How To Set Goals Properly And Keep Yourself Motivated

It all starts with a compelling goal. Without a compelling goal you can’t really achieve anything big in your life or get a lot of from your life. Setting a compelling goal is one of the most important elements in time management, because that’s what keeps you motivated and encourages you to take a massive amount of action.

What is your destiny?

I am going to ask you to take a peace of paper and write everything that you would like to have and achieve. List everything, no matter if it’s realistic for you to achieve these goals or not. Don’t worry about that. You have to write for at least 5 minutes. If you can, write longer. The longer you do this, the better goal you are going to get.

Now, I want you to write 1 next to things that you would like to achieve in one year, 3 that you would like to achieve in 3 years and 7 that you would like to achieve in 7 years.

Now, highlight all your 1 year goals. After that, determine which goal excites you the most. You have to pick just one goal. That’s it, that’s your goal.

By the way, if a goal doesn’t scare you, then you chose a too small goal. Think bigger, you must choose a COMPELLING goal, which should be BIG and not small.

Two boards

You definitely want to break down your 1 year goal into smaller goals. For example, your one year goal might be make $10,000 a month. You may break that down into making $1000 after 3 months, $3000 after 6 months $6000 after 9 months. You may also create such goals as write 10 articles, after that, 25, then, 50, 100, 200 and so on. Just break your main goal into smaller goals, so you can see what kind of progress you are making and reward yourself.

After that, I want you to take two boards. On one board is going to be your current goals. On other is going to be your achieved goals. You can do this with a photo album as well. One album for goals and another for achieved goals. All what you need to do then is go to Google, click search images and enter what you want. Then download a picture of that and add it to your board or photo album. You might also paint an image if you like.


Now let’s talk a little bit about how to properly set your goals for maximum results. This word SMART stands for something:

S – specific. Your goals must be specific. You can’t say, I want to be rich. You have to identify how much money it is. Maybe it is $100,000 or maybe it is $1,000,000 for you.

M – measurable. You must be able to measure your every goal. You can’t just say write a lot of articles, you have to say I want to write 100 articles.

A – achievable. If you set a goal which says “I want to make $1000,000,000 tomorrow” that’s really not going to happen. But don’t set too small goals as well. That’s why I’ve told you to pick one year goal. It is not very very big, like make $1,000,000 in 5 years. That would be a too big goal and it wouldn’t motivate you if you are not making any money at all. One year goal seems achievable and realistic, so it motivates.

R – realistic. It is very similar to achievable. You have to set realistic and not fantastic goals.

T – timed. You have put a date next to your every goal. If you don’t put a date, it is not going to happen.

Destiny reinforcements

Now you should know enough info on how to set your goals. Let’s talk a little bit how to make yourself motivated consistently. Actually, it is very simple. Just find some people who already achieved that goal. Find posters of them. Then put them all around your rooms, so you reinforce your destiny. In other words, you consistently want to take action and you are always motivated. It is like a challenge.

You might also watch videos about them, listen to audios, how hard it was for them, what they needed. This helps to keep yourself motivated a lot.

Now you know how to set your goals properly and how to keep yourself motivated. If you implement this – you should achieve good results.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    I like your article a lot!

    I am not going to get two board as you suggested, but I am going to get two phot albums, because I can’t really get a board…

    Also, your advice about desitiny reinforcements is just fantastic, Matt.

    I am going to hang up every photo of respected internet marketer in my office now! I am sure it will definitely help me to achieve my goals.

    I think I heard that advice from Jason Fladlien, but I ignored that. I think I did not understand that fully, but here you explained everything and now I completely understand that and I am going to take action.

    Thanks for a great article Matt,


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