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Income Entourage by Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson is an affiliate marketing software.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Income Entourage, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Income Entourage or other products by Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

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46 thoughts on “Income Entourage”

  1. Income Entourage is a squeeze page generator that will automatically out in seo depending on the keywords you put in, you have to add a tracking code etc, you can also have an opt in page so if you do this then you also require an autorseponder and set it up and add in the code. You can add pop ups and social network buttons.

    This is all for $49 I think….

    If you are already doing this using WordPress or similar then it is nothing knew and you can do all this without spending the extra $49. I say keep your money in your pocket.

    All the extra training to make you millions are in the form of upsells which is basically training with Jamie Lewis. The upsells are $297, then another at $297 and then another at $229 I think. There are all downsells for these as well and then when you finally think the upsells are finished…. the send you to Income Entourage X which is $67/month if you want it. Income Entourage X is actually Chris X’s affiliate x product.

    I hope that helps. I am asking for a refund because the sale page is basically bullshit as far as I am concerned.


  2. Now, I just purchased Income entourage and all the upsellsyesterday. I was not taken to any AAffiliate X and if I had been I would not have purchased the products. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to build a page, then the $49 product might be of great assistance to you. There is a forum for brainstorming and questions, etc.
    They had a webinar on launch day to answer questions. Don’t spend the rent money on the upsells, but if you can afford them, I believe they are a good value. Jamie is a good coach and Travis, who conducted the webinar
    seems to be very enthusiastic about helping you succeed. Even if you just buy the $49 product, I say go for it!

  3. Jeff, did you know that an opt-in page and a squeeze page are the same thing? Also I know for a fact that AffiliateX wa never mentioned on any of the upsells.Because I actually did purchase the product.

  4. a couple of quick questions. Is this system doable for newbies? Do you see getting started making money without purchasing the upsales?

  5. income entourage by Jamie Lewis
    After total disaster from digibizpro product he has come again to take your money. I was his affiliate, made him $7000 and he never paid me or many others. If you Google his name you will find people complaining about his service and honesty, warrior forum or any other internet marketing forum. Guy is not to be trusted. His new product is just another scam!

  6. I did purchase the product and went through all the upsells – (Dupree, you don’t the upsells to be able to use the product). The upsells are Jamie taking you through training on a few things – which if you have ever purchased his Wealth In a Box then you will already know and the other upsell is copies of his webinars from his IM With Jamie series.

    The Affiliate X is actually renamed Income Entourage X for this package but in actual fact it is Chris X’s product not Jamie Lewis’s or Travis’s. If you don’t believe me then go and ask them, simple. P.S. you do not need this either, but if you want it get it but it’s not necessary.

    I am not a newbie. If you are a newbie then I think this product would be good to set up your squeeze page etc quick and easy but it is quite easy to do anyway, without this product, especially if you are using WordPress.

    I DO NOT at all think that the Sales Page matches or even alludes to, in any way, what the product is. They go on about not B.S. you and that you can become a millionaire and drive fast cars etc… come on! With a squeeze page??? If you have been through ANY of Jamie’s other training such as WIB 2.0 then you will know how he really makes his money….

    Sorry, I wrote it in a hurry so wasn’t quite accurate. I know an opt-in page and squeeze page are the same thing. I should have written that it sets up the optin box on the squeeze page for you but you still need to know how to use an autoresponder and set up the optin box to get the code in the first place. That better?

    So basically – if your new and think it will help then buy it if you really want to – looking at the product this morning there is now a downsell on the $49 as well, which there wasn’t when I bought it – so you can get it for $39. IMHO – take your $39, buy a lifetime membership to the Warrior Forum War Room… you can learn much much more with the information there (for free or at least a fraction of the price).

  7. Jeff – Just a ‘thank you’ for the honest feedback – it really is appreciated, and I’m sure not just by me. The internet seems to be full of so much crap on IM issues in particular, people need a disinterested opinion from somewhere. I agree, too, about the Warrior Forum – great up-to-date info to be had there, and plenty of folks who will, like yourself, give a clear-eyed perspective.

