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42 thoughts on “Income Infuser”

  1. Just found this in my inbox this afternoon. Watched the presentation and looked over the very long landing page.
    This seems to be a one-stop everything you could ever think about doing on the internet package. The sales pitch mentions a subscription that I’m assuming would mean a monthly membership fee. I’d like to find out more information before clicking the get started now button but it looks very comprehensive. Possibly even a little overwhelming.

  2. This is one of the best systems i have seen !! the content is awesome this is not confusing, it is well set out and for once people you are not going to get bloody scammed !!!, Finally.. they are real honest people out there that are trying to help us make some money….ok so the system is based on building a list and the tools you get are something you wont get anywhere else beleive me these guys have done me proud.!!

  3. Hi James, do you need to buy any upsell product in order to make it work and is there any recurring monthly payment for this system? Thanks.

  4. This is not really a Completely “Done-For-You” easy system as they claimed. There are still a lot of hard work to do behind it especially traffic. The sellers only provide you a set of follow-up messages (for Aweber users only) and a website to promote. If you’re good at advertising then you may build your list with this system. This product only use HostGator and Aweber to configure their systems, if you’re using other brand of autoresponder they will not entertain your questions – so you’re left alone inside. The salespage claims that they already pre-loaded/configured with GetResponse / iContact but it did not work for me. You may give it a try if you’re using HostGator and Aweber. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Hey I just invested in this software, and overall the product is great. But the only problem that I have with it is that if you are a newie to the world of internet marketing then you are going to have problems. LIke myself who does not know anything about driving traffic to your product is were the biggests problems are, so the question still remains is this a good product to invest in I can honestly say yes if you are an experience internet marketer and no if you are an newbie. Luckly for me that have a 60 day refund policy cause I will be request my money back.

  6. something interesting about this system. Even though the free autoresponders on the squeeze pages is cool and a no brainer, you still need to ugrade to make any real money. First they try to hustle you to get a (free website) with Brainhost then with income infusion. Why is it you just can’t start something and stsrt making money without all the upgrades and promos plastered in your face. So far I havent found one.

  7. I haven’t made a single penny after more than four month of been with the program. I haven’t heard of anyone who has made profit out of it. The only great thing it has is the knowledge you get of the business and all the logistic involved in creating a web page and promoting it.

  8. I would strongly encourage everyone to stay away from this product. Traffic and promotion is an absolute precursor to sales. Can I really do as the email suggests, pay my $47, wait six months, and their staff will do it for me while I collect a 6-figure income? Come on!

  9. I bought this software 4 1/2 months ago haven’t made much money at all ? The support is a joke;no one answers any questions you have they just close your questions to make them look answered?
    If your a member still and go to the members area it looks abandoned you cant post anything, but see more new pple buying and being added? You cant even post or contact them to warn them this is a scam?
    I just don’t get it why would they but this much time in to this scam and risk being banned from Clickbank ?
    I strongly suggest anyone that bought this software don’t waste your money they’re liars report them to Clickbank like I did ! The more complaints to Clickbank the better because these scrammers are this active scamming pple their still listed in Clickbank and need to be banned immediately! You also can find these fools on Facebook send them a message and a link to this site LOL!

  10. Thanks! for the honest feedback on this product. I am so glad I checked the reviews before purchasing. I am a newbie to all this. It sounds like for a novice the product isn’t for me. Thanks! again.

  11. I have seen the promotion video of Income Infuser and as a newbie I was impressed. Very straightforward and to the point, no nonense, no lenghtly crazy stories as we are told elsewhere. So I decided to jump in because Income Infuser also offered membership for free as a beta-tester of the new version 3 coming up. I watched the instructive videos how to set up everything, clearly outlines step by step, well done. So I registered with godaddy to get a domain name, I registered with clickbank to get my ID number and I registered with ispy to get my webspace and paid for it precisely as Income Infuser recommended. Then I wanted to make the final steps and put everything together. To watch the remaining videos I tried to log in and failed. No way! Then, by email I was told by Income Infuser that some others tried to log in with my code from several places in the world – pure nonsense! I mailed to Rick Anthony of Income Infuser many times, no answer. I tried to get a phone number from the Income Infuser Florida address, Google says there is no such company registered. So I spend a lot of time on it but I was stopped half-way through. Maybe I was lucky? Who knows …

  12. After banging my head against the wall, all I can say is save your money! Their supposed “Live webinars” are canned productions to create up-sells. I’m going to cancel tomorrow. Thank God I paid thru PayPal They are like all the rest of them, once they get your $, then it’s so long sucker. They don’t tell you that Google doesn’t like squeeze pages, so you have to do all this blogging to drive traffic to your squeeze page. You can’t edit your own squeeze page’s meta tags, which all the search engines use to index your site. There support system is a joke. If your lucky and work hard on the system you might start making some money after about a year.

