out of a laptop. It has to be ejected.

    Anyway, I’ll come back here and see if anyone has had any success with this. In the meantime, I will continue working through a program I just LOVE, called The WordPress Classroom, by Matt Wolfe. Best 200.00 investment in my 8 years online There is NO affiliate link here folks, but I just highly recommend it. If you don’t own it, and decide to purchase it, just tell Matt ‘RJ’ sent ya. No, he won’t mail me an affiliate cheque, haha.


  131. I haven’t had contact with this product but I did by into CB Traffic Warrior from the same britt and have all the mentioned problems above with this product. Downloaded software, didn’t work, placed a support ticket, no response, purchased website and host package from suggested hostjester,com, after 3 days of trying to get an invoice, The site shut down . i now am trying to get refunds from a hosting company I can’t contact, a support system from the product site that only gives me the auto-responder e-mail, “thank you for your input, we are experiencing…yada…yada…yada!”

    This guy needs to be stopped or apologize to a lot of people!

    I did notice when I clicked on read more at the top of this page it is linked to another of his products squeeze or sales page!

    If this is your “Andrew X” site then find anew profession…although he probably making out like a bandit on suckers like me, seems its been going on for over a year now!

    -Signed: Disgusted!

  132. Thank goodness you have this site! I almost purchased just out of curiosity, but when I saw these comments I will just get back to work and stop looking for an easier way to make money – there is no such thing!

    I am also curious to know if anyone has seen a similar story. It has the same subject in emails “chronic profits” that’s why I think they are linked. I watched a similar – very long – video about a guy who was broke and living by doing couch surfing (staying at people’s houses on their couch) when he supposedly happened onto a very rich guy’s couch and home. This guy had a secret computer room in his mansion. They became friends, even detailed a trip to “Burning Man” and how the millionaire almost died there from doing too many drugs and partying and he saved his life. Back at the mansion the millionaire showed him his computer room and said that he had a special secret software program he had developed that made him money. Then said they parted ways soon after, even tho he saved his life as this person said the lifestyle was too rough and crazy for him. Lo and behold he gets a call from a lawyer who tracked him down (which doesn’t make sense as he again was couch surfing and had no phone or computer) and said this guy had died and left this disk with the computer software program on it and ‘voila’ all of a sudden this poor couch surfer hippie was making all kinds of money and just wanted to share it with everyone.

    What gets me is how these guys can make up such detailed, long stories about how they came across this ‘secret’ to instant cash!!! He even had the same expression ‘in just 7 clicks of the mouse’. Are they being trained to do this or are they copying each other and coming up with such outrageous stories to make the average person think it must be a real way to make money. Now that I have seen two of these under the same name ‘chronic profits’ I wonder how many more there are out there and how can they be stopped?!!! This has been going on for at least two years as per comments here started in 2010. Anyone else seen ones similar to this or the one I mentioned?

  133. Good Morning All,

    Thank you for this site!!!! I have requested from ClickBank a refund. This is definitely a scam. I will keep you posted whether or not i receive my funds back.

    thanks Paul from May 22, 2012

    Good Luck all!


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