Insiders HQ

Insiders HQInsiders HQ by Ran Aroussi and Philip Mansour is an affiliate marketing course that teaches affiliate business development and traffic generation techniques.

The course is two fold. The first part teaches how to build the foundations of a long term affiliate business and covers several different models – relationship marketing, using other people’s talent, lead distribution, rapid product creation, community leadership and other.

The second part is all about traffic covering niche research, demographic targeting, PPC, CPV, media buying, international traffic, direct mailing, pay per call, and other methods.

All course consists of weekly released training modules. Every module consists of several videos that detail the process of building an online business. It also includes mini forums for each module, audio version of the training, checklists, slides and other resources.

In addition there will be a monthly mastermind coaching group with Q&A calls.

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