  13. I am so glad I found this site. While the video was wayyyy too long, I was impressed by some of things that were mentioned. But interestingly enough, every time I read something about whether or not it was a scam, at the end of the review was a way for me to order the program. I am glad to have finally found an honest review of this program. It saved me the money now and headaches that I am sure would have come later.

  14. Yeah Income Infuser is the same big scam, like most of the other so called “FREE” opportunities online.
    No one makes money except those 2 con men who sell the package to you. Way too long video ends with price for the package whick of course starts with $1497 then like with all other scams goes down to $997, after few seconds it is $497 and finally con blasts you with $297… He is still talking talking talking…chowing pictures of his bosses amazing houses, boats etc…well sure they have it, they wouldn`t if there were no naive ppl buying their scam. The most funny thing is when you try to close the website…popup asks you to stay, and when you do the price goes down to $97, LOL!!! Then try to close it again…same popup and if you stay on the page price is $47 !!!
    Again the same trick….poof: $27…..and the last time you try it prize goes down to $7 for the full package download online. So if you really eager to check this scam on yourself you can do it for cost of fast food meal … at least it saves you few extra pounds around your belly 😛

  15. Yes, This is a SCAM. I am a 60 yr old woman on a Fixed Income, trying to make a little money online. I ran across the Ad for Income Infuser and checked it out. They wanted to sell the membership to me at $97, and I said “No Thanks”. Then they lowered it to $47, and I said “No Thanks”. Then they told me that they were “trying out a new BETA Program, and if I would test it out for them and report back what the ‘bugs’ were, they would give me the membership FREE”, but I also had to “promise not to tell anyone, because everyone else was paying $97 for it”. They suckered me with that line.

    I joined the “FREE” BETA Program, and the first thing they told me was I had to spend money to get a Domain name from GoDaddy for ($8.17 for 1 year), Sign up with ISpyHost for Hosting (they would pay the one time $97 set-up fee, but I had to pay $19.95 for the 1st month and set-up with $19.95 autopay for every month ongoing through PayPal), Sign up with AWeber ($1.00, for 1st month, and $19.00 autopay for every month ongoing through Credit Card) for Marketing, and set-up with ClickBank (FREE). They told me that they had given me a “Cadillac” and I had to furnish the “Gas and Oil”. And I HAD to use these companies or the Program would not work. I scraped together the money to enroll in each of these companies and went to work.

    Then they told me to follow the Videos Step by Step to Install and Integrate these Systems into my Program. Meanwhile, I watched every Webinar they suggested to me…Three in the 1st week. The 3rd one, I watched 3 times, because they kept sending it to me. It was trying to Up-Sell me to “buying” their “Coaching help”, which I could not afford. I continued to follow the Videos, exactly as told. I got everything installed, except I could not connect it to AWeber. I did it over and over again. I requested help from their Technical crew and was told they could “do it for me, but they would charge me”, but they could not help me for FREE. I went through each of the other pieces, Go-Daddy, ISpyHost, and AWeber for help. They each checked and tried to help me sort it out. AWeber noted that one of the problems was in the Video that they told me to follow exactly. There were mistakes in it. I corrected them, but still could not get connected to AWeber.

    And speaking of mistakes, the hook that they used to get me involved was that I was “testing a Beta program and needed to let them know about the ‘bugs’ in the system”, there was no place or no one to inform about these “bugs”.

    Then, I looked ahead and saw that the very next piece, (after I got everything working together) was another UpSell, to get me to purchase other pieces of the program I needed to make this work.

    Once I mad it know that I did not have money to hire their “Coaches” or purchase their “UpSells”, they dropped me like a “Hot potato” and left me to flounder on my own.

    Bottom line is this:


    Shame on them. They are unscrupulous rich Gurus preying on helpless poor people with dreams of some crumbs of the pie. Yeah, the program probably works, if you have the same mindset they do…of taking advantage of other people. But if you don’t have “hundreds of $$$ to throw away…don’t get involved with Income Infuser. You WILL regret it.

  16. I am so glad that I took the time to check out these reviews. Everyone should do the same no matter what products or services that you are interested in. You can save yourself a lot of pain and money also. I was ready to fork over 37 bucks before I read these reviews. Thanks to everyone that posted to bust this thing for what it is; a SCAM.

