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This site is running on Hostgator’s dedicated server. I have this server since March 2007, so it’s been 2 years and all of my sites have never had a single second of downtime. That means an impressive 100% uptime.

I can say the same for their shared accounts as well – I’ve had their “Swamp” plan for several months before I’ve upgraded to dedicated – no problems there as well.

I haven’t had a chance to use the support except but once when I just got it and wanted to update PHP. That was done quickly with no problems. So as far as I’m concerned, their support is superb.

In general, I know Hostgator is one of the most popular host providers all around the world and it has a very positive feedback. That was why I chose them in first place.

Oh, that reminds me. You might remember the hurricane in Houston last year. My Hostgator server was exactly there. I followed the story closely as all of my sites could have vanished any minute. I’ve read on their forums that their office was almost demolished, yet the servers kept going. They have fought the hurricane to keep the servers running no matter what. If that doesn’t mean top quality service then I don’t know what is.

I highly recommend Hostgator if you need a hosting account, shared or dedicated, doesn’t matter.

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