How to Build a Squeeze Page Even If You Are a Complete Beginner

Once you’ve learned a little bit about what a squeeze page is, it’s time to get down to business and build one for yourself! Don’t let this task seem too daunting as it’s actually not that hard.

First of all you’ll need to understand how to do some basic HTML/CSS programming and there are all sorts of different guides out there on this. I’d recommend doing a Google search for HTML tutorial and you’ll quickly learn the basics of this.

Secondly you’ll want to have your own webhosting and domain for your squeeze page. You can probably get away with hosting it on a free server however this looks a lot less unprofessional and in the end you’ll get better conversions if you host on your own server.

Example, if I was promoting this article as a product – How To Build a Squeeze Page – then I would try and get a domain name that was something like

HINT: If all you’re planning on hosting on your domain is your squeeze page then most domain companies (such as will allow you enough free hosting space so that you won’t have to buy separate hosting packages!

Once you have your hosting purchased and you have figured out some basic HTML you’ll also need to download a client like FileZilla (just do a Google search and you’ll find the download link). It will allow you to log into your hosting server and upload your HTML files so that they can be viewed in any browser.


The biggest thing you should remember when creating a squeeze page is that the simpler the Design – THE BETTER! These things are meant to capture a reader’s attention and then convince them to buy the product. This is accomplished by not distracting them with a bunch of other items on the page.

Make sure to employ the most common principal of internet marketing in your squeeze page: AIDA

What is AIDA you ask?

  • (A)ttract Attention – Make sure you open up your squeeze page with something that will attract the reader’s attention. This is typically done by the use of BIG RED LETTERS and a Headline that really creates an emotional response in the reader
  • (I)nterest – Engage your readers interest immediately after attracting their attention. Ask them a question that you know will likely be something that they have asked themselves. For example if you’re selling a product on ‘Dog Training’ you could ask them ­ Are you having trouble training your dog? Obviously most people searching for information on Dog Training will have had some form of trouble training their dog, or at least it is relevant to their needs!
  • (D)esire – Convince your reader that you or your product can offer them the solution they are after. The easier you can offer them this solution, the better! Be careful with this however as many people now a days are very wary of ‘over-hyped’ sales pitches. Make sure you keep your claims realistic and believable!
  • (A)ction – Get your customers to take action. This is a common mistake that many new internet marketers make. They assume that once they have a person on their squeeze page that they will automatically know what to do. Be as basic as possible ­ “CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE PRODUCT X TODAY!” ­ This will ensure that your readers know exactly what to do. You can also experiment with different calls to action.

Along with this don’t be afraid to use “Social Proof” should you have any. Social proof is a very important part of any squeeze page and basically consists of testimonials and other information provided by real users.

Again, you should be careful with too much social proof or social proof that is too heavy on the praise as many consumers are now very wary of this type of marketing practice but having some good testimonials that are believable and well written can go a long ways to increase your conversions.

If you want to see some examples of great squeeze pages than I would suggest checking out products from some of the top performers on ­ Go to the Warrior Special offers section or the Warriors for hire section and look for the threads that have lots of responses and are highly rated.

While this is a forum it will still give you an excellent example of ways you can format your own squeeze page to get great conversions!

Good luck in your efforts and I hope this helped you learn how to build a squeeze page!

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  1. Hi, Excellent article. I did not know could be so easy to create a squeeze page. Is a bit dubious about making an HTML code, but I am going to do the tutorial. I am going to search it in google.


  2. Excellent Publishing. I did not know could be so easy to create a squeeze page. Is a bit dubious about making an HTML code, but I am going to do the tutorial. thanks


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