  8. Do not trust this guy!!! Jamie is the biggest internet scammer know to the internet. After spending over $1000 in his digiiz pro that was meant to be profit pulling sites to the customer. Not one sale was made from it and no traffic was provided for the sites that was promised. This guy will try anything to get your money. He is lucky he hasn’t been done for fraud yet!!!

  9. I think this guy’s real name should be Jerry Lewis, not Jamie lewis,
    because he’s a real comedian.

    If you watch the sales video, he talks about buying a Aston Martin,
    and how he walked
    in to the dealership with a 10k check for down payment on the car.
    What load a …. This guru Internet marketing comedian Jamie Lewis,
    doesn’t even watch his own video’s or he’s just a Idiot, the car in the video is a
    Lamborghini, and the video clearly shows the Lamborghini emblem.

    From what I understand this software helps in setting up squeeze pages, and I think it also has a facebook ,viral component to it. This in newbie stuff, and you would be better off looking for something better. There a lot of good marketing products out there.

    try looking for things with not so much flash, and real down to earth information.


  10. Nowadays almost of all these Money-Making-Craps are hidden with many Upsells and Downsells ready to suck you dry after tricking you to pay your first small payment. Whenever I come across any product claims to help you make millions or hundreds of thousand of dollars per month I will just close the page even the offer reduced down to just $7. It just doesn’t make sense. I did try on quite a number of them and I luckily got back all my Refunds from ClickBank. These scammers are just playing number games, because some people might not know how to get refund from ClickBank or some just “leave it” if the program did not work out. I don’t believe they will share their secrets to you if they really can make millions of dollars per month.

  11. check out warrior forum, search for income entourage. As long as this thread exists #1 on Google I would be happy to answer any questions about the software.

  12. Boy this really sucks Jamie Louis I have had no luck at all getting anywhere with this program not able to work on older 10.4 op from Apple firstly, than went to my windows 7 computer and again all I get is your face and talk and more money more money but no support or action at all. I just must be an as___ e or just stupid but your system does not work at all for me. Please advise me before I have to go the hassle to get my $49.00 back.

    Jonathan Flah
    If you guys are as great as you say someone would call me and arrange a time to walk me through it that would be customer service but think it is almost gone.

  13. Jonathan, on the front page at the bottom you will see:

    Already an Entourage Member? Click here: then enter the email address and receipt number shown on your ClickBank receipt.

    Any problem getting in with that?

  14. @ Sam, regarding affiliate payments are you kidding? You must be. If you did push for Digibizpro 1.0 you need to contact us and tell us your affiliate name. But I will put money on it that you didn’t sell a single unit, or you did not check your email when we asked for a W9. (But I find this extremely fishy because we went out of our way to contact our affiliates and did in fact take care of all payments especially above $5k. You think you really push volume like that? If you do I would have heard of you. Ive been in the business 6 years and have everyone in the internet marketing industry behind me pushing my stuff. Do you think if I didn’t pay my affiliates that I would be where I am today? LOL Ask my top affiliates for that launch if they were paid bro. Ewen Chia, Mark Ling, Mike Rasmussen. A word of advice, Build your list, answer your emails, contact us if you have any problems, respond to me here with your information or email us at

  15. I haven’t bought this deal yet. I am taking Jamie’s advice and doing some due diligence. I have bought countless junk and gotten nowhere with it, but I blame myself most of the time. Just busy.
    Is there a product or service here or are we just passing money around?

  16. Jamie,

    You are very convincing in this video and I am genuinely interested, however I don’t really understand what I need to do to make the money. Would I be generating campaigns for other people. Sorry a bit lost but very intrigues.


  17. Hi,
    i watched the video and i am interesting but the negative comments leave me with mixed feelings. Jamie I am a total newbie hw can you reassure me and gurantee my success

  18. Honestly…. read what I have written above.

    What they are selling is a quick way to generate a squeeze page to get people to optin to your ‘list’. They add in social media buttons so people can ‘like’ your page on facebook or tweet about it etc and make it viral and hence you get more traffic… apparently. There’s more to it but this is a quick response. You still have to get people to your page in the first place though don’t forget.

    It is all about building a list of people that you can continually market to and hope they will continually buy your products. The problem is people these days are sick of getting ‘sold to’.

