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Income Entourage

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Income Entourage by Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson is an affiliate marketing software.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Income Entourage, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Income Entourage or other products by Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

You can also rate Income Entourage on different aspects – its features, the value you receive, the level of support and overall rating on the scale of 5. This will help anyone to see how good (or bad) the product is at a glance.

If you don’t see any reviews yet – don’t worry – sometimes it takes a while for consumers to try the product and report back with feedback (especially if the product is just launched). If you want to see more Income Entourage reviews, bookmark this page and feel free to check back regularly.

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  1. Income Entourage is a squeeze page generator that will automatically out in seo depending on the keywords you put in, you have to add a tracking code etc, you can also have an opt in page so if you do this then you also require an autorseponder and set it up and add in the code. You can add pop ups and social network buttons.

    This is all for $49 I think….

    If you are already doing this using WordPress or similar then it is nothing knew and you can do all this without spending the extra $49. I say keep your money in your pocket.

    All the extra training to make you millions are in the form of upsells which is basically training with Jamie Lewis. The upsells are $297, then another at $297 and then another at $229 I think. There are all downsells for these as well and then when you finally think the upsells are finished…. the send you to Income Entourage X which is $67/month if you want it. Income Entourage X is actually Chris X’s affiliate x product.

    I hope that helps. I am asking for a refund because the sale page is basically bullshit as far as I am concerned.


  2. Jacquelynne Myers Reply

    Now, I just purchased Income entourage and all the upsellsyesterday. I was not taken to any AAffiliate X and if I had been I would not have purchased the products. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to build a page, then the $49 product might be of great assistance to you. There is a forum for brainstorming and questions, etc.
    They had a webinar on launch day to answer questions. Don’t spend the rent money on the upsells, but if you can afford them, I believe they are a good value. Jamie is a good coach and Travis, who conducted the webinar
    seems to be very enthusiastic about helping you succeed. Even if you just buy the $49 product, I say go for it!

  3. Jacquelynne Myers Reply

    Jeff, did you know that an opt-in page and a squeeze page are the same thing? Also I know for a fact that AffiliateX wa never mentioned on any of the upsells.Because I actually did purchase the product.

  4. Dupree A. Blaque Reply

    a couple of quick questions. Is this system doable for newbies? Do you see getting started making money without purchasing the upsales?

  5. income entourage by Jamie Lewis
    After total disaster from digibizpro product he has come again to take your money. I was his affiliate, made him $7000 and he never paid me or many others. If you Google his name you will find people complaining about his service and honesty, warrior forum or any other internet marketing forum. Guy is not to be trusted. His new product is just another scam!