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Go Click Cash by Adeel Chowdhry and James Denzel is an affiliate marketing software designed to help with creating affiliate sites.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Go Click Cash, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Go Click Cash or other products by Adeel Chowdhry and James Denzel, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

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103 thoughts on “Go Click Cash”

  1. Does this thing work? I know that there is a possible way to make a lot of Money online as an Affiliate Internet
    Marketer, but is he the real deal? I am sick to my back teeth of scumbags out there whom have ripped off decent
    Folks whom are trying their best to make a better life for themselves & their Family on Affiliate Software Products
    that are nothing more than rehashed elements that are not detailed, & simply makes no sense at all. And I am
    sick to my back teeth of going through the same dull life I experience every week, with nothing to show for my
    efforts as a training Internet Marketer.
    Someone please fill me in. Is James Denzel authentic, or just fake?

  2. Hi David, like you my back teeth are actually falling out from all the freaking stress and hassle of trying to find a legitimate online “work from home” affiliate marketing scheme, or actually any scheme that I can do that actually works. I too have invested money, not to mention the time and effort, only to dismally ask for a refund weeks later. Thankfully most do that eh?

    Anyway, as for this product. What I can gather from reading a few posts is that this is where you actually get a website that dedicates itself to sell a product that is listed on clickbank or amazon.

    so…. here is my question… HOW ARE THESE WEBSITES ONLINE? Are they hosted or just generated? So how does the traffic arrive on the door to these sites…. hmmm.. so to me that is the “biggy” here that will probably make me not consider this one unless someone posts a reply on how that is done..

    hope that helps..


  3. I agree with Linda’s comments. There are lots of “automated” site generators around but how does this product get buying traffic to the shopping cart?

    Presumably you have to buy domain names and pay for hosting services. Well I don’t mind that providing the costs are well covered by the revenue from the sites.

    I would appreciate any comments from users.

    Here’s hoping,

  4. We buy a product because we know the brand, someone we trust advised us to buy it or we know the author of the product delivers good quality. Adeel Chowdhry is known to over deliver in his products and that’s why he became No1 top seller in Clickbank. His products solds for millions of dollars and he has helped thousand of people make money online. Yet what might work for someone may not work for anyone. The internet millionaires we hear about today have passed through some tough moments i life just like us now but finally they made it. Why? because they did not give up. They stayed motivated and inspired on top of their business patience is the key. However, I bought a lot of products and services and I was thinking that I am loosing my money but I figured that any good product that I buy I my knowledge and experience increases even if I did not achieve success from that product. Just like academic education, the more you learn and get involved the more you have knowledge and be qualified.

  5. Wouldnt it be nice to trust someone,,,,that what they are selling will actually work?
    i just want 500 a day and im prepared to work 8 hrs a day for it but not if its bulldust…
    Im bleeding and prey to god daily for help….someone out there please be legitimate!

  6. Thanks for your reply Lynda, & Ron. Your comments have really helped me out. I purchased only 1 in January
    (Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage, Imran Sadiq), & that did not help me much. So I am very weary of what Softwares out
    there do work. Warrior Forum gives great feddback on these AMS Products.
    I have heard of other legitimate Affiliate Marketing Softwares that do work (Google Sniper 2.0, George Brown)
    (Deadbeat Super Affiliate, Dan Brock) (Push Button Money, Aaron Darko). But I am still struggling financially, & I
    am waiting till I have enough money & proof from purchasers before I decide to purchasing the authentic AMS
    that works for me.

  7. David, Linda, Ron and everyone else:

    I am onboard with the thought of not paying for another software that promises the private jet, limo and cheesy
    chic. I have been an affiliate marketer for close to a year and have a spent 1000 dollars on the pie in the sky.
    This software over does it and no one can confirm if this really works. Who is hosting this, how does the traffic arrive??? I believe in not giving up, but I will be damned if I use my plastic again. Groceries come before

  8. James Denzel is quite a character. He had me almost falling out of my chair with fits of laughter. I liked his approach and he did well with his presentation. Well I must say he did so very well in his presentation that he sold me into it. I invested into ClickCashGo this afternoon. Im quite new at affliliate marketing and learning all this jargon and language. Got into my members page, nothing wowish about the page considering. Was expecting abit more than that. On opening your member page James is on again and in this spiel he is giving you a bigger challenge. You need to have the plug in that explodes your marketing (but hey I thought I already brought it).Oh wow here we go. Have to spend more money. Honestly why arent these guys on their websites up front right from the start. Honesty is always the best policy. I just bypassed and clicked to the next step. On the first link you are told you get a website created for you for free but you need a domain and hostpage so click on this link. It then takes you into Brainhost. Got into Brainhost and had to purchase what I thought was just paying for the domain and hosting for (US 14.95) but when I clicked submit, to my shock horror an unexpected $166 NZ (about USD 120) for the unlimited pack. I couldnt believe my eyes.So now Im sending an email to Brainhost where did unlimited pack come from and what is it. Im now trying to get a refund of that money. Geez what a good start. Not! So just be careful on that. In the training videos a man called John (now he sounds like a more mature man) and he makes the site sound more genuine and not so robotic. He gives an ok tutorial but keeps knocking the microphone and sniffing and it sounded like he had asthma there for abit. I think he gives me more hope so far than James Denzel. Where is James Denzel and his money now. The very thing that needs his money is how well his tutorials are done. The inside is not at all professional as the initial approach. Im quite frustrated. Im heading off to bed and tomorrow I will install the program from Johns tutorial… I will keep you posted and let you know how Im going with it. It will be slow going remember Im only a new marketer. I could be ready to start making money tomorrow or the worst possible scenario trying to get refund. But Im not ready to quit yet. Ive got a good feeling about this and I want to give it a go. Will let you know my progress.