  17. I want to thank the owner of this honest site and all who commented. I, as many others these days, have no money to spend or lose. I thank you for the reviews and for keeping me from getting involved in yet another scam promising everything but leaving all the essential pieces out.

  18. I wish I had the sense to check into this program and find out what others had to say about it before spending over $300.00. I found problems with the program right away. I also did not receive any coaching. I waited for my coach to call me at the agreed time,but he never called. When I asked for my money back Jackie told me, “NO”. She said it was only a 3 day money back guarantee and that we were passed the 3 days and then she closed our account and that was the last I saw of my $300.00 ! We were only involved with the program for less than a week. I never even received any software to work with and I paid a$108.00 for it. The video I watched said it was a 60 day money back guarantee. I am still trying to get my money back…wish me luck!

    i can’t get anyone of them to answer my emails and my so called coach Beau Ryan has been less than helpful on this issue. HELP!

  20. I signed up with killercontent and socialcommissions. my website wasn’t produced and i wrote them. alls i got was an autoresponse email. i could not even get them to write me back after requesting my money back. they gave me the runaround and now im stuck. im glad that ive read the reviews but wished that i would have read the reviews of killercontent and socialcommissions. it would have saved me ooodles of money. my trust in people in general has deminished tremendously. i just have to remind myself that they are salesmen. and when you think about it, why are the customer service people, that they show in the video, not making the BIG BUCKS if they believe in the product. makes you wonder.

    is there any money making product out there that can help a person out without taking your life savings?

  21. I’m glad I checked reviews on this, I just realized I wasted an hour of my time watching their video but at least I saved my money. Thank God to review pages like this one. I’m sorry for all those that lost money on this non-sense.

  22. Wow you guys I’m so sorry you had to suffer behind these people. Just know you did a very good thing by letting the rest of us know before we did the same. It will come back around some day 😉 . I was about to fish up $37 somewhere when I don’t even have enough to eat, but I thought in the long run it would be worth it cause they sounded legit! But because of these reviews I didn’t give up $ I don’t have!! Thank you everyone!!

  23. OMG am I glad there is a site such as this one.. I have also been looking for a way to make some extra income as I am retired and have a lot of bills, Thanks again everyone for your honesty on the income infuser.. You saved me some bucks today!!!!!!!

  24. I signed up for the income infuser program around 1 month ago received all the info they supplied me I Was advised by email By email That I was getting Everthing set up for me free as a Beta Tester
    I am not supposed to tell anyone I WAS and apparently still are.
    I received an email Stating Meet Your Coach John P….
    I have sent Multiple, Multiple, Multiple email trying to get the little bit of Help I required from my Coach
    But No Coment was a stearn reply. !
    I agree ‘Totally with
    Klaus Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 1:45 pm
    Now I Am trying to unsubscribe from IspyHost but cant get through to Then Either !
    My Advise DO NOT JOIN THEY STATE ‘EVERYTHING IS FREE AND THEN THEY WANT YOU TO PAY $97 A MONTH or something like that, Why when I Already received and email stating Hi I am Your Assinged coach.. John P….

  25. Donny again,
    I have come across some scams in the past but this one Tops The Cake !!!!

    IF YOU WANT TO GIVE IT A GO………….”” D.O.N.T “” !!!!!!!!
    I Totally Agree with what Cheryl Says: in Her Post , July 24th, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    YOU WILL NOT GET ANYHELP AT ALL FROM THEM And as far as the upgrades go,
    I Was sent en email Stating ‘Everything is free’ !!!

  26. I received a post card stating that ‘FREE video reveals . . . how a burnt out factory worker with NO computer skills easily raked in $253,877.33 in JUST 82 days from his home computer and how you can copy his success starting today! Then the URL of

    I watched. As indicated in other posts here, continual attempts to close out window prompted repeated ‘Wait! Don’t Go . . . etc. etc.” and multiple lowering of the price point down to . . . free. The Beta Test program was instituted in 2011. That’s more than enough time so it’s not a Beta test program. They want to scoop up $77. then if that doesn’t work, $34. or whatever and if THAT doesn’t work . . . how about free. They need a reason so the Beta lie seems legit. . . .

    I’ts MY opinion only (disclaimer!) . . . but . . . I think that they must own the I Spy Host or something that they then tell you you MUST use or you can’t use the marketing material etc. Even if they do not have anything to do with profiting from the hosting it is apparent that they want something and that can only mean coaching fees or something else. Nothing is for free.