    I have been on one of Jamie Lewis’s lists and he sends you with emails for different products fairly regularly, like every couple of days… he is feeding off his target market…. newbie marketers that will purchase anything and everything.

    Like I said, if you have already purchased Jamie’s products like WIB then he shows you how he sends emails to his lists and can make thousands in a day. BUT he has been in the game 6 years, building his lists for 6 years…. so DO NOT, for god sake, expect millions to be in your account by the end of the week.

    Like I have said a million times before – you can do this without buying this product, it is really easy.

    Another thing, once Jamie has made money on his products, he sells his websites for hundreds of thousands so once he is over this project and sold his website to someone – another way he makes a lot of money.

    Don’t think that Jamie put up a squeeze page, got 500 optins and then made a million dollars. Regardless of how you do it, Jamie’s program or do it yourself… it takes time and there are NO GUARANTEES from anybody – so don’t ask Jamie to guarantee you will make money – he can’t and won’t, noone will. if you buy it and do nothing with it then you won’t make a cent. Get it?

    Buy it or don’t buy it but in my opinion you don’t need it. It’s set up so they make money off the upsells – Jamie bragged about how many people were buying his upsells when he sent an email out to his affiliates a few days after the launch. Do you get it now????? If he didn’t intend to make all of his money from upsells why the hell would he have so many??? because I think there were about 4.

    STOP looking for a get rich quick solution – learn how to be an affiliate marketer or product creator and buy products that will teach you how to do it, not promise a get rich quick method.

    I think Jamie has some great products – I really loved WIB 2.0 and IM with Jamie… but this one? you don’t need it.

    And Jamie – if you are going to respond to people here, stop doing it with attitude. You want people to buy your stuff – stop sounding like a pompous tosser.

  19. Hey Jeff,

    I hadn’t responded to you so I guess I can now. lol

    I stopped in to get some good information out there regarding my brand bro.

    So.. reading through your post here..

    Its not just a great piece of standalone software, but an opportunity to work with us up close & personal via daily webinar and forum. You got it all twisted up I don’t know where to start. If you are really “Not a newbie” then you might be a competitor, because our members area or funnel does not in the least bit resemble what you have described. Our sales page represents what our product is perfectly. You didn’t even know the price I.E: “It’s $49 (I think)”

    You even stated that you got a refund because you did not like our sales page. This was on our launch day before any of our daily webinars began, therefore you did not experience Income Entourage. This is outrageous.


    I see for some reason you have concocted an idea that during my 6 years online doing affiliate marketing I was constantly building my lists, etc when in reality I didnt have an Internet Marketing list until two years ago when I entered into that niche after the past 4 years doing niche internet marketing, physical product niches and info product launches unlike most out there in the IM niche that inherit the list right off the bat. This is why you seem to like my products. Because I was in the trenches and know my stuff.

    But your lack of respect.. If you were in the same room with me, I doubt you would address me like that. Hide behind your keyboard, I know how it is.

    I doubt you watched past DVD #1 in WIB. You would have seen that me and my students make millions of dollars in other niches other than IM. Niches like Musical instruments, Tattoos, Relationships, and much more but in your brain you figure my only niche is IM.

    Regarding IncomeEntourage..


    Our products always compliment each other. Income Entourage is a three part product. It is software that builds sites and brings people together, it is instructional with full disclosure (You learn everything we know) and there is a community. Now you can recruit affiliates, broker and barter traffic with us and other members, you can interact with us and you can volunteer to JV with us. There is nothing out there like this or ImwithJamie period. Case closed.

    Don’t forget that the smart creator software is our actual solution for creating squeeze pages that have the ability to go viral.

    Squeeze pages like on a youtube account with 90,000,000 views. (Yes, thats NINETY MILLION) Can you say OWNED. Google “Guitar.”

    Ask our students. Don’t you feel a bit funny when every board around here is painted with positive testimonials regarding incomeEntourage, thats a beautiful thing!

    >> Very important: Again, what you don’t know is we promote your pages if you volunteer.

    I recently put a few of my websites up for grabs. Clickbank created a rev share option. 😀 I do THREE 3 1/2 hour webinars a week with Imwithjamie. It’s $1 for the first week. Yes, they are 3 hours long.