  9. Hi Guys,

    Glad to have found this site. With real people and experiences like myself.

    Like all you guys i have been trying at this for over 2 years now. And i do have and external drive stuffed full of purchased eBook, program or software to prove it.

    One thing that i have come to realize is, for every hot new Clickbank release (that everyone and there grandma get to hear of), there is 2 aspects to it.
    1) The Product being released
    2) The marketing engine behind it

    We all have to admit this guys are very good at marketing, with is what drives the success for the product. In all cases they oversell the product ===> as the one stop solution to our Internet Marketing problem <==. Why do they do that?… I guess they have to press as many emotional buttons in order to increase conversions. And that is the reason we believe, buy the product and hope that this is it.

    The reality is there is not magic solution. At best the product if legit will solve an aspect of our internet marketing problems.

    We have to be realistic the Internet Marketing process is a complex beast and one product (or product provider) does not exist.

    I support "Net User Reviews" statement above..for every good product I’ve purchased my knowledge have increased, and some have given me results.

    Remember you have to be in the game to win it. Don’t buy any every product out there. Establish what you need. Look for a good solution, with good and real reviews (reputation) and commit to implementing.

    I wish us all the best on our journey and please don't give up there is real success out there.


  10. This is just another pie in the sky. The guy’s video looks too persuasive, and those figures he showed are were photoshoped and he is too rude.

    I have bought the software and watch the installation video, I can tell you that the output is ok but…. wether it would actually make money is what I need to affirm.

  11. I think that this is another scam. Have you read this at the bottom of the page. “”Statistics show that 99.9% of people purchasing this system will see no results and this may be likely to be the case with you also”” it says so at the bottom of the page. you should also know that there is a lot of free info on the internet about how to be an affiliate marketer but as they said it takes a lot of work but with time you will get better at it and start making money more easily. Sometimes you do have to invest a little bit but not too much. just invest time. Hope this helps.

  12. well here goes, the tutor is very hard to get to grips with as he goes back and forwards sometimes completely loosing me, frustrating because the product sounds and with all its intentions looks great.
    if they could have this software instruction re voiced all would be great.
    there are some points when the guys voice is obliterated by him hitting or trying to eat the microphone.some of the videos are soft and very quiet then hey watch out the next one comes screaming at you. in total the tutor presentation is substandard and please don’t try to get a job as a news reader cos we would be getting sport news for the weather forecast.
    this should have been proof read like a book, as it does not go hand in glove with the fantastic sales page.
    sorry i am now too frustrated to even try to use the software. good luck…

  13. Well, I just went 13 pages deep in Google to find out more about James Denzel to see if he has a track record of any kind in IM. The only reference to him in about 130 entries referred only to Go Click Cash. So, for a guy who claims to make over 8mil a year with internet marketing, that should be a HUGE red flag from the start.

    Second, this type of negative sell is just disgusting to me. I have been in sales and marketing for over 30 years and anytime I have seen this used it is done to intimidate rather than persuade. If for no other reason I hope this fails BIG because I want to see this kind of marketing pulled from our industry. It puts a slime patina on IM and if this product can’t be sold on it’s merits there is a problem with it.

    The other thing I am tired of are sales pitches where you have no idea what you are really buying. Since Clickbank offers a refund option, way too many sales pitches hinge on buyers acting on faith rather than facts. When was the last time you bought something sight unseen with no detailed description of the item just because someone said you were stupid if you didn’t?

    I have purchased from Adeel on several occassions and although the products did not produce the hoped for results I never doubted his sincerity. Now I have to question that. Why would he allow his name to be associated with a carnival barker who insults the crowd as his primary sales tactic?

    Having read the above comments, all I can say is if this product is all about building a web site or having one built for you, you will waste your time and money. Unless you know how to do all of the things required to get a site ranked high in Google, you can build sites for the rest of your life and never see a dime.

    This has sleaze and high refund rates written all over it.

  14. Below is a copy of the disclaimer on the bottom of the main index page for Go Click Cash website. By there own admission only 1 in 1000 will see any results fro the purchase of this product. I’m willing to bet there will be a lot of refunds being asked for and I for one wouldn’t buy it yet alone promote it. I can’t rate all 4 areas as I’m not buying it but I’d rate the value at “0”. 1 in 1000 showing some results, not real impressive.

    *Results vary, and as with any money-making opportunity, you could make more or less. Success in any money-making opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. Statistics show that 99.9% of people purchasing this system will see no results and this may be likely to be the case with you also. Returns and refunds policy: as stated, if you purchase Go Click Cash, and you do not enjoy the financial freedom that you expected, do not make as much from our methods as you expected, or indeed for any reason, you may claim a refund for the product within 30 days of purchase. On a sidenote we do ask you to put the techniques into use before requesting a refund, for both our benefit: however, our refund policy is unconditional and this is a suggestion, not a requirement. We are aware that some buyers will not achieve their personal goals despite our best efforts to the contrary, and we stand by our refund policy as such. Please forward your receipt number (given to you when you ordered) to us via our help desk and we will action your refund request as quickly as possible, typically within 24 hours.

