IM Cash Evolution

Almost all IM courses teach you how to do affiliate marketing – that’s the easiest way to make money online. But that’s just the first level of Internet marketing.

Most affiliate marketers start off with affiliate marketing and learn the ins and outs of the business. The next step they take is their own product, whether in IM niche or any other where they have knowledge. At this stage, they recruit other affiliates to promote their products and by that they sell without lifting a finger – all they have to do now is take care of their customers. The average revenues are undoubtedly much higher when selling your own product than working as an affiliate.

What I’m talking about is that you need to think about creating your own product if you want to live off of this business. That is to say, it is easier to create such an income than playing with affiliate programs. And it’s not as hard as it may sound like. Everyone of us is an expert in some sort of area and we are able to provide some value, and guess what, there are people out there who would pay for that value.

The problem is the theory, the mechanics, the blueprint that would set you to the right path of how to efficiently create that product and get clients. This is where IM Cash Evolution comes in.

IM Cash Evolution aims to provide everything you need to create your own product, get clients, and sell it. Even if you are a complete newbie, Alan Tedman the author wants to take you by hand and take you through the whole process. The course includes 8 step-by-step modules on how to choose market, how to create ebooks, videos, how to outsource, how to write sales pages, how to recruit affiliates, how to launch the product, etc.

The Pros

  • Even if you’re a complete newbie, this course will teach you how to create, market and sell your own products online.
  • It is a complete set of knowledge and resources for product creation that will be handy even to experienced marketers.

The Cons

  • If you’re on a low budget and won’t be able to hire staff for client support, be prepared to work hard. Supporting clients is not something to be taken lightly and it may turn into a chore depending how tolerant you are. The good news is if your sales are consistent, you may be able to outsource this eventually, although it also depends on the nature of your product.
  • If you don’t have much time (ex. if you want to do this in your spare time), creating a product can take a while. But what if you want to test this venture right away and see if it’s for you?

There aren’t many courses to teach you how to create your own products – most of them are made around affiliate marketing. While the latter has a low entry barrier, taking it a step further can pay off ten fold or more. IM Cash Evolution is a product of a rare kind and is worth taking a look into if you’re interested in serious online business.

Official website: IM Cash Evolution

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