Guru Home Study Course from Eben Pagan

When an Internet Marketing legend like Eben Pagan releases a new course, it’s always big and quality is to be expected. Does Eben deliver this time? What are the pros on cons of Guru Home Study Course.

This time Eben Pagan tell you how to become a guru. There’s no secret, to have success in online  business you have to sell something. While affiliate programs are fine and many affiliates make a living with them, it’s a lot harder than selling your products. Therefore to consider this option is more than a good idea.

Especially when every one of us is already an expert in one are or another. Really, if you have a hobby, if you have a job, you know more in those areas than many people out there. And you can teach those people if they show interest.

With this idea Guru Home Study Course tells you to take advantage of your knowledge and leverage it to your success. If you haven’t been to the Guru Mastermind site yet, it’s already starting the training and completely free. The videos are quite eye opening – the knowledge from one of the Internet marketing pioneers is worth the attention.

The home study covers these points:

  • How to find your area of expertise
  • How to plan your services you will sell to your followers
  • How to establish yourself as a guru
  • How to take care of your customers

What really stands out from other ‘make your product’ courses is that it goes beyond the marketing and sales. In fact, they come natural when you take care of and listen to your customers. Customer care is often overlooked, thought it’s the most difficult yet the most important part of any business.

This is where Eben Pagan hits bullseye, so the free information he provides, I think is worth your attention.

Obviously, he will offer something to buy and essentially that will be a more detailed extension to the free videos, i.e. the real Guru Home Study Course. The pros and cons of which follows.

The Pros

  • Eben Pagan’s courses are usually expensive, they include live seminars and training in ‘real’ life. This home study course is the cheaper version of great value.
  • Even though becoming a guru sounds complicated, the course finds a way to your mind and explains you how you can use what you already have.
  • Learn from the legend, need I say more.

The Cons

  • Not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of running webinars, calls and all that kind of good stuff to take care of customers. But that’s what it means to be a guru. Consider if you’re able to do that.
  • And even if you are comfortable with that, you should consider what other products you’ve already bought (if any) and think good if it complies with your path. It’s an investment and you should be prepared to implement it, which will require you to possibly give in something you may already have success with.

Guru Home Study Course is certainly a great top quality product and Eben Pagan doesn’t need to prove he can deliver. If you want to learn from the legend, it’s your chance.

Official website: Guru Home Study Course

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    • Hi Jack,

      Too bad Affiloblueprint is already closed, I would recommend that anytime. You can check out the free lessons on the Affilorama site though – lots to learn there. (I’ll also send you something from Mark Ling via email – can’t post it here)

      If you can invest some, my all time favorite is Commission Blueprint. I’ve created a nice business based on what it teaches and the community is superb.


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