Google in 60 Seconds

Google in 60 Seconds by Aaron Darko is a method to rank on the first page of Google fast.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Google in 60 Seconds to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Google in 60 Seconds or other products by Aaron Darko, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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3 thoughts on “Google in 60 Seconds”

  1. OK, it is really challenging to say the truth about a product when you are being misled about what you will receive when you make a purchase. I can only tell you what I am experiencing with this merchant at the time of this writing.
    I purchased this product on December 26, 2011 and learned that it is not a product about getting your website on the first page of Google in 60 seconds, its about promoting you tube videos.

    I would never offer a product to a consumer that was not on point with my statements in the sales letter, it would be wise for Mr, Darko to let the consumer adjust his message and say that this is a you tube video promotion product.

    I see that this website does not have actual reviews, I hope this help inform an interested party make a wise decision.


  2. If I could give this product a review less than 1 I would. I agree with Rodney, this is misleading as to what you are actually doing to achieve Google top rankings in 60 seconds. Secondly, I requested a refund and never received a response from SWREG. I went through “support” next and was strung along for several days with responses like “go to this website, view the video and admit you are a loser” and then re-request the refund. I was then offered some sort of 6 months for free additional training, then strung along again. Then after another email I was told I exceeded the 14 day refund time frame allowed. Whatever you do, don’t buy this product and expect him to stand behind anything. The whole thing is a joke, low quality information and totally not worth the investment. And he thinks someone will be will to pay $997 for this junk? He has another thing coming if he actually thinks he will last long with this fiasco.

  3. to many upsells. and i agree that this is a youtube promoting product. no where did i see about the 60 second secret about placing your websites on the first page of google. maybe it was on the upsell for $197.00. but that is not what his sales page says. it says that for the $47 / $37 dollars one will get the secret to place your website on the first page of google in sixty seconds.


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