IM Niche Formula Review

Today I’ve heard about the release of IM Niche Formula and decided to do a little review so that if you’ve also heard of it and you’re looking for more information I can give it to you.

Mark Dulisse is rather new Internet marketer, he’s around for about 1 year, but he managed to get it done. A year ago he started from nothing and he’s now teaching others how to succeed with an online business. I think he’s got a great advantage over other so called “gurus” because he can still remember what it’s like to start your business and he can convey the message better to the students. That’s why he’s only ready to accept 500 members.

IM Niche Formula is a course of 9 modules that really take you as a complete newbie by hand and show you how to start a business online. Not only that, Mark is determined to do everything that you not only start but succeed. The modules are:

  1. The basics
  2. Overall process, steps you need to take
  3. Building the site
  4. Proper monetization of the site
  5. Getting free traffic
  6. How to use Web 2.0 in your business
  7. Turning your customers into loyal clients
  8. Learning from Mark’s mistakes and successes
  9. Creating your brand

The course is well made and complete, it is alone enough to create a successful business online.

Now as I always do in my reviews, I will make two short and straightforward lists of pros and cons to answer the question to buy or not to buy.

The Pros

  • A complete beginner friendly course that will definitely help you create your own online business
  • The author isn’t an arrogant guru, he’s a regular guy like you who talks your language

The Cons

  • Just another program? If you already have bought an IM program and are happy with it, honestly, don’t buy IM Niche Formula nor any other program. The biggest mistake newbies make is that they jump from program to program and don’t even implement what they are being taught. Stick to one program.
  • If you’re an advanced marketer, unless you are an IM freak who just needs to know every single trick, save your money. Seriously, if you already have at least some success just keep working on what you have. Lack of focus (and curiosity) killed the cat.

All in all, IM Niche Formula is well rounded Internet marketing course for beginners. If you’re a beginner and don’t have any other programs yet, or if you’re just not happy with what you have, grab it and use it. But please, if you do get it, focus and put it in practice. And keep in mind there are only 500 spots so don’t hesitate too long if you do think it’s for you.

IM Niche Formula is Available Here

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