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Hyper FB TrafficHyper FB Traffic by Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker is a comprehensive course on all ways to get traffic and make money from Facebook.

Facebook has become very popular not only to general public but to Internet marketers too. Products on how to monetize it are popping up left and right. This is another one that unlike most other products doesn’t stop at one specific method of Facebook traffic generation but aims to cover all aspects of it completely.

The course covers everything from advertising on Facebook, to marketing via fan pages, groups and so on. It covers making money from CPA offers, affiliate programs, generating leads, or just driving traffic to your website.

Hyper FB Traffic consists of over 20 videos, over 300 pages of pdf manuals, diagrams and process maps showing exactly how to make full use of Facebook as a traffic source.

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10 thoughts on “Hyper FB Traffic”

  1. Did not think much of the Product first off as it did not even show me how to start a facebook page. So I ended up doing one for myself and who knows if its good for selling things or not?
    The email I sent to their helpdesk came back without any apology and each day I log in they have laid it all out differently. Now they are sending me daily details about Advertising on Facebook, like Google adwords, how much money do you think it will cost.
    I’m not impressed.

  2. Hi guys!

    Im also looking at buying this product, but I already tried Traffic avalanch – dont bother!

    They promise loads of traffic with only 13 clicks, but once you get the software, you have to start spending money on advertising on Facebook ( already wasted $123 ) and the software you get is so flippen complicated to install!

    They are useless when asking them to help you do it so I got a refund.

    Are these guys the same?

    Thanks for the info!

  3. Hey guys,

    heres the deal with this facebook product- its just the same like the other products you recieve information on generating sales – getting traffic – makin loads of money.
    what happends is these so called marketing gurus all promote the same crap everytime something new comes out by becoming affiliates and promoting. they blast there email lists and rake in a ton of money off of folks looking for that next best thing. Always notice its the same bunch of guys promoting something new from one of their buddies every month.
    Sad thing is, these guys dont even use half the products there promoting or even care too, its all about blasting their email lists over and over again.

  4. So whats final say?

    Is this another waste of time and money to realize you just have to test until you find something that works?

    Most help desks:

    “That’s strange to hear. We have several clients/students that are profiting in this same niche using this system. Have you tried another niche?”

    Is this how it goes again?

    I’m interested but I’m thinking I could spend the same time and money just testing what works.


  5. If this deals with CPM marketing then its a waste of time because all those site just dont pay or say you cheated and close your account. That happened to me several times!

  6. Hey everyone!

    this is a WARNING to anyone thinking about purchasing this software.

    I had the bad experience of buying this product online with Plimus. After I received the wellcome email from FB Traffic Customer service realised that their download link for the software would not work as their servers crashed each time.

    They would not take any responsibility because they claim I did not purchase this product through Clickbank (although they are very happy for Plimus to take payments on their behalf). I am waiting for a refund from Plimus but all I can say to you all is be careful because their customer service in non existent I am aware of at least another four people been victims of this scam

  7. I have read a lot of stuff here on this page but has anyone ACTUALLY TRIED THE PRODUCT?
    Has anyone actually used the product to any extent?
    I have read it’s a lot like this or that, how from reading the ad?

    Why even bother with this page if your not even going to try the product?

  8. I was intrigued at first but I can’t get past the fact that they show balances and daily earnings..but what is being sold? They say you don’t even need a product. Copy paste what? What are people buying? None of this is addressed. I’m out until this is explained.


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