  15. heloo guys and gals
    ive been doing this affilliate marketing for some time and i have discovered one thing over and over again and yes ive bought into these programs
    the principle seems to be that you need to somehow promote some website or product
    to get comission from sales
    so there are a lot of so called experts out there that give idea that there is a secret formula
    there is not
    there is a way but ive not found it yet
    and these so called magic programs
    dont really work but these gurus or whatever you want to call them get commissions from these programs they manage to sell
    forget about it

  16. I just went to the order page and here is another red flag on this product. The product is offered through Plimus, an OK affiliate company, but harder to navigate to get a refund from than Clickbank. While Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee, the refund period for Plimus is 30 days. That indicates that the publisher expects a high refund request rate. Another interesting thing about this is that the publisher states that you need to contact them to get a refund. Don’t be duped. If you contact the publisher you will likely get a runaround to the point where they hope you will go away. If you bought this program and want a refund, contact Plimus directly and request a refund and you won’t be hassled, harrassed or talked into some special “deal” so they can keep your money. I don’t fault any company for trying to “save” a sale. But everytime I have been put in the position of contacting the publisher for a refund with one of these programs I am never sure if they will really follow through with my request (plus, putting up with 3 variations of a sales pitch I don’t want to hear).

    For anyone who is interested, the upsells here would cost you almost $600. Don’t do it. If the product does not stand alone there is not enough value received to even consider this IM program. On the other hand, if you like the program and want the added modules the “once in a lifetime chance” to buy the upsells will still be there after you click “no thanks”. Try the core program first and if it worthless all the extra modules in the world won’t make it any better.

  17. Mark,

    To make this work you will need hosting and a domain name. I don’t know if the publisher offers hosting, but if they do you will probably pay a monthly fee to them for it. Plus, good luck moving your site somewhere else if you want to later on. You can expect to pay at least $50 for an annual no frills hosting account – but you’ll need to shop around to find it at this price, and about $10 for a domain name. You can do month to month hosting but this will cost you around $10/month, so it will hit your bank account every month unless you cancel.

  18. The Best Way to Make Money Without Spending Money and Time is to Have the KNOWLEDGE!
    I worked my butt off for two years before I made my first sale online. Two years of trial and error, late nights and too much coffee. Making money online is not easy. To set up your business in the Internet marketing world, you need to have the knowledge and the ways and means to go along with to sell your products.
    Know that 99% of money making websites and information products are scams, and real money-making recipes need real authority.

  19. I rate this along with the other products that I have seen. Probably serve somebody well, just not anybody trying to make money USING it. You can make money SELLING it but don’t expect great results using it. As with most products, in MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, the money is in reselling the product to other people who fall for the hype, not in actually using the product. I’ve been at this since 2002. I’ve spent lots of money, lots of time and learned a lot along the way. We all know there is no “get rich quick” but we are optimistic in hoping that somebody has a legitimate product we can pay them for then set out and make some money on.

    Ever wonder why so much energy is spent on “splashpage” development? Because if they don’t make you feel desparate enough, you wouldn’t consider buying what your mind is telling you won’t work. You KNOW when you look in the mirror that this is hype but the sales pitch, the numbers, bank accounts, pictures of cars, affronts to you being the only one who doesn’t have this or that like there is something wrong with YOU because you don’t. You wouldn’t tolerate this in your “real life” so why tolerate it online.

    I gave up on the whole “guru” thing. I decided to go it on my own. Am I rich? NO. Ain’t gonna lie to you. I have affiliate agreements with most of the big names out there to resell products, information and hosting packages but I found this truth: If what you are trying to do is not your passion, don’t spend money on it because odds are it will fail. You have to have the passion to overcome the failures and keep pushing until you reach a level of success. Follow your first mind. Follow your passion. You have to like what you are going to be doing. It’s going to take time monitoring and maintaining as well as continuously learning what’s new and modifying your business plan to keep up with the internet.

    Here’s MY VIEW of things: you need a domain name. you need a hosting package. you need products. you need website traffic. you need time to make it work. you need patience and if you so happen to get LUCKY and start making gobs of money upfront, then so be it. If not, be willing to modify your products, be passionate and patient and hang in there.

    Remember, this is ALL JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION. You make up your own mind. This is just from MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and you might just do much better and I will be happy for you if you do. I’m on my own path. I can tell you how I get traffic to my websites. You can go look at my websites. I’m a real person who has tried many of the “gurus” teachings and products which lead me to where I am today.

    PainCornerStore (one word no spaces) or ChronicPainHero (one word no spaces) or BestCornerStore (one word no spaces) Look any of those up on GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING or any other Search Engine. That’s three of my main sites. I have more plus blogs, plus articles, plus, plus, plus… ha ha ha If I can help you, please let me know BEFORE you spend thousands of dollars trying to make it in the world of MLM Internet Marketing. You can legitimately make money working from home and that’s no pipe dream.

    Take care and good luck. Some of you will buy this product and a few might actuall make money using it. After today you will be able to say that you got some information online that you can actually use AND YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. You’re welcome. It’s been my pleasure. I hope I helped somebody.

    V.Holland a.k.a PainCornerStore a.k.a. ChronicPainHero

  20. Debbie back again…See my recent post. Woke up to an email from Brainhost to say I had paid for a 2 year digital parking space USD 130. I havent even got my website set up yet or installed the the CCG program with fear that every step I take Im going to have to pay more money. So far I have just barely made it to step 2 of the process and I have forked out USD47 for becoming a member, then USD 14.95 for domain name for a year, then USD 130 for the digital parking space. The plugins cost USD 180 about which I cant buy. What next. I wanted to go further but Im too discouraged to now. I live way down under in New Zealand and we have very innovative technicians and webdesigners here who will sure to help me set up a program for much less. I think I will learn alot more the slightly longish way around plus pay with our dollar for US products drains our resources faster. Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing I guess.. watch this space.

