If Content is King, What Then is Marketing?

Content is king, we all know that.

But there can never be a king without a lovely wife! So, we need to find a wife for our content by match-making both content and marketing together.
What do we get, “Content Marketing?”

Here, I want to reveal some amazing tips to take your blog to the next level. Content marketing is going to transform your internet business and bring you fresh prospects, fame and money, big time.

But first, let’s paraphrase the quo.

Content is king, marketing is queen!

Do you get that? No matter how great the king is, without the queen, he’s still not a fulfilled man.

I come from West Africa and in my country, we respect kings but the Queen is always cherished. A King may take back his words and have mercy on someone who erred, but the Queen often does not listen to the people.

Whatever happens to the content is caused by marketing.

If your blog isn’t getting enough readers, conversion and influence today, I want to tell you that your marketing is the loophole where failure creeps in.

Now that we’ve done the match-making game, let’s take a look on how to do content marketing.

What Is Quality Content?

If you’re looking to attract the right prospects on your blog, you need the right content that suits the person. Therefore, quality content is that form that speaks to the prospect’s need in an interesting way.

This is the reason copywriters are making BIG bucks online, because they know how to command words that capture, interest, create desire and has a strong call to action.

Quality content answers the question; when, where, how and what. Whenever you write your articles and blog posts, make sure you indicate when it would be used and how, for what reason and its limitations.

If your content speaks to a certain group of people in a particular state, make it plain and inform the reader from the very beginning.

Write Your Content with “marketing” in Mind

Yes, writing takes time, creativity and in-depth research. Before you embark on it, make sure you’ve clearly mapped out the marketing system for it. When I say content, it’s a generic term for “articles, press releases, blog posts, guest posts and any other information on the web.

Even e-books and short reports make up the content gallery.

If you want your content to be shared on social media sites, then you’ve to make it interactive, controversial (with prove) and easy to share.

I discovered also that the title of your blog posts and articles play a great role in ensuring you get shared, bookmarked or tweeted.

The Best Content Marketing System That Works

I’ve had several of my blog posts shared across the web, without my consent but I’m glad it went viral.
So, what’s the secret?

Go With The Trend and Be Quick

Every minute, new development unfolds on the internet. It’s your role as a web writer to keep abreast of such events and write content that people would refer to in months and years to come.

Here’s an instance, on 28 September, 2011, Google panda updates went live. And because I’m subscribed to Google alert, I got an early bird notification in my inbox. I researched the topic thoroughly to get the nitty-gritty of the update.
I quickly wrote a detailed blog post and snagged it on my blog. Much to my surprise, I was ranked #2 for that timely hot trend/development.

Other bloggers started linking to me naturally and in just 5 days, my search engine traffic clocked 2,635. Guess what again, out of these visitors, 352 subscribed to my email list and you know what that means?

What I’m I talking about?

The best content marketing strategy that takes your web traffic to the roof is the impulse linking and sharing that comes from a timely-relevant content.
Your content doesn’t have to be 100% perfect. But it has to be relevant, well detailed, and easy to read and has the potential to solve problems.

Google love it when others willingly link back to your web page, without you asking them to. Why would they do that?
Are they fools? No they’re not; they know you’ve got benefits loaded for them.

The more people link to your content, the more you climb higher on search engines and the more quality traffic your blog generates.

If you must learn anything as an internet marketer, you should master these 2 skills: writing and marketing.
That’s all you need to become better, grow your business and make profit without much struggle.

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  1. Even when sending an email to your list the content you provide them with could make them unsubscribe, love your thoughts more, or even feel offended. They may eventually ignore your posts if your content never helps them and always sells. A possible rule of thumb to keep is that for every 1 sale post you also make 1-2 content posts!


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