    Now I help my students build their lists, we also take advantage of video review marketing using forums in the mainstream niches, I show them how to buy youtubes like my Guitar one and my nebula2000 account which has millions of views.

    Your comments touched on concepts such as “I make my money off my upsets” My upsells are great. of course I make money off them. There is nothing wrong with that, they are independent from the product you just bought.

    And I suppose by the look of it you did not read my sales letter and hear me say “This is NOT a one click software” and “This is NOT for someone who wants to get rich overnight.”

    But yes, you can make an enormous amount of money. You can upload a video review in a heated forum and make 500 opt ins that night, begin making income like my examples on the sales page from that free traffic immediately.

    Remember that my examples of income on the sales page are for a month period, not a day LOL Stop exaggerating and be honest for once in your life you troll.


    Regarding your overall slanted opinion..

    Take a look on the Clickbank marketplace… I built #2 in music, Beats365, Violinmasterpro, and more than two dozen top CB 100 sites. As I write this I am at #1 on Clickbank. Im Adwords certifed, Ive been through it all. I am telling you you are not a client of ImwithJamie nor have gotten involved with what we are doing. If you did, nope, you would be singing a different tune guaranteed. I wouldnt open your mouth regarding what my students are capable of nor what I am when you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about period.

    Sorry, but I feel its necessary to set some things straight. lol

    I own a Gotowebinar account that shows a total of 218 hours in webinar time for the month of June so far. That’s over a week straight of us working personally with students that may have paid as little as one dollar. Some of my students even refundthe $1.00 then sign up again for the next webinar for a dollar again and we have to press the ban button, etc. Don’t piss me off. LOL

    Try coming to a webinar, get your feet wet. You might actually be singing a different tune.

    Log into the IncomeEntourage forum, get involved in what we are doing, you might end up like one of the many testimonials on the Warrior Forum. (Search Income Entourage warrior forum)

    Check out a free “Jumpstart” -you should like it:

    Now last but not least, your blog comes up in the search engines with my brand name as #1, yeah.. Ill reply.. HAHA

    Merry Christmas Jeff..

    Thanks everyone! Again, if anyone needs help, hit me up!


  20. I purchased Income Entourage on the actual initial launch date. I received an e-mail from another successful Affiliate Marketer who these guys must have bought a solo ad from to promote their product. Me personally, i was completely drawn in when i saw some guy in an aston martin car with “This punk makes $212,000+ a month, what are YOU doing?

    Right from their i was hooked, and finished watching their entire sales video. Thought about it, and said, well i do have 60 days to return it, might as well try it out. Of course the product cost $47 just like everything else does, so initial cost was no shocker. Then I purchased the next upsell, without giving it away, it was really worth the upsell price.

    Now i got to the initial product after all the upsells. I saw a standard members section, a menu with Home, Support, Download, And now this one truly surprised me. Forum?!?! This was the absolute first affiliate program that i had bought that actually had a forum. So of course, i clicked on it, to even see if jamie and travis, the creators were active on it, or if it even looked like they cared about what the forum looked like (organization, etc.).

    Needless to say, i found something that everyone truly needs. The forum was the perfect place to post any problems that you have and travis and jamie would personally get back to you way sooner than any support ticket! In fact, i believe i see their names show up as online on the forums every 2-3 hours to check posts and answer questions! I know for a fact, that alone, should be worth 50$ alone, forget the software. To have such a connection to very high end affiliates, and at no extra cost? Travis and Jamie are truly the real deal when it comes to making a great environment to be in.

    Now for the product. I thought this was just going to be another cute unique idea that happen to show up in myh e-mail inbox that was gonna say, yea use wordpress, or use this, use that. No, way. This software really is top of the line. Once downloaded to your computer, and opened, it will auto search for an update. ANOTHER amazing thing offered by travis and jamie, completely free. I sometimes see with other programs, you must pay to get an advanced version of the software.

    Not with travis and jamie! They ensure that everyone gets equal everything! (unless of course it involves purchasing an upsell which they make sure does not make anyone better than another, simply gives them tools to do other things) The interface of the download is so unbelievably easyh to use, with tabs, and even red text that shows up until you correct a problem, to ensure you dont have any issues when you initiate the software.