  21. I did some research on Go Click Cash before I made my purchase. It was easy to find some negative comments but I also found some positive comments as well. The positive comments seemed to offset the negatives so I made the purchase. It was then that the redirects to other vendors began and I went back to review the presentation to make sure and found nothing was stated about these other vendors. On each referral I did some research. Brain Host seems to be somewhat reputable but just like others above they added things to my purchase that I did not authorize. If you are really aggressive they will work with you to refund your purchase. I had to send them their own advertisement off their website stating a 30 day “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” refund policy. Then the tutorial brought up ClickBank. When I researched ClickBank it was very difficult to find any positive statements at all. Many people complained of continuous fees being assessed and funds not being sent out after requests for them had been made. What got my attention was references to ClickBank being investigated in several states for fraud. Let me say right here that I could not find any actual cases having been filed or any case numbers or action being taken. I contacted Go Click Cash and they insisted that I had to do business with ClickBank. I considered this to be far too risky so I set about getting a refund from everyone that had charged me. To my surprise the fees had mounted up to over $800.00 which is a big difference from the original $47.00 stated in the beginning. However, I had agreed to most of those charges (there was this $206.00 charge from Brain Host that I had not authorized nor did I receive an E-Receipt for the charge). During this process I downloaded the Go Click Cash’s Terms and Conditions policies. In that document you will find some very interesting statements from James Denzel. In that document he states how hard it is to make money as an affiliate marketer, how long it takes to make a profit, how much patience you must have to begin making any money and many other statements that are in direct opposition to the total sales process. I suggest that anytime you are considering buying something like this that you go and download the fine print edition of their “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” and make your final decision after reading that document. I had done what I thought was substantial due diligence in researching these companies only to find out that all of their “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” documents contained the real story of dealing with them. This was quite a lesson for me. Perhaps this will help others. My suggestion is to run from James Denzel as fast as you can as it is my belief that he is just another “GURU”, you know the guys he warns you to stay away from. You should also be aware that if you are seeking a refund from Go Click Cash you have thirty days from the date of your purchase and you have to send them copies of your E-Receipts before they will even consider your request. They send out these automated responses that make it seem that they are working on your request but you have to be very aggressive to get a refund. I put all of my charges in dispute with my credit card company immediately and contacted my state’s attorney generals office. You may be shocked what you find out there. Beware my friends, BEWARE!!!! By the way by disputing the purchases credit card companies compile a list of suspect companies and many offer forums to voice your opinion of these companies. I found out that Go Click Cash and Brain Host feared this processed and it helped me get them motivated in working with me.

  22. I wish to respond to Debbie: I have just been ripped off for about $115 by brainhost they charged me for nothing as I couldn’t get my original purchase submitted (I was promised a free website with all the trimmings but with a deadline) I lost the website due to brainhost’s inefficiency….also my money but I have lodged a complaint with the state of Ohio (brainhost is located there) and I’m waiting and hoping. BE WARNED brainhost are thieving scamming gits. I WILL NEVER USE THEM. I also opted out of the list of the person who sent me the offer for the “Free website” Nothing is free in this life, even trouble costs money.

    As for the Go Click Cash….I have just finished watching the video (quite entertaining since there’s nothing on TV and fairly convincing but I google everything now and I won’t be buying this since they use brainhost and also I have had so many of this kind of stuff come into my inbox lately, I’m wondering if I’ve annoyed some obscure internet deity and am getting punished for it!!!!!

  23. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if one, JUST ONE , of these so called “limited time”, “Make money”, “get in Quick”, “Traffic generating” software deals worked. It would also be just as refreshing, if not amazing if one of the “heads” on these adds told you ALL of the costs, UPFRONT, instead of getting you in and then redirecting you to other avenues of extracting money out of you in order for the damn thing to work. Being caught a while ago with something very similar to this, i was kinda wary, too flashy for my liking, the alarm bells started to go off fairly early into the spiel.

    The fine print at the bottom regarding to 99% of those who download it will most likely not get results, well…that covers their ass dont it?..I think he comes across as a failed used car saleman, and if it was someone that you met on a train, you would change seats, made my skin crawl, a bit of a slimey approach to marketing any product, if they were going for the reverse psychology side of things working…failed.

    The golden rule is..there is nothing in this world for FREE…believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see, and in this case…nothing of what you see…..i got a laugh out of the bit where he says “heres proof”..of the money that can be made……being the car, the jet, house, etc etc….oh please….that could belong to anyone,,,,after all , it is an add,,,,very unlikely that he would be sitting on a crate in a rail tunnel, with the arse out of his shorts trying to sell something.

    Another thing that has always fasinated me is, if you do purchase anything along the lines of these type of products, the money leaves your account….NOW…and if you want a refund…it can take 30 to 60 days, sometimes longer if at all, to be returned, and mostly not without some sort of aggravation or fight. The reason for this, and this is only my opinion, but a thought occured to me…if you had to give someone a refund and could not get out of it…then you have made..NO SALE….however, you have still had that money for a period of time, EARNING INTEREST. Food for thought.
    And…. Vicki.. I think that i have annoyed the same internet deity as well…..seems to be an influx of them lately.