    Apparently this isn’t even worth FREE. I will say this . . . when I entered my email and phone number into the capture page, before I even watched the video, a ‘Mark’ from TN called and left a nice voice mail and identified himself as my coach. I didn’t call back but I still might just to see what is said.

    I think it might be interesting to sign up as a BETA tester just to see what they will do next and get some free education on how NOT to build a internet marketing business.

  27. Do NOT touch this company. I tried the $1 trial and when I checked my bank account they had charged me $47. Tried to get in touch but with no success.

  28. When a Company continue to have upgrades in every step of the way, I can only think of them scamming people.
    I am so glad to have read this site before I was very inspired to sign up for the $197. a month for 12 months.
    They sound so convincing for wanting to help you get started and be successful. I didn’t check on them when they first offered their service or product, and now I do own a website that will not produce any income, because I am a newbie and need the support it was offerings without all the upgrades that I can not afford. I believe I will cancel the $19.00 a month I am suppose to pay for the website. Why, oh why, did I not check here first and save myself some money. They offer hope to newbies, and I was taken me.

  29. I feel bad for those of you who have lost your money, however, I am so glad that you all have given us the truth about this product. Don’t know what I was thinking, who really wants to help you make money. GOD Bless you and once again thank you.

  30. I just wrote an introductory note to my assigned Income Infuser coach to thank him for making himself available for my “new learning project.” Was just about to take the bite! Ha! Thank God that I was only going in as a beta tester. I became suspicious when the first video discussed co-op ad buying, and I wondered who would really profit from it. I also realized that they were meaning something different by “free” than what I understood it to mean, became more suspicious, and began to search for reviews. Thank God for all of you who shared how you had been bitten by this company. I’m so sorry that you were. We need to be earning income, not to be being preyed on. We WILL finally find a well-meaning, ethical business. I have no doubt of it. Thank you again. As has already been said, your concern to protect others from the pitfall which you found absolutely will come back to you.

  31. Iam a newbie and also saw the movie I mean video on making some extra income. The step by step instructions are great for a newbie but once you get to the marketing to drive people to your website WOW. 1st you need the 24hr traffic plan Choose key words ( ok ), Submit website to social bookmarking, ping your website, create a and write out a 200 word phrase about website, submit the rss feed of the blog you just created,, ping your and on and on and on. The whole time you have not even seen the website you own that they build for you. The support is a joke, if you need help now goodluck put in a ticket and hours if not a day they will respond with a simple explanation that leaves me scratching my head HUH.

    I was really hoping this was legit as times are tough for so many people. I know there is honest people put there and we dont need to make a billion dollars just some extra income. Well if anyone has some tips on extra income that doesnt cost a fortune and is user friendly, interested.

  32. WOW! Is the first word that comes to mind. Let me start by saying, that I apologize to all of the hard woking honest people that lost your money on this product. Secondly, I want to also thank you for posting your review. Just this morning I was about to hand these fraudulent business men my hard earned $200.00 in hopes of securing my financial future. I find it absolutely disturbing that the people promoting this product under the guise of helping others, can actually go to sleep at night with a clear conscience? The shame of it all is that the amount of time, energy, and resources that went into this twisted convoluted plan to prey on the innocent, could have actually been better spent really helping people become successful on line! How much more could they have benefited, than by building a satisfied customer base, which in turn would have exploded their profit margin via word of mouth from a reputable product and successful testimonials? What they have accomplished appears to be the exact opposite of good business ettiquite. My best advice would be to not lose faith in your hopes and dreams, and to use the knowledge and experienced that you gained from this to avoid the internet marketing minefields on the road to your future success. Good luck to you all, because with people out there like this, we are all going to need it!

  33. To state that I am a “newbie” of any of this is a huge understatement. I cannot thank the person who has put this type of forum together to help others like myself as well as the contributors to this forum regarding this unscrupulous money “not” to be made by scam artists who promise the world and laugh all the way to the bank…

    I am in agreement with so many others here who state that “WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND”. I doubt the creators of these fly by night sites read these forums; however, if one of them decide to I hope the words of all of us who have been used and abused with your program;; that forever seared in your conscience you can always be looking behind your back…… have to, you can’t promise success when you only deliver failure. You too will meet with failure. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but believe me, whatever we do in life either to help one another or to purposely prey on the people who trust you the most, only to get a few more dollars in your pocket, ultimately you will find that your pocket as well as your wallet and possibly your life are as empty as you have made ours.

