How to Get Guaranteed Website Traffic

People look at traffic as the Holy Grail, the answer to all Internet Marketing problems. And as a consequence they look for guaranteed website traffic, they buy it. Certainly, if the traffic is the only obstacle, you can pay for it. Especially when it comes cheap. Been there, done that. The purpose of this post is two folded. I want to explain to those who need it explained, what traffic is the traffic you need and how to get it (paid or free).

Illustration: Green LightTo start off, let me tell you how not to get traffic. You’ve most likely seen services that sell guaranteed traffic. Those are the first you should avoid at all cost. The traffic you need is targeted traffic that converts, that results in sales. As an example, I have a website that receives over 1,000 unique visitors every single day and only makes me ~$3 a day from Adsense. And believe me, I’ve tried everything to monetize it better – it just doesn’t convert. However, that’s still much better than the visitors that guaranteed traffic services send your way – 99% of it bounces (in other words, those visitors don’t even see your site). When you take that into account, you get only 1% of what you pay for and that makes a very expensive traffic of the lowest quality there is.

The lesson to be learned here is that you must know where your traffic comes from, what these people intend to do on your site and if they are likely to buy. Without this information about your traffic, you’re just wasting your time and money.

So how do you get traffic and in a way that is guaranteed to land on your website? Next, I will explain a little system that combines PPC and SEO to deliver the exact traffic you want and with an investment that is guaranteed to pay off in the long run.

  • First things first, you have to identify your keywords since this is the search engine traffic. Find as many targeted keywords as you can and create an Adwords campaign with them.
  • Run the campaign for at least one day and make sure to bid enough to be on the first page of the search results.
  • Use the data from your PPC campaign to chose the keywords you will target in SEO to receive traffic.

I must emphasize that we’re running the PPC campaigns in order to be sure there’s traffic and our SEO efforts will not be in vein. In addition to that, depending on the PPC competition, you may want to run the campaign longer to ensure that the traffic converts. That would further qualify the keywords and efficiency of your SEO work.

The purpose and main benefit of this method is the efficiency and what my idea of guaranteed website traffic is all about. While PPC is the fastest sure way to get traffic, its cost is a major turn off for many. SEO on the other hand, takes time to see results and the results may not be as expected. Only combining the two it is possible to find the sweet spot.

5 thoughts on “How to Get Guaranteed Website Traffic”

  1. Yes! PPC is definitely the best way to get guaranteed traffic. It can be expensive so you need to be careful that you dont over do it. But if your getting the hits you want and converting them, then it shouldnt be a problem because it should pay for itself. I use free advertising with my campaigns and i get the sales i need. I train people and teach them how to market the free way which can be just a powerful as PPC.

  2. THis article is very useful and informative. I totally agree with you that PPC is the best way to bring targeted guaranteed traffic, but it is costly and the traffic will stop after your fund is run out or you stop using PPC. Robert Brookes is right when he mentions about free advertising, which is also a great way to get traffic but not much as PPC, and participating in social websites can be considered as the tool of internet marketing to get sales.

  3. for guaranteed traffic how about use social media and bookmark to attract visitors my suggestion twitterfeed,, and socialmarker its slow way of building traffic but it work.


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