    If there was one bit of truth in it , well this is it, YES..it does make money,,,,,,FOR THEM!

    And what I have found in a lot of cases….it just seems that most of these sort of schemes are not really based on an honest living, they are just teaching others to scam others, just a chain reaction. Sorry if I sound to be a little too cynical, but I worked out a long time ago, my name is not Cinderella, there is no fairy godmother, you are not going to the ball, and the housework is still there…….and if you want to make something work..it takes, time, hard work, a lot of thought and drive and no one is going to give it to you, not even for $47.00.

    Someone should work on a software program to weasle out all the scum that are out there doing thier best to rip off those hard earned dollars out of folks that are just trying to make a better life for themselves and thier families, the spam bin on the email box is not effective enough.

  24. If this system is anything to do with Brain Host do not touch it…I opted into another programme the same as this which you need to buy endless plug ins for and the websites they provide you with are very basic and NO traffic got through to the site from the programme that I was using. Brain Host also took four unauthorised payments which I am trying to get refunded at present. I am not sure whether Go Click Cash is any different but I have found that these automated website deals are not what they seem to be and with a little bit of work and learning you could set up your own site which does the same for less cost by using a wordpress template and a host like gator etc…

  25. simply get a full refund, i have also checked out this so called cool dude and he is illusive as the scarlet pimpernell.??????
    would you buy a used car from this guy???
    go to universal studios check out computer generated graphics, hey presto you can be anywhere any time you want to be in the world. its as easy as clicking a mouse three times ~~~@@@ sorry some one has already used that saying.

  26. Pleaee do not buy this product. It is a program that physically does not work. I have 10 open tickets to support and not one has been answer for over 49 hours. The software has a severe log in problem. The origianl version 1.0 work to allow you to install the program, but it would not excecute from the log in screen. The say that they some how mixed up the password. I not sure they know what they did because the realease version 2.0 and now have it all screwed up. Yet the support people say the software is working. I like to know what they are smoking because after my fustration with this product I need to be smoking something. Remember don’t be a chump like me, and dont buy this.

  27. Thank all previous contributors. It is wonderful to find an upfront and personal account of how $47 can mushroom to $800 and then hassle all invovled for a refund. Thank you again. I am currently involved in one of the more rsiky endeavors as a FOREX Trader. Wish me luck as I approach it froma conservative stance and contact me if you would like to see how it is doing.

  28. A warning against Brainhost or as I call them BRAINDEAD
    I purchased a product and got the free web site a $1995.00 value, I have a Corvette and wanted to set up a Corvette blog, I gave them the info and guess what, the posted pictures of a Dodge Viper and Honda and Toyota vehicles DUH.
    Anytime I see a program that uses BRAINDEAD, i run for the hills

    As of late (Wed. evening) 05/18/11- Purchasers of the Go Click Cash software were asked to delete the software from their hosting accounts and upload the “NEW” 2.0 version. In essence, to completely start over again…I bought this product 3 days ago and as yet have been unable to utilize it. Supposedly the “glitches” have been worked out with the “new” 2.0 version.
    I’m currently testing that claim now…I will continue to update.
    Read the review I posted 05/18/11

  30. OMG!!
    Thanks to all who have posted on this product. I just finished watching the GoClick Cash self-hypnosis video and thankfully my money making left brain elbowed my right instinctive brain and said RUN QUICKLY and find some comments from others who tried the product. I highly expected all the hidden costs for this program. I suppose I am beginning to learn at last!
    I will still pursue on-line marketing but not with this product.

  31. Ditto for Gail, I have been trying to get going online, but it seems like every time I find the wave, it just passed. I am working with Profit Siege, and it appears to be pretty complete, the forum is good, there are some things he says that are really good, and I finally pushed all of the distractions away, and am seeing progress with what i am doing.

  32. I purchased this product and like others was vastly disappointed with the “trainer”. It seemed to me that the trainer themselves didn’t know what they were doing. As a result they make lots of mistakes, go back and forward, and not to mention the accent! I have a very hard time understanding this specific accent and cannot recommend the product because of it.

    I’ve asked for a refund from the Support Department. I’m sure the product could work for a while, but with Google’s new algorithm to get rid of “push button sites”, how does this stay safe? James Denzel says he will send you monthly content – 10 articles…. but I read they sold 5,000 copies of this program. If everyone puts up one site, then Google is going to see 5,000 sites with the same 5,000 articles. It will punish all sites except for the first to post the content (likely James Denzel’s personal sites).

    Personally, I’m going to stick to the slow and steady method that Sean Donahoe recently published. “Extreme Niche Empire”. I was hoping to accomplish the same thing in a fraction of the time with this push button system, but I frankly don’t think it’ll happen.

    Here’s to hoping and praying I get a refund. 🙂

  33. I bought product out of wishful thinking. So far, I still got it at $37 which is if you try to click away from page, it will offer you $10 off. But they still bash $37 products? Anyway, I think all marketers have one thing in common and that one thing is to make their money out of selling you a make money program.

  34. Well here I am again, I was the second poster above. I have tried Brainhost too, got scammed for about $199 for which I thought I was investing $47. To me any business that takes more than agreed should be OUT of business, right? Thankfully I got a refund. Then there was “my creative site design” the deal is you’re getting a $1997 website for your $47, and I did this, it is still active, http://www.siamesecatcare.com .. go check it, it is dismal to say the best about it. So I am not going near anything to do with “my creative site design” again.

