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Google SniperGoogle Sniper is an affiliate marketing system that aims to create a lot of small sites for easy keywords and rank for them easily on Google, as well as convert.

It is based on an SEO method of ranking for 1-2 keywords (usually long tail). Long tail keywords are converting a lot better even though they get little traffic, that’s what this system focuses on them. It also includes a course on pre-selling. The system consists of a big manual and 8 step by step videos showing how to implement it.

When creating a website around a one or two keywords, several things are important. First of all you have to make sure you can beat the competition for those keywords. Google Sniper system is about going for relatively easy keywords so that you wouldn’t have to wait months before seeing any results.

Next, you have to make sure there are hot products to promote and that they will stay hot for a long time. And finally your keywords have to have a high commercial intent, such as problem keywords or product titles. This same system can be used promoting product launches that have big bursts of traffic as well.

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  1. This is a good system, in fact this system is one of the few that has actually made me money. I only created one site with Google Sniper. and I am still getting traffic today and its been several months. I am going to add some new product links to see what happens.. I will replay back if any thing new happens.

  2. LOL …. an early 20s boy who managed to scam more than 1/2 mil USD from people who fell for his sale pitch. THAT is the only thing remarkable about it. Nothing else but SEO and eMarketing courses you can get for free if you know how to look for them. …. pretty much like his other “magic product” Traffic Ultimate … or whatever is called.
    $1/2mil + … “the world is full of fools”.

    • admin Reply

      So if it’s possible to find something free it makes the paid product a scam? Who cares that people have learned from it and put it to good use.

      I have a free article submitter, I guess I gotta go tell all those paid submitters out there that they are all scams.

      Please don’t bash products, and if you’re going to criticize, make it constructive. “LOL an early 20s boy who managed to scam” is hardly a constructive criticism. This is useful to no-one and I question your decision to post something like that publicly in first place.

  3. I’ve been considering getting the GS program for a while now.
    I don’t care if you get the information for free.
    It is worth the money to get it in a well organized system.
    If you would spend hours trying to find stuff for free instead of paying a few dollars for it, then you do not value your time.
    My time is valuable and I would rather get payed for it then waste it…

  4. ok I have been doing some research on this system and so far i have heard some pretty good things about this but my only question is, where does the money come from? I am a little leary about buying something i know nothing about but this sounds promising according to all the good things i have heard about it.

    • admin Reply

      Money comes from monetizing the site – Adsense, affiliate sales, banners, etc. The hard part is ranking on Google and getting traffic.

  5. Hi
    Out of all the products I have bought to make money, this one is the only one that actually makes sense. I have an seo background and I can tell you that all the stuff he says in it are 100% correct. The key though is to do your keyword research thoroughly and pick the right ones…so basically just follow what then guy says. I put up two sites so far and they both got indexed straight away, virtually over night. One of my sites I put up yesterday and already it is ranking on page 4 of Google.

    I followed everything he said and it does work. Good on him I say! 🙂

  6. Hi Andrew,
    I am considering of trying GS but I have some doubts about does it really work..
    Could you say how do you check the traffic and how will you get your money, do they go straight to your account? Also do GS refer to automated profit package?

  7. Hi Vika
    It really does work. The site I mentioned above is now on the 1st page of Google along with the videos I have made as well for it. It’s at position 7, 8 and 9 on the first page in fact and within a week or two, it will be at the top I’m sure.
    The program will tell you how to go about picking a niche that will make money for you and that’s important. It will also tell you how to find a winning keyword as well. that’s just as important. The way you get the money is through affiliate sites like Clickbank where they take care of the payments from customers and they pay you monthly. You have links on your site which take people through to Clickbank and the link has your affiliate code in it so their system identifies who referred the sale. You can check your balance with them at any time as you have your own account with them when you sign up.

    To check your traffic to your site the best way is that when you get a domain name, look in the cpanel of the site when its all set up to see how much traffic you are getting.

    As for the last part of your question, I do not understand what you mean…sorry 🙁

    I hope this helps.



  8. i think this is a good genuine product. i have bought it and now i have created 2 sites and trying to rank them in SERP. hope to get in page 1 soon. but u need hard work to rank your sites. am still trying to find out what works best.