    There is so much that was put into this software, it is remarkable. With options incorporated from more than 5 different HUGE traffic generating areas, this software has to be the top of the top. All traffic after buying this software, is completely free, AND travis and jamie continue to post even more ways to get traffic in the forums.

    You really cant describe how interactive these guys are. Webinar’s almost every single day, and sometimes even 2 times a day! EVEN FREE TRAFFIC CONTESTS? These guys are UNBELIEVABLE! They SPEND MONEY ON YOU!

    There is so many more great things i can list about these guys, but everyone please note, these guys truly are the real deal. It will not ever get greater than these guys. They are the most “interactive with their students” people in the affiliate marketing niche. Daily webinar’s with different content every time, a FORUM with active admins (travis, jamie, greg bowers, and adrain) at more than 15 times a day! (Its like they dont leave!), endless training videos, a software that is going to revolutionize how people make money on the web and take down google’s search engine all without breaking a sweat.

    This software is nothing to pass up. I made double back what i paid for the software in the first 3 DAYS of USING IT!!!! If i was you, i would check it out.

    – Ilmar Molder

  21. I am an active user of Income Entourage….Say what you will about up-sells any one who knows anything about IM knows that affiliates love up-sells, so why would you not mention that in an e-mail to JV’s

    Truth be told a lot of people wanting to get into this business don’t even know how to use FTP…Those people get a lot of support from the forums behind Income Entourage…Which is in my eyes a big selling point there is an active community of users behind this product, they use it and they make money with it.

    Say what you will about the whole Aston Martin bit or the boat. I though it was funny, but I watch a cr*p load of these videos to review products. I bought and the product on launch day and posted a review about it explaining exactly what the Software was about…I agree that it might be a bit to simple for the code guru’s among us but for the beginner the person just looking to start somewhere it’s great. Those people just don’t want to learn HTML right away or figure out how to post a javascript somewhere.

    Would I really have needed this to create squeeze pages as some one who knows HTML, PHP, SQL and what ever more no. I could have made squeeze pages like this from scratch.

    The viral part of the squeeze pages work really well and it will save people time by not having to figure out why Facebook shut down their hand created fan page, mostly because of stupid little rules that Facebook makes up.

    So in conclusion maybe not for the seasoned pro, but if you are just starting out I would buy it…The support you get from the forum alone is worth it…

  22. I am seriously thinking of puchasing this product, but my main purpose for this comment is to compliment madimmarketing for the best and most unbiased review I’ve read on any product and Ive read a bunch!

  23. Absolutely Randy! By far the best review about ANYTHING I’ve ever read. is permanently on my bookmark bar!!! I love that Jamie took the time to defend his products.

  24. Hi Everyone! I feel sooo stupid when it comes to anything to do with IM or affilliate work. I have no clue how to set up a web page and I have no idea what all the marketing “lingo” is- or means. I’ve been taking care of people most of my life- one to one- (I’m a CNA) but do’nt have any idea how to start making money online! See how stupid I am? LOL
    I don’t expect to make millions overnight. I’d be very happy making $20 a day online! I’m out of work right now (medical reasons) and need to get some kind of income working from home. I’ve tried many different products like Auto Wealth Maker only to find out it’s beyond me- even though they say there’s no money needed after you buy the program, (NOT true) that a 7 yr old can do it (I’m 48) and if you can drag & click you can be making money within 8 minutes of buying the program- also not true. I need coaching with total baby steps in plain language I can understand on how to start, how to make codes for clickbank, how to make a web page and do links, all without paying lots of fees for pay per click and advertising. And I’m sure there’s so much more I’d need to know! Does anyone have ANY ideas how I can make money online without my having to buy anything other than a program? I’m a very dedicated hard worker when I know what I’m doing but I’m at such a loss with this stuff! Can someone PLEASE help??