  34. Hello all, Thanks to all above who have submitted reviews etc.
    While I do not believe these guys are doing all they can to support us, I have s lightly different take on my experience thus far with the so called BETA program.

    Yes I did spend the money on iSpy, yes I did setup with aWeber, and yes I did get my domain from GoDaddy. All in, I’m out about $41 so far. As was mentioned above, you have to watch the videos, they TEACH you how to market online. That ALONE to me has been worth my time and the money I have put in so far. I had no idea how to do any of this stuff though I have been wanting to for a few years now.

    Unlike some of you, the site they promised me is up and running, my Admin Panels for the site all work, and I have the ability to control various levels and prices etc. One video (the so called Backend Cash Cow) does NOT work. I enabled it and put in my info but the video will not play. I am going to look more into iSpy today and see if it’s going to be worthwhile continuing my subscription. They claim I can have up to 10 Sites hosted through my $19 a month which is well worth the money if it’s true.

    my aWeber account is working like it should and the support and training documents I have received from them are great!

    Here’s what I AM upset about (this was also mentioned by others) there is literally NO reply to any questions you have. I have emailed every address I have been given or received email from with ZERO response. That alone, influenced my decision NOT to buy any upsells. If there is no one there to answer my questions or address my concerns, I sure as hell am not giving you any more money!

    I DID receive a voicemail call from my “coach” but I missed his call. He also emailed me to tell me I missed his call and he gave me his phone number. I’m going to phone it in a bit and see if anyone answers.

    My conclusion: So far I’m happy with all I am learning. i plan on putting it all into use. I don’t mind putting in the work and details mentioned in the videos if I can get income streams started from it. BUT….. if I had spent hundreds of dollars in this, I’d be pissed! Like I said, so far I have spent a whopping $41 and that’s not bad.

    Mind you I have been in IT for 15 years. I own my own Technology Consulting company. I have worked as a Computer Programmer in the past for some very large companies. I have not been intimidated by tinkering and finding things out on my own.

    Here’s a deal……I’ll learn all I can, I’ll get everything working like it should, and I’LL build one that will work and you are all welcome to join me there and I will genuinely help you as well. This might take me a month, this might take me years, I can’t say right now. Haha. Someday you will see a similar program and it very well might be me!

    My site, which IS up and running from these guys is Take from that what you will. Feel free to sign up for my list but I make no promises right now. If something works, I’ll tell you it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll tell you that too! I’m not out to make money by ripping people off as I was ripped off a couple years ago by another well known program and it took me this long to try this online stuff again!

    Sorry that turned out so long…..I guess I had more to say than I thought.

  35. Wow. I thank God that this site is here, and that everyone shared their true experiences. I was starting to buy into what they were saying and they have the nerve to debunk other internet scammers!? I have learned that people like this will stop at nothing to get you to buy into their scam. That is awful and I am sorry that those who lost their money had to go through yet another internet scam, but thank you so much for preventing the rest of us for falling for it AGAIN…looks like the best way to build wealth is the old fashion way.

  36. Well I didn’t follow my own advise about looking for reviews of this beta system. It turned out to be ALLLLLLL that the other reviewers have said. IT IS A SCAM from start to finish. Don’t get envolved with this beta system (which says it is free but isn’t), many upsales and upgrades. I joined one day and left the next. I had a question about already having a domain name, hosting and autoresponder, when I started with step 1. I talked to the customer service the first time and they couldn’t even find out if I was a member. The second time I called I asked them how my coach (john) and customer service person(s) could email me when the customer service person couldn’t find my email address. I then asked him my question regarding the fact that I had already signed up for domain name etc.,and how I could convay this information to an automated, step by step non-person. He said that someone from customer service (coach) would be calling me. I knew what that ment namely NO ONE has yet to contact me in regards to my question or ANYTHING else! I one thing that I didn’t find out about this beta system is the important resell about driving traffic to your sight and how you have $$$$$$$$ to buy advertising to even get a start in the beta system (FREE)!!! Stay away from the beta system 3 (new version) or any other pushers of this company!!! Lucky for me I didn’t spend (but I almost did) a penney on it. But the back lash will be emailing all of the people (or unsubscribe) that will be sending me this FREE offer today and for a longggg time.

  37. KEYWORDS liars, uncontactable, returned emails, banned by clicbank, no helpdesk, no phone numbers, my comment, i thougt i was smart eneogh never to be scammed, but yes ime scammed and feel like a complete FFOOOOOLLL, dont go near this website

  38. I wasted four months of time and money on this site.but just as it is said experience the best teaching.Thanks for the wake-up info;I have been had too.


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