  9. Working for me too. I purchased as well and three days now and I am on the top of the second page when you search for “best sniper sites” THREE DAYS!!! WOW!!!

  10. Hi Andrew,
    I have been thinking of buying the google sniper 2.0, I just want to ask you is their any article writing involved for your key word to rank in a high position in google.

  11. Hi Yasmin
    es there is. You have to put a website together with content. You can write it yourself or get someone else to do it. As far as article writing and submitting them to article sites, tat would be up to you to decide if you wat to do it but I dont do that and my sites rank really well without that method.

  12. I understand this product summaries all of the best practices to get ranked, and generate an affiliate income (CPA/CPL etc..) I’m curious if anyone else made a half mil in a year using this system, and what their niche is.

    Also, I would have no problem investing in such a system, although one visit to the site, and a bombardment of javascript pop-ups trying to force me not to leave, really sours me on the legitimacy of the system.

    Can anyone offer any tangible references regarding income and growth from this system?


  13. Getting long tail keywords indexed is not difficult [I got ‘meet adults online’ to Google page #1 overnight] but you need to understand that these phrases are non-competitive and generally only get a few monthly searches. It is better to buy good SEO software and use the Google keywords tool to work on a mix of competitive/non-competitive phrases. This process, of course, takes longer and requires you to work daily but the results are much more satisfactory.

  14. Hey everyone,
    I decided to come by here and give you guys my honest review of George Brown’s Google Sniper.

    I have purchased both versions (1.0 & 2.0). If you are considering purchasing, I would highly recommend 2.0 since it is more up to date.

    I have not seen any comments about the amount of income they have earned off of their sniper sites. So I have decided to share my results with you. Aren’t you all so lucky. 🙂

    I purchased GS 2.0 on February 16, 2011. Though I did not build my first sniper site until April 8th. I built my site around a single physical product. Most people use Clickbank, and that’s fine. However, there tends to be more competition, especially if you are creating a review site around that product. So I wrote 2 informative articles around the niche and targeting specific keywords and than the “money article” which was the review of the product. Keep in mind that I have tried the product since it was a prerequisite in becoming an affiliate. I believe my review was around 1,000 words or so. Sometimes I get a bit carried away when I write. Nonetheless, it was very informative to the reader and was the perfect length. Plus Google likes it when there is more content.

    Within less than a week, my site ranked on the 1st page of Google for my primary and secondary keywords. I was very excited. But just when I was starting to get some traffic, Google decided to throw me in the “Sandbox” for awhile. It felt like eternity being in there. I think I was on page 70 & 73 respectively for my 2 primary keywords. Ugh!

    Than in May, after I really started creating some backlinks (but not that many to be honest with you), my site all of a sudden jumped to page 1 for both of the keywords. By the end of May, my secondary keyword was ranking #1 and my primary keyword was ranking #2-3. To this day, my primary keyword is sitting behind the products website at #3 (they are occupying the #1 & #2 position) and my secondary keyword is still #1.

    Most of you are probably thinking that these keywords don’t get very many searches. Quite the opposite. My main keyword gets 2,900 exact searches/mo. and my secondary keyword gets just 480 exact searches/mo. But keep in mind that these two keywords are the “product name” and the “product name review”. These are what you call SERIOUS BUYER KEYWORDS and they convert like crazy.

    So what have my figures looked like? I’m sure you want to know. lol Here they are (these are net commissions):

    May (just 1 1/2 months after I created the site): $30.80
    June: $192.60
    July: $477.60
    August: $559.20
    September: $600

    October is shaping up to beat Sept., but probably not by much. Some of you are probably asking how my sales have continued to go up. This is because this product has re-bills, which is something I would highly recommend you go after if you can. Yes, there are drop-offs, but last month saw only 20% drop-off. That means 80% continued to receive the product.

    In summary, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GS 2.0 and/or the 1st version, if you couldn’t already tell. Like another commenter already mentioned, it comes down to your keywords and also your product(s) that you are promoting. Now can you expect to receive this kind of income off of each site? No way! You are going to have some winners and some losers. But you have to stick with it, create backlinks every month to keep your site ranking well.

