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With PPC Bully just launched, the author of a competing product (Google Cash Detective) Chris Carpenter has made a remarkable marketing move. He has opened his system for free access of 7 days. No strings attached, no credit card required, just enter your email and access the full system.

This is really a great move considering the errors that customers reported about the system before (which are now fixed) and the outrage of people about the price of PPC Bully.

But the free trial is not the only things that Google Cash Detective is offering. The new payment plans are going to be much (and I mean really a lot) cheaper. Many people bailed out just because of the former, to many outrageous, fee of $1,997.

Looks like Chris Carpenter is determined to steal the light from PPC Bully, and this competitiveness is only good for us end-users. We can expect better system and better support as well as much lower prices. And this time it certainly looks good.

If you want to know what’s this spying on PPC thing is about and if it’s for you, here’s your chance to try it out for absolutely free. And if you do find it useful, you can expect to get a much cheaper service after the trial, which again, is not forced in any way as you are not giving away your credit card number to test this.

2 thoughts on “Google Cash Detective – Free Trial”

  1. Your post says the program is free, but when I click on the “here’s your chance to try it out for absolutely free.” link, I find they want me to pay a $1 fee to try it out. Which is the same as all the others, they charge a small fee (and I would not have a problem with that except) to try out their program, but then they have your credit card info, and they charge your card the initial sign up fee, plus they start charging you monthly fees until you cancel, which is always a big hassle and time consuming, you have to have a good tickler system to remind you the date your trial expires, then you have to be able to retrieve that number to customer service that you can’t remeber where you placed it.

    It would be refreshing if someone did have a program you could try for free before purchasing, but then again, they would have to have a program that actually did do what they claimed (i.e. make you real money quickly (even if it was a small amount, just something to show some promise)) or no one would activate their memberships after the trial period.

    Disgusted Newbie trying to break into the affiliate online business

  2. Hey Russel, when I wrote the post 2 months ago, it was free with no fees. It was a one week or so promotion and I haven’t changed the post since, sorry.

    I’m glad to see you’re cautious and indeed, you shouldn’t shell out your credit card number to anyone just like that. Unless they accept paypal, which is easy to cancel, don’t buy it!

    If you’re a newbie, I strongly suggest you learn the free way, don’t buy anything. Check out Warrior forums, you’ll learn everything you need to know for free. You may also checkout Affilorama and their free lessons.

    You should not buy anything when you’re just a newbie when there’s all necessary info for you to advance out there for free. Only buy something when you know you need it and you know exactly how it will help you. And by exactly I mean specific things in your business, not broad ideas like “make you money”.


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