  25. P.S. Jamie, I saw your video last night and it sounds good but again, I don’t understand all the lingo you used. You kids seem to have a born knack for all this computer stuff! LOL
    I don’t want to buy another product only to be disappointed in it, or in myself for being to dumb to understand how to make it work for me. I wouldn’t be able to afford anything other than the software itself at the moment so I have no idea how I’d make any money without paying for each click, hosting or whatever else is needed to do what you do. Sorry, but I have kids to feed & I’ve used my savings for that and my bills, I’m about to lose my house and I’m broke! I guess it’s unrealistic to hope there’s an easy system I could learn FAST with no further money needed to succeed. (Other that the program price itself)

  26. Hi Jamie,

    im new, totally new at this , finally got some cash together on an incentive card and bought this software last night because simply put ‘ im broke’ as well. Im not a computer junkie and for this reason i don’t quite know if i made a mistake in purchasing the software, if i could not afford the preps and guides of your help ,seen before i was allowed to download the software, cause i dont have the money. You said Trust you” so i took a chance to have a bit more faith. To get started and to give it some time. Now after trying to think up domain names and blog titles and using quite alot of google- bummer, im stuck with some randomly chosen site name about relationships which i try to create 🙁 big bummer!.
    Personally-Im in the Caribbean. My daughter died last year 14 feb from mostly heart failure and medical neglect see (kelsey dayna hamid fund), i have exhausted all my finances into her surgery, hiring planes and paying of med costs etc. Hey im almost hanging on to life by a thread trying to get to Holland to her dad who left after she died unable to cope with his part , plus to see his dying mom. I need to save money so the embassy will issue a visa. My life is none, im stressed , im desperate, im broke. i need help, i dont have alot of strenght left to hold on, but im trying. Now im trying to start earning some money online while i have internet. yep its bad. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i know you got maybe thousands of entourage members by now , i wrote thru htmail as well just a bit ago so i want to beg your attention to my case , and beg your help because it is really really desperate. 18687159372 or +18687159372 or add me to skype same address.
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help
    keri :/ 🙁

  27. I read through all of these reviews at the request of jamie doing a due diligence on his product. This is really a dumb idea. I will not be purchasing any of this. My opinion save your $49.00 and do some real research of who and what makes money online.

    Take care everyone.

  28. This is like all the other scams you see, i purchased the program cause it said no site building or selling but thats exactly what u have to do, build a site where u sell their products. Sucks I asked for refund and noone has called me or refund processed.Dont buy their product not trustworthy. DONT WASTE YOUR MOENY THEY WONT GIVE U A REFUND, U CAN’T FIND THEM AND WONT ANSWER EMAILS.

  29. Keri, why did you “randomly” choose your site name? I recommend you come onto one of my webinars and I will show you how to do it. Don’t just throw stuff at the wall in hopes that it will stick without reading the instructions of how everything works ok?

    Dave & Jaun, Ill answer you guys together since you are the same person anyway..

    “1,1 1 1” out of 5. Ok. Here’s a word of advice. Give up internet marketing. Definitely get your money back. Our customer service response time is within 10 minutes, your spam filter is the culprit most definitely. You can get your money back from since they are our retailer. What we will do is assist you in billing issues, but we arent the ones to press the button when it comes to that.

    You misunderstood the product, the software builds a page for you automatically and you can promote anything you want. It’s not about promoting us. Aside from the fact I think you bought someone else’s product and have ours confused, I still think you might want to reconsider trades and don’t quit your day job.

  30. Hello Jaime,
    Well to start off I’m only Fifteen and want to make some easy money. I know that I wont make like $400 overnight or whatever but I want to make at least like $10 a day 🙂 . What I don’t get is does the software automatically make you a website and is it legit or what? And what do you do after that, do you have to buy anything else or what? Please reply 🙂
    Thanks, Elvis

  31. HI,
    I am not good at marketing, but I understand that I have to sell something if I want make money. But what if I don’t have anything to sell? Other question. Why do you say that is absolutly FREE, when you ask $50. Is it the shipping fee? Last time I paid $50 for a book, which explained me, how to use the Ebay website. They tricked me with the ad. It didn’t worth it, because I didn’t have anything to sell.

  32. Hi All

    I am one of probably millions who have been sucked into the Income Entourage scam. I paid my $39 (discounted price) and then excitedly downloaded the product in the hope that this would be the ticket to making copious amounts of money (as promised by Jamie) only to find that there was still more money to spend.