    I would recommend that every month, you outsource an article for site content. Again, Google likes fresh content on a site. And if the site is making money, reinvest some of your profits. You can get a 500 word article written on Fiverr, though I have not used them yet for articles. I actually get my articles written by American writers for around $12-$13. And these are 600 word articles and are very well written. Rememer, more content = more traffic = more $$$! Since my original articles that I wrote personally, I have outsourced 2 additional articles. The last one I had written was on October 8th, gets around 1,300 exact searches/mo. and today is sitting in the #5 location on page 1. And I haven’t created too many backlinks for it either.

    I would say that on average, you could expect to make around $200/mo. for each site. Some will make more, like in my case, and some of them will make less or nothing at all. That’s just how it goes. Most people that are new to this “game” will build one site, wait to see what happens, and if it doesn’t make any money, they think the strategy doesn’t work. This is not the case with this course (or for a lot of courses out there). It does work and I am living proof of it.

    Buy this course and stay the course! You will succeed with persistence. Good luck and I hope this has helped in your decision making.

  15. I almost forgot one last bit of exciting news. And this goes across ALL sites that you build. You are building up ASSETS! What do I mean by that? Every site that you build has some sort of value attached to it. Whether it is making money or not. Of course, the market tells you what your site is truly worth, but keep this in mind…

    You can usually get 12-18 times your monthly income when you decide to sell your sites. And this is usually based off of a 6 month average. What does this mean in my situation? Assuming that I earn $600 for the month of October (which I know I will), you would take the six months of income, add them up and divide by 6. This is your average. In my case, this would average out to $410/mo. Of course, if I wait a couple more months to let those first two months of small monthly amounts fall off ($30.80 & $192.60), and assuming that my monthly income for the month of Nov. & Dec. remain at $600, my average would be more like $572/mo.

    Now you just multiply that out by 12-18 and you get a current potential value of between $4,920-$7,380. And if I use my projection numbers through the end of the year, my site has a potential value of between $6,864-$10,296!

    So remember to keep that in mind when building your sites. If you can generate even just $100/mo, you have built an asset between $1,200-$1,800. And believe it or not, there are people out there that will pay you for these sites all day long. Head over to and check out some of the prices people are paying. You’ll be blown away by it.

  16. Wow. Thanks Designer Chicken, & Brandon for clarifying the legitimacy of this System. I bought it in July, &
    could not set up my Website due to other matters I was focused on. I started mine in October, & mine ranked
    to first page in 3 days, only with the “” marks. Now I am doing backlinking in order to send it to 1st page. Soon
    I will start making Money online, & become financially free.

  17. Google sniper is a complete system for AFF newbies. I built and promoted my site part time and now have it ranked on page 1 position 2. Make sure to take some time on keyword/niche research. I recommend GS for someone new to IM.

  18. Google Sniper is THE program that I would, and always do, recommend to anyone trying to start out in affiliate marketing. It guides you step by step on how to set up passive streams of income in order to build a foundation online. Very important start to understand the steps you must take on every successful affiliate campaign.

  19. I very nearly bought this yesterday. The sales page states it only costs $47. Thought it was a good deal.

    Only when I got to the credit card info page did I happen to notice that Google Sniper costs $47 PER MONTH. Nowhere in the sales page does it mention this!!! To me that’s blatantly misleading. Not many people would notice that, but thankfully I did.

    I don’t think it’s worth nearly $600 a year – there’s better programs out there for less.

    I now WON’T be buying on the basis of this deception.

  20. Well, I feel like a complete dick.

    After posting the above comment, I NOW realise that the $47 per month is for membership to the Sniper X club, and is NOT compulsory.

    So, it is true that Google Sniper on its own is just $47 – no recurring charges.

    My apologies. I will now crawl back under my rock…..