    I just found godaddy.com, they have five page websites from a low $17 for three months,that includes hosting and buying the domain, they even gave me a discount…. I just paid, and set it up.. as I said, total cost $17 for three months of hosting. You can then get an “add on” for not much more that will add you to all the usual google, bing, yahoo etc.

    I still think this is the best option. Set yourself up, do not pay someone else to do it for you, godaddy has very easy to follow instructions, and heaps of templates to use. Then look around for something like “google sniper” that you can try for 3 days for only $1, so that sounds good, I’m thinking of doing that, it is apparently quite good from all the hype I’m reading from google searches.

    I did a lot of research on “micro niche formula” also, they explain how most google searches now consist of over 5 words, so instead of a one word search like “dog” they say people do five words or more like “how do I stop my dog barking”. This 7 word phrase is called a “micro niche” whereby you use that as a domain name, which would be like “www.howdoIstopmydogbarking.com” for example. If you use a micro niche with godaddy, I cannot see how you will fail….

    Hope this helps.. anyone else care to add what MAY work, instead of saying what doesn’t????


  35. Hi again. i see the reviews are starting to pile up. Good. I havent yet received my email from Brainhost to confirm my refund. I finally received a welcome to GCC from James Denzel seconds after I emailed for a refund. My welcome email. The order of how they do things is like the cart before the horse. Have also sent an email to BrainHost to tell them that reviews are piling up on the net about their tactices and what are they going to do about their reputation. That was yesterday. No reply yet.

  36. Listen… Stop being so naive already will ya!
    James Denzel is an actor. He doesn’t really exist!
    The creator of this product is Adeel Chowdhry.

    If he really made that kind of money he wouldn’t need to sell his “secret sauce” for $47
    and he could afford a real video crew instead of that RIDICULOUS mic on his neck.

    PLUS… if he has a secret software that drives all this traffic… he wouldn’t need to make
    a page like the one below with a contest for other marketers to DRIVE TRAFFIC TO HIS SALES PAGE:

    The money on these bullshit launches is made on the upsells and cross sells once you get inside.
    Honestly… it amazes me that people are actually stupid enough to fall for this CRAP.

    No go get a refund and do some research. Find a REAL mentor with a good track record.
    Wake up.

  37. Well everyone… it might take a day or so to get any response from GCC or Brainhost so Ive taken a look at my site and it doesnt look too bad. Im figuring well we have a 60 day money back guarantee I will give it a couple of weeks at least and take it as far as I can. My Creative Designs has emailed instructions of what to do next. Signed up to Google adsense and checking out Sitebuilder part of the package I guess we got billed for that we didnt know initially about. Also James Denzel has sent an email with a link of the new training version. I cant go backward so Ill just keep moving forward…

  38. LOL anyone ask yourself this? if these guys are so rich and own all this mansions and cards and private jets, do you really think they would waste their time showing you how they did it? lol serious now, wake the heck up people. ALL these money making schemes are just that, an up-sell for you to buy more with minimal results. wow 17 years on the internet and i thought ive seen it all until now…LOL

  39. Listen guys first I just wanted to say thanks to all of yous for saving me $800

    Like yous I’m sick of these cun*s I would love to bombard who ever we must to get these people banned from Google & all major search engines. “especially this brainhost” but then I say to myself what good would it do they will simply shut up shop & reopen it tomorrow under a different name!

    So how else can we hurt them just like they’ve hurt us? It’s only fair we return the favor don’t you think.

    Let’s make a stand on this!

  40. Thanks guys for the comments, I was about to buy, but not now.
    I already have hosting and domains and I don’t need another one.
    This guy is making his money selling hosting not so much from his $49.00 product.

  41. Hi everyone, I am also quite new to the online business game and like many of you I have tried many of these push-button packages and have yet to find one that even installs correctly.
    I initially had high hopes but whatever way I install the software I am unable to log in to my site I keep getting error step2-2 message and with no response from support(?) it seems like I’ve been suckered again.

  42. Hi everyone. I did not purchase this product. But I did waiste my time watching the video! This guy is something else! No, he did not hurt my feeling or offend me. I thought he was very entertaining. I also know there is no majic software to make you tons of money on the internet. I make money online but I don’t make millions and I don’t have a private jet.
    It takes work to make money online. You need a website. You need your own hosting. and You need a auto responder to make money. $47.00 software is not going to make you rich, that’s why it’s $47.00. Then when you leave the page it’s drops Ten Dollars because there begging you.
    Making money is a process! It takes some basic skills, very easy to learn!
    Don’t be scammed by people who call you names and call you a looser then beggs you to buy there products!
    Some software can make your job less compicated but nothing is going to do the work for you.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend and hope your ventures are all successful!
    Stacy Slagle

  43. I see some body actually got a refund from braindead….er brainhost. Will somebody post how they managed that feat? I have just got a letter from my credit card company telling me that due to the fine print (highlighted) they DO NOT have to refund my money.
    They tell me to go to small claims court. The thieving morons are in Ohio and I’m in Canada. I’m going to spend more money to get my $115 back? Anyway I’d appreciate any help on how I might get my money back. Thanks.

  44. hi,

    i was looking for any good reviews for GCC but it seems not worthy from what I read here.

    Anyway I saw many here are pissed off with brainhost… just an info I bought many of this softwares(refunded many) and most of them has this “As a gift well be giving you a $1995 website for free with each of them saying they had made a deal with brainhost etc. the first time i saw this i was almost inclined to get but realize it was just an extra and i dont need a hosting account.

