If You’re Not Using This Tip, You’re Leaving Lots Of Money On The Table

Lots of people don’t know what is virtual real estate and even more people don’t monetize that, even they know how effective it is. I can guarantee that, if you don’t monetize your virtual real estate, you are leaving a ton of money.

What is virtual real estate?

Before I go further, I want to explain what virtual real estate is.

Basically what virtual real estate is, it is just simple “thank you” pages. For example, someone opt-ins to an email list by entering their name and email address, and they are taken to a page which thanks for subscribing. That’s virtual real estate.

If you’re not monetizing virtual real estate you’re leaving lots of money on the table.

It would be a steal to not monetize these pages, but even some advanced marketers don’t do that. I don’t know why, but the fact is they’re leaving “free money”… It is so easy to monetize these pages… It is stupid to don’t do it!

How to monetize it properly for the best results

Usually people put some sort of banner on their “thank you” pages linking to affiliate offer. Just simply go and find a product that you like (you can go to Clickbank as well), check out their affiliate tools and take a banner. By doing that you will make “free money” without any additional work!

However it is better to link to your own product after someone opt-ins. You will usually get higher conversion rates, what means you will make more money.

Super tip for making even more money…

If you have your own product, you can approach potential JV partners and offer them to put their banner on your “thank you” page, if they will put your banner on their “thank you page”

Don’t put more than 3 banners

It is important to not put too many banners on your “thank you” pages, otherwise it will overwhelm people and they won’t click on these banners at all, what means you won’t make much money or even any money!
I have found that it’s best to have 3 banners on your pages. So, you will be driving traffic to three different products and other three marketers will be driving traffic to your product. It is a win-win situation!

Don’t forget to put an exit pop up!

Don’t forget to put an exit pop up on every landing page. It’s annoying, but it works brilliantly.
Just simply create an opt-in page and link your exit pop up to that page. You will find that the conversion rate of the people who come to your landing page from opt-in page will be lower (because they are annoyed), but if you don’t put an exit pop up you will be losing 98% of the traffic! Believe me, it is a really clever idea to put an exit pop up.

Don’t forget log-in and log-out pages!

Lot of people forget these types of pages. They just monetize “thank you” pages. But it’s really a smart idea to put some type of offer to log-in and log-out pages if you have some kind of membership site. Again, you can approach other people who don’t monetize these pages and offer to exchange banners! You will find that most of the time they will agree to exchange banners almost instantly if they don’t monetize their real estate. Also, you may exchange banners not only on your “thank you” pages, but on you blog or site as well.

And don’t forget that there are lots of different “thank you” pages, not only after someone opt-ins to your list, but also if someone buys your product!

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