How to Make a Great Company Video

Thanks to iPads and mobile phones, videos have become more popular and accessible than ever. A company video could provide the ideal solution in getting exposure for your business. There is something very captivating about video. Maybe it’s the fact it’s engaging yet requires minimum effort from the viewer.

When making your company video, it’s important to make sure it looks professional and is effectively targeted to your audience. A poorly produced video could land your company in big trouble so make sure you get it right.

Write a script

Preparing a script is always a good idea so that the speaker isn’t left tongue-tied. It doesn’t need to be written out and rehearsed word for word. It’s sometimes more natural to make a list of bullet points and then to improvise off of these. Make sure it doesn’t sound wooden and that it flows well. You need to ensure the speaker doesn’t look uncomfortable otherwise the viewer will feel uncomfortable watching it. They don’t need to be an actor but they should engage with the audience and really look as if they mean what you are saying. The audience needs to make a connection with your video somehow and the key lies in holding their attention.

Don’t sell

To make your video flow organically, you should aim to get your personality across rather than just sell your product. Nobody wants to see a smug salesman solely trying to sell something. Instead, use a concept. It could be a how-to, advice and tips or something humorous. Either way, it needs to offer your viewer something and not be purely self-promotional. Obviously you’ll still want to promote your business in some way but just make sure you do it more subtly such as featuring your company logo at the bottom or talking about your company in relation to something else. If the speaker comes across as personable and appealing, your company will sell itself.

Be professional

If you don’t own a high quality camera then it’s definitely worth hiring one. A poor quality video will make your video look amateur and unprofessional. Nobody will take it seriously so it’s worth investing a little money. If you’re not overly experienced with a video camera then keep it on a tripod to avoid shaky and sloppy footage. Make sure you get the sound right. If the volume is too high or low it’ll affect the whole viewing experience.
Get the lighting right. Having the location too bright or too dim will look awful. Keep an eye on shadows as they can prove to be a distraction for your viewer. Shoot your video during the daytime to get as much natural light as possible. This will always create a nicer effect than artificial light. If the video is being shot indoors then try and get a room with a big window that lets in a lot of natural light.
Be prepared and set all the equipment up before you start. Don’t leave making the video until the last minute if you’re working to a deadline as you need to allow for technical hitches and problems.

Keep it short

It needs to be concise and to the point. You don’t want it to drag on too long or your viewer won’t make it to the end. Have a time limit and try and stick to it as much as you can. A lot of successful videos are only a couple of minutes long. It’s easy to get carried away but if it needs to be long then split it into sections and parts to make it easier to watch.

Smart editing

Edit your video in pieces so that you can take your time over it. It will also ensure that you are making fresh decisions as you return to each section instead of editing all at once.
Edit out pauses in the filming and shots where nothing is happening. When editing motion shots, you should start at around a second after the person/object has started moving.

Spread the word

Before you unleash your company video for the whole world to see, it’s worth getting some internal feedback first. This will enable you to make any necessary changes before you upload it.
Uploading the video onto YouTube is a great way to get it seen. If you haven’t already, create a company channel where you can store all your videos. This can be personalised with your company name and logo. Users will then be able to subscribe to your channel and be alerted whenever you upload a new video.

The great thing is that once you’ve made your video you can distribute it on the internet, to clients and across your marketing campaigns.

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