    Well after seeing this free website offers from different products, i realize that this is a marketing strategies for brainhost and this product owners are just in it for the commission besides there main product.. brainhost is a different entity with them but maybe they will get high compensation for this.

    As an advice disregard this free website offers evertime as they really look the same so you will recognize it at once.try the product you purchased if you don’t like it then refund it..

    with go click cash, the video is so exaggerated in terms of the house car and lifestyle…I guess this is part of the strategy.just think of it , if you were that rich would you share how you did it?I will not discuss it and maybe still improve it as it would just be copied and pirates would get a hold of it. If had made a sofware like this i would not offer it so small market but offer it to big companies and offer my services for internet marketin right.

    Wel thats my opinion…

  45. I feel really stupid, the company i was working for just closed and i have well i had about $100 dollars to my name, i believed this james denzel guy and i paid $47.00 for software that i havent received. All i received was a folder with all these files that i couldnt understand unless i went to school for website design. WTHell happened to ” e do it all for you autiomatically” total bs, now im really broke and i had high hopes for this. WHAT A SCAM!

  46. For Deneka Davis,

    For anyone who is having an issue with getting a refund for this or any other product ordered through Plimus within 30 days of purchase (Go Click Cash is sold through Plimus) , you may contact Plimus directly at the following phone numbers.

    Tel: +1 (866) 312-7733 General & Support
    Tel: +1 (866) 475-4687

    Be prepared to explain what the problem is with your purchase and have your order number (from your email receipt) and the email address you used when you ordered handy, but realize that their stated policy is that any product purchased through them may be refunded unconditionally within 30 days of purchase.

    Hope this helps,

  47. Hi Deneka, I’m so sorry to hear you got scammed, however be thankful that you didn’t get too far with it and got royally screwed by brainhost. I google everything now a days as there are a lot of rip off artists out there.

    One thing I can tell you for sure is: if they want to give you a FREE “done for you website” or words to that effect, RUN in the opposite direction as fast as you can as more than likely it will be those thieves brainhost.

    We have to stop being lazy and do the work check everything for veracity before we even take out our credit cards.

  48. I have mixed reviews about this product. Tempted to purchase, I have not because I am currently trying to implement two other cash pulling systems that require additional “domain/hosting” dollars out of pocket. Both appear to be the same software as this one. Both by highly successful marketers. Like this one, they promise EASY. The ones I have are easy. But, of coarse, each one recommends “different” domain and hosting services.
    (One does offer free domain/hosting, which is great for learning how this all works).

    From what I am reading, this one offers yet another different host recommended! Although it is a great idea not to host too many sites at the same place…how many accounts do I need to rack up? So I am declining purchase.

    It seems to me from the “hot” products being offered recently with “ready-made” “easy button”, quick websites for affiliate marketers is using the same software with minor alterations per product created.

    I will not bash or call any product a “scam” unless I have truly follow the steps to a tee and the product doesn’t deliver.Therefore, the product should offer and honor their refund policy.

    I agree with others that these are “tools” and I feel must be looked at as “training or an investment”, worst case “lesson learned” about Internet marketing.

  49. so far i’m into my second day, written to them twice with no response. spent around 300.00 and not received there one.two, three software. there is no phone number for goclickcash and no address. that I know of. there is an email address but so far no response. Not looking good so far.

  50. I think he’s just a local actor. The place is on The Columbia River in the Dalles in OR. It’s a resort and you can actually GO there….

  51. Here I am again. I am in Australia for all wishing to know. I just got an email from a “guru” guy I’m getting matey with from the UK, and he has said “anything you have to pay for, do not do it”. This is from a guy who is legitimately making hundreds a month from the internet. He has told me to get on to one of those “cheap web hosting” sites, like I just found “hostbig” and they offer 20 websites for a ridiculously low $33 for a whole year, with the domain names…. you get 20 sites… then you link in all your clickbank or other affiliate links, like they do on facebook etc, and THAT is how you make your money. “My Creative Site Design” is good, but they charge FAR TOO MUCH… considering what you can get elsewhere and make the site yourself.

    I am no guru, I am a basic internet user, and I just made my website for my local busines, which I’ll let you know about… http://www.brisbanesouthcleaning.com .. so if I can design this through “godaddy”, anyone can !! (paid $17 for 3 months hosting, far cheaper than the rorts that are sucking us, right?)

    Look around guys and get your own websites, use a “micro niche” like I’ve explained prior.. when instead of, example, using “dog” which will get 100,000,000,000 google hits, you go for something more “micro” like “how do I stop my dog barking” and then build a site dedicated to that with your affiliate links on it…. so it gets to the top ten pages of google searches… .and stil has about 1000 hits per month… 1% conversion is what you need to remember, one in one hundred to view your site will buy…. so that is ten buys per month…

    I’m learning here… it is a long process… but PLEASE do not buy anything offering internet success…. they only steal your money..

    Also, for a refund.. go to the source.. I went straight to Clickbank for my refund, got it in Australia.. two days…
    Hope that helps…


  52. HI all,
    Like many, I saw the sales copy (and video) and my first thought was to find reviews about Go Click Cash. I find it funny how a lot of these site insult there potential customers first of all, the using emotional triggers whist pleading with you to buy their products with discounts once you click off the main sales page. Then if your lucky (or unlucky) enough to buy, then they try to beat you over the head with stupid up-sells. I have learnt not to believe in the hype, however I guess we all have to realise this it the game we are all trying to get into. Internet Marketing, and learning how to market using emotion response to get people to buy or click on links of affiliate products we are pushing.