    To make the program work, you needed to purchase another domain name to attach to your squeeze page. Then, you are given templates to use for your squeeze page which cannot be customized the look or feel for your particular niche. Eg I wanted to sell a scrapbooking program and the templates were more designed to make people make a split decision because it could be life changing. I love scrapbooking,, but it certainly isn’t life changing. It’s a hobby for goodness sake.

    On the 30th June, I cleared my calendar, closed the door and turned the phone on silent to attend a webinar to that promised to show me how to make $50k a month. I had purchased the initial program so I assumed that this was going to show me how to use the program effectively to start making this kind of money. How wrong was I! the Webinar was simply to try and sell us another program (Traffic Phoenix). For the first half of the webinar, the presenter just went on and on about this wonderful program and had us holding on until near the end of the webinar to actually show us the program. Then, we were told that only 15 people were going to be given the opportunity to access this program for a cost (of course) of $997. Despite these claims, the webinar was recorded and members of entourage could view it again later on. There were 1000 people signed into the webinar. With such saturation, how could there possibly be any positions left to be filled by others later? While we watched, the numbers available began to fall. When I clicked out of the webinar (when I’d had enough of the sales speak) there were only 6 left.

    Look, I am no fool. I know that making money online or offline takes effort and I am one who is willing to work hard to make that money. For the past twelve months I have been trying to build up an online craft business and I’ve just started into affiliate marketing.

    If your looking at Income Entourage, take it from someone who has tried it, run away. Don’t waste your money. As suggested in other comments, look at blogs and get information free from these places

  33. Here are some suggestions/corrections for this “Helen Smith” character..

    Hi Helen,

    I would like to give you some quick advice!

    From your statements, I could bet you have one of the worst attendance records in the history of income entourage.

    We do daily webinars and they are all recorded as proof in our members area. We do not sell anything in them. Your statements are false period. I can prove it with these screenshots here:

    Did you access our very active members forum?

    Did you watch all 8 pages (60 videos?)

    or post your success story along with hundreds of other members?

    No I didn’t think so.

    You should also read through the thread on WarriorForum, its a very good representation of our service.

    The truth is, you probably spent about 5 minutes in the members area when there is over 100 hours of videos. Gave it the old college try huh? No license registration for the software, (FREE) no attendance to the daily webinars (FREE) No volunteering for our free traffic (We build your list for free for you.. and no communications with myself or other members on the forum. (FREE)This is unfortunate.

    You do not “Attach” a domain name to your squeeze page. I recommend you do your homework before attempting to review an affiliate marketing product.

    This goes to show you should never take a random review seriously if they have not tried the software. This person did not activate her license after purchase but chose to pretend like she was reviewing the product. If you bought something else for $39.00 like a lunch or dinner and did not eat it, but reviewed the experience of stopping at a gas station after the restaurant, saying the restaurant was terrible because of that bad experience at the gas station, you never ate the burger, etc.. your review is not going to be given much credibility.

    Let this be a lesson to people who choose to fraudulently represent our business on blogs. When you build your business, you better be able to show and prove how your business provides what you say it does and also how nasty people can be as you see here. Also, if you do work as hard as we do and do webinars daily to coach your customers you do not take to one sided claims and bogus reviews lightly. 🙂

    So Helen, back to business, you did not register for our members webinars in our members area. We have done 22 of them since we launched. Yes, that it TWENTY TWO webinars. You only spoke of a webinar that has NOTHING to do with the Income Entourage service. But half of your post was in regards to this webinar. Amazing. Now you seem to be an intelligent individual so I think to myself, how and why would someone fail to report the very basic facts.

    You probably did not even take the time to look in the members area rather you decided to report that the only webinar you attended was a sales webinar on the 30th of June. This is ironic because on the 30th of June I performed a 3 1/2 hour webbie regarding building your own business on Clickbank. You obviously were not there. This is your own lack of responsibility. We cannot force you to attend webinars. You need to register for it. All Income Entourage members get the daily webinars and if you upgraded at the time of purchase you have access to the 4 specialty webinars.

