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Google Terminator by Chris Fox is an Internet marketing system based on new product launches in the IM niche. I know this particular method pretty well, I know it works and I also know its challenges, so it’s rather easy for me to evaluate Google Terminator.

I’ve had access to the main product and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed. While it covers the method and has nice video tutorials, there a two big problems that make me say so.

First, for a $67 product, it’s not complete enough. It shows you how to find and choose launches to promote, how to set up a site and so on, but there’s just half a page of very generic points on how to promote your affiliate site. The reason is that there is an upsell for that which you have to buy separately. In other words, buying the  Google Terminator is not enough to have any use of this method, you need to also buy the Promotion Terminator System which you’ll be offered.

Now, I haven’t seen the Promotion Terminator System so I can’t say anything about it, but it’s supposed to help you climb the ladder of Google. As I mentioned, this is key in order to have any profit from this system.

Another thing I miss in Google Terminator is the use of bonuses (unless it’s in yet another upsell or hidden somewhere else). Bonuses are very important in this marketing method too. There’s a reason why promoting IM launches is often called the “bonus wars”. And there’s a reason why Internet marketers that have mastered this method do so well – they provide great relevant bonuses. Hence, you have to come up with bonuses for your promotions, and this product doesn’t show you how (the main product anyway).

Honestly, I don’t know if I should recommend Google Terminator. Maybe because I have high standards for this particular marketing method it teaches, or maybe because of its pricing structure. But if you do some research about promoting product launches, you can find the level of information that this product teaches for free. In fact, I have a couple of free PDFs on my hard drive that reveal all that (if not more).

On the other hand,  Chris Fox has done a good job with video tutorials and people who have less knowledge about WordPress and setting up sites, as well as basic SEO would benefit from them.

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8 thoughts on “Google Terminator”

  1. Really quality site on google terminator, very well written. Thank you for the helpful information 🙂 refreshing to find an honest review.

  2. Hey great post and review on google terminator. I agree its hard to find honest reviews on the internet, esp in affiliate marketing, but you seem genuine and i believe what your saying 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you!
    I bought Google Terminator as well, and I did learn new stuff, but I think it was a bit sloppy.

    Like.. now I will create a product and BAM its on the market after two days…

    Well, just my oppinion anyway.


  4. You have done a great review here. Keep it up man. I am really finding very useful stuff on your site. Thank dudi.


  5. You have got great reviews on your site really. I am quite new to online world and your posts really showing me the way to do things.

  6. Hi,

    Firstly i would just like to say thanks for a great review you really cover many aspects of the course and go into depth with your information. Chris Fox is really making a name for himself these days and Google Cash Sniper was also a massive hit. I say keep up the great work and keep us informed.
    Lilly 🙂


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