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Guru BlueprintGuru Blueprint is a training course from Eben Pagan and is a course based on templates, blueprints, step by step video training for creating information business online.

Guru Blueprint is based on previous Eben Pagan’s Guru Home Study course which was video training for information business. It was a huge course with hours worth of videos (mostly recordings from live seminars) that taught everything from product creation to marketing and customer care.

This course is an improved version of the previous and contains videos, step by step training, blueprints and templates for building and marketing info products, live training webinars and the membership area.

The main idea behind the Guru course is to use the knowledge you already have and turn that into information business. Everyone of us is an expert in some area and that is our biggest business potential. The course teaches how to use that potential. It covers such aspects as:

  • Finding your area of expertise
  • Planning your services that you will sell to your followers
  • Establishing yourself as a guru
  • Marketing your products
  • Taking care of your customers

The important thing to note about this course is that Eben Pagan is considered to be the “guru for gurus” which means that his products are way above the average level of the Internet marketing and make money products you usually see. I can personally attest that as a customer. That also means that his products are rather expensive and are only for those who are really serious about online business.

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  1. Hi:

    I really like the page you have set up in here. I do have a question, though: Are you going to put a Bonus for this product?

    Thank You,


  2. Hi,

    No, I won’t. There’s no way I can match the quality level of Eben’s products with my bonuses. And quite frankly, very few people can.


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