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Google SneakGoogle Sneak is a step-by-step system to build affiliate websites that run on autopilot.

Google Sneak allows you to follow two strategies – promote product launches or create niche sites. The program contains training for beginners as well as more advanced methods and includes several software tools.

The tools include a customizable WordPress theme with training on how to use it and customize. An auto blogging plug-in Auto Blog Buddy with modules for Amazon and eBay products (to add them to your site automatically based on your keywords). A keyword research tool and the Social Mayhem System which helps you dominate keywords on Google with the help of social networking sites. A tool to convert articles to videos, and a plug-in that automatically bookmarks your blog posts.

Besides these tools and training, Google Sneak will include a webinar in which the users will be taken through the entire process of using this system step by step.

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  1. Hey how are you able to do that thumbnail in your word press theme with the play arrow on your thumbnail? Are you using a specific plugin? Im planning on doing something like that on my blog, if you can give me some help.. Thanks!

  2. That’s just some CSS, not a plugin. The link element around the thumbnail has a background image of a play button, then the :hover style for the thumbnail image sets it to semi-transparent. If that makes sense.


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