  21. I purchased the product and accidently closed the page where it said the members area was around the corner. I have not received my login details so cannot get started?? I’m a little frustrated cause I want to get started right away! I did submit a ticket to support but It’s Sunday and I probably won’t hear back from anyone for a couple of days ugh

  22. Based on all the stuff I have read about this in the last hour or so of research, I would not buy it as I think one person put it very well~ not much in here you can not all ready get from Google search + your own common
    sence research… I actually stopped buying all these one button make a million software rubbish sites a long time ago ~~ but this one still seems to be hanging in there after so long so thought I would check it out again….
    By the way Nathan, don’t feel bad !! so many times we all do this( but a lot of that reaction is based on past exp)
    but good for you for saying what you think anyways…

    I think all in all if you have no clue about how to do blogs/sites keyword research and so on it could be a really good learning curve….
    And lets face it a couple of months with just a few sales and you have your money back.(no big lose)

  23. I find this to be a very good product actually. It makes sense. I am so not a techi guy but I was able to follow along with his videos.

    I also found the manual pretty easy to follow. It is definitely going to remain a part of what I do for a long time

  24. Well, the guy in video kept talking about how much money he made, but never mentioned how to do it. He kept saying all along that I won’t waste your time and will jump into telling you how to do it, but he never did.

    So now I am skeptical. I really wanted to know how the sniper works.

  25. I am so excited… The video just popped up yesterday and I was intrigued.. all though I know that often these pop up commercials are scams.. but I kept watching.. and I am so pleased with what this brought me to.. I have always been good with a computer, so this should be right up my alley.. also I study so I don’t have much money, ever 🙂
    This is very exciting, cause I did want to learn to make sites anyway at some point, so this is the perfect opportunity.. wehuuu 🙂 Just want to get started!
    Hope that is goes well for myself and everyone else getting a piece of the cake! 🙂

    If anyone wants to send me anything that could help me on my way.. advices, ‘what not do dos’ or what ever.. my mail is! Thank you!

    Regards Sanni from Denmark in Europe ^_^

  26. how mutch does it cost total to buy all it needs to work with …. G.S ….traffic ultimate etc???????????????

  27. OK- I was sent tis site/info by an online Friend- and I have to say it definately has me intrigued. So- I have been doing a lot of research online about it- and most of what I am finding is good- although I am still skeptical-
    I am currently Unemployed- and Frankly tired of the “9-5 rat race- so…. I have (along with everyone else) been doing research online to find a Legitimate work from home project or career. I have found a couple, which are actual “JOBS”- which require training etc…. but they are great prospects. Having said that- I am still very interested in this- (or any other Legit ones) so I may just purchase it for the training and the “Info”. I am not looking to get Rich quick- I just want to make a Decent- stable income from home- and not have to spend HOURS on my comp- I AM very computer skilled and literate, although I have NO experience at all in Marketing or “creating”/posting websites and all this stuff about “Keywords” and etc…. is all Confusing and “foreign” to me- !! I am quite certain that I could do this- If I decide to give it a shot. How much time are we talking to get it up and running- and to make maybe $1000/month ?! Is it an ON-going thing that you have to keep re-doing and improving- or can you just let it “sit” as he says in his video and still make $-??!!
    I am going to make my decision in the next couple days and I would appreciate any advice/Info anyone can offer-

  28. I want to know did click bank change? I used it in 2006 and I could only use it to buy products or get gift certificates. I would want to get the cash out of it. And can I make anew account or do I have to use the one I bank with? Please reply I am looking into getting involved with google sniper to make money.

  29. I came across this product by noticing all the spam on my blog at work. (My name and email address have been changed to protect me from yet more spam.) It’s hard for me to believe that this is a legitiate product when my introduction to it is via a copious amount of annoying spam. Do not waste your money with this — or worse, join in the spamming on purpose.

  30. Oh my goodness. This George Brown character had me hooked and hooked and hooked and never found out any usable information. I had paid $241.00 to watch a webinar and they wanted even more money to attend Checkbank University and still I didnt gain any usable information. What a joke. Since someone said that a scam was going too far. I’ll say scam doesn’t go far enough. I however asked for a refund of my $241.00 fee that I’m still not sure what I paid for. I also pray that I dont have to spend more money to hire an attorney to get that money back. I think its about how to make Mr. Brown rich and only him and his goons. I have nothing constructive to say about him nor his team. Oh here’s some constructive criticism: Maybe he should be upfront that he will continually want more money leaving you wanting more information. Thats my suggestion George with your Checkbank University for an additional $797.00. I wonder had a paid it if I would have gotten a degree of a scam-artist?

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