Guru Siphon Formula

Guru Siphon FormulaGuru Siphon Formula by Josh Denning and Eddy Croft is a course for affiliate marketers that covers the methods to get higher commission for the same effort.

One of the main reasons why many affiliate marketers make little to none money is because they are focusing on low ticket products, mistakenly thinking that it would be easier to promote them. The matter of fact is that it takes the same effort to promote an expensive product as it is to promote a cheap product, but the difference in commission can mean if you make money or go broke.

In this course you are taught to promote high ticket products to make more money with the same effort as you’re already putting into your affiliate marketing. The core of the Guru Siphon Formula is about promoting high ticket launches by using a simple WordPress blogs and free SEO traffic.

The course consists of 6 modules that cover the market research, technical setup, creating campaigns, getting traffic and handling the launch. It also includes several useful bonuses, such as extra training, interviews and even a critique of members’ campaigns.

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