    The amount you spent $39 for the program is an absolute steal for the program but you know that your bad review is based on your frustration of failing with your scrap books or whatever ridiculous activity you decided to get yourself involved in as a “hobby.”

    Now regarding your ridiculous statement about spending money.

    When we refer to “Spending money” most would recognize this in regards to “Advertising fees.” There is no need to spend money for advertising with us. We don’t believe in it, since the way we have made our money for the past 6 years is using affiliate, email and article marketing. We train our students to do the same. Now of course you will want to pay your bills for your internet service, and a .info domain name costs only $1.99 one time fee at Godaddy. Hosting costs $5.00 a month. If for some reason you do not want to buy a domain name or hosting (??????) Then follow my plan B which I make available for those without internet service or in the military which requires ZERO spend.

    For you to rate our program out of 5 because you do not want to buy a $1.99 domain name and rate 1 star out of 5 even for customer service, where you deal directly with the creators of the program as much as you like.. well, is extremely ridiculous. No one in their right mind would agree with your feelings there. We spend an incredible amount of time in our webinars explaining NOT to ever spend money and not to buy anything again. IE is all you need.

    You have a very bad attitude and should not attempt to do business with anyone until you turn it around. Your statements are extremely inaccurate and one sided and they need to be addressed.

    It is a shame that the time I spend on this thread is addressing misrepresentations on the service. I would have much rather enjoyed helping people like yourself understand how easy affiliate marketing really is. Perhaps tomorrow when I check the thread there will be some more intelligent questions from more professional members and I will be happy to help them.

    Have a nice day,


  34. We all have the right to our own opinions. But, when giving yours, at least be knowledgeable about what you’re discussing. I have a feeling that most of the negative reviews are from people who have not actually taken advantage of this software and community….and it IS a community.

    I purchased the software and was excited to start using it. But the most exciting part was the forum and the hours and hours of FREE training videos.

    I would consider myself somewhat of a newbie, but not entirely. I had the lingo down..but even if I hadn’t, acronyms and definitions were placed in the forum. There are seasoned experts in the forum that are not only helpful, but also excited about the software.

    I also like knowing that the software “cooperates” with Facebook’s rules. By the way, quite a few of my Facebook friends have helped me spread the word, so I can definitely see how viral marketing can be an awesome tool in your A.M. arsenal. It shouldn’t be your only tool, but it’s a good one!

    This program may not be for everyone, and that’s ok. Who wants the bad attitudes in a helpful forum community anyway? But I recommend it. And it’s just like any other program/software out there. You have to be willing to put in the work and time to be successful with it.

    Thanks Jaime and crew!

  35. Hi Jamie, im a 15 year old who has purchased income entourage, i am trying to become a successful affiliate marketer and i think that you sound the most honest when it comes to trying to help people out. i have watch some of the training videos and have got kind of a feel of what to do but like everyone just starting i feel a little bit scared to take another step. What i want is your opinion, do you think that a 15 year old with hard work ethic and willing to learn can make a good amount of profit and mabey even enough to make a living. i hav bought tools for affiliate marketers before when in fact what i realy needed was a plan and the knowledge to start. Please answer me as soon as possible.

  36. Hi

    Its quite Ironic how the people that scream SCAM are the ones that live in the LALA land of believing that they are going to strike it rich overnight. They buy the software and if it isn’t doing thousands a day immediately they start screaming scam. This software is a means to an end, not a miracle get rich scheme. If you don’t think its worth $39, then you need to assess your expectations, or ask clickbank for a refund

    The problem is that people looking for true unbiased reviews are met with these scam screamers and it ends up scaring them away, when if fact it could very well be the thing that would suit them.

    Personally I would pay double to have the smart creator software in my arsenal of online tools.


  37. HI Jamie,
    im interested in your product but im consider to be a newb. like the others have asked, is the any other cost that i need to expect after spending the $49 bucks?
    please reply and confirm.

  38. Hey I’m trying to buy this software,income Entourage 2.0.I’m so exited about trying it out, but none of the sites will take my payment.Sureclick just rejects over and over.I have spent all day trying to purchase it and I don’t know whats wrong. I need help!

  39. Had the same problem here, Tiffany. Did you ever get it worked out? I really wanted to do this and stack some serious paper!


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