    That said, the sales page did tug at my to buy, but my left brain told me to stop!!!!! I am in the process of following Extreme Niche Empires and believe this course is value for money!

  53. Debbie,

    I also bought the product for Go Click Cash, and also invested in the plug ins. Now, what you explained about Brain Host, I have to disagree with, yes they do RECOMMEND getting your domain and hosting from them, but that is because Go Click Cash made a deal with Brain Host that members get a free site, and it dosen’t matter where you go, you always have to pay for your own domain name and hosting package. With that said, yes when you reach brain host, which I might add you have the OPTION of clicking on, you don’t have to host with them, but to get the free web site you do, and it DOES come up with the two year package for hosting, if you so CHOSE. You can pick the one year if you want or month by month, but with thier advice if you read the first video, they tell you that most search engines rank a domain higher that is locked into a longer term hosting package, and whether or not that’s true, it makes sense to me for I have heard that elsewhere, as well as purchasing an older domain which has had traffic in the past, and has been ranked high before is better then getting a new unknown one.

    Also, there are many systems out there, but there is no magic button to press that’s going to make you rich. It is up to the individual in how they utilize the programs they choose to buy, and it is always wise to continue the growth for knowledge in the affiliate field and put what you learn into the programs too.

  54. Hi I have been caught by this before. I got a programe simular to this & then found out i had to get hosting & domaine, Yer brainhost no less. well to cut a long story short I got a refund for the product but when it came to Brainhost i had a bit of a battle but in the end i got most of my money back not all of it. Then i found a programe that i throught was the ansewer & bam i have to get hosting from you know who Brainhost. I E-Mailed support saying i had hosting with histjester & could i use them as i dident see the point of haveing two hosting Acc, after 4 attempts & no reply i gave up. Is there any hope some body out there Help . Paul

  55. All: I purchased the product and actually think with some strategies and hard work — it might work. Having said that, I have asked for and received a refund for all of the GCC products I bought – $300 worth plus $49 month… I contacted Plimus and they immediatley refunded my money with no questions asked. They were fantastic. Brainhost said someone would be contacting me, so we will see what happens there.


  56. To quote Dave above “It is a program that physically does not work. I have 10 open tickets to support and not one has been answer for over 49 hours. The software has a severe log in problem. ” I too am awaiting a response from their support and have waited 72 hours for no response whatsover” It DOES NOT WORK physically, I can install but am unable to log in the the admin area. I have now requested a refund, but having done this for another product (created by the same person) and still waiting 2 months later, I dont hold out much hope. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  57. Dean Holland, pimped this thing to his list as well and didn’t get it and decided to sit back and wait to
    see what happened.

    For some one boasting about his really great software you would thing he would show a screen shot
    of it.

    I’m also sick of these guys like Dean Holland pushing this crap to there list. A bunch of us should start
    banning together and calling them out and sending there emails back to them with not so nice of things.
    They just want our money. They don’t have any intent with helping us to make it. Very damn few anyhow.

  58. I first saw the Go Click Cash video about 9 days ago but didn’t have the spare cash to buy it. But as soon as the money came in I ordered it right away. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS! I paid $47 for it but the upsells that followed were insane. This was the only time I was glad I didn’t have any money to buy more.

    My wife and I spent hours trying to figure out this thing. Couldn’t even figure out the videos. The guy who was explaining the videos had a raspy voice (I call him the “Godfather”) was jumping all over the place and so we totally lost him on the third video.

    The software didn’t work properly despite us spending hours on this thing so we finally gave up with me being at the height of frustration. I have bought many other programs but this one takes the cake for being JUNK!

    Today we called Plimus (866-312-7733) and asked for a refund. The operator was not surprised. She asked, “are you calling for technical support or a refund”. I never heard THAT one before. It’s like she was offering a refund…LOL..

    Final advice: Do not buy Go Click Cash.

  59. I purchased the Go Click Software last Thursday. It’s now Tuesday and still could not get into the FTP Hosting portion of my website to upload the Go Click Software. I have now contacted BrainHost.com and canceled the website and everything else I had to minimally purchase just to get started. I am currently on the phone on hold with Plimus to request a refund (thank you to Jim above who gave their telephone number!) as I sent in a ticket (like the 8th one!) to request a refund.

    This whole program was a problem from the get-go I will admit the first videos you watch to entice you into buying the software were very good. However, you have to decide what you want your website to be about, a passion as they put it. The videos by the man from India really got to me as his voice was so clear you could hear him swallow, and yet his instructions were not! He moved too quickly and you could not pause, or stop, forward or rewind any of them so if you missed something and weren’t on top of your game, you would have to start the entire video over again just to get to that point that you needed. It was awful! I never got past the installation video because I could never get to the FTP Host portion of my website to upload the software.

    Then you received information on Google Ad Sense and had to open an account with them; had to open an account with BrainHost.com and you were receiving emails from everybody that you didn’t even know were apart of what you bought.

    Needless to say, I am receiving my refund from BrainHost.com in 5 to 10 business days minus the domain fee of $14.95. You can keep your website or sell it…whooptie-whoo! And Plimus just told me that they will refund in @5 business days the $47.00. Another gripe I have is that if you did not purchase the software first go-round after watching the “rich” man drive and fly wherever it was he ended up, you were given a $10.00 off coupon. Well, because I had so many pages on my desktop, I did not see that until the 2nd go-round and then I sent in a ticket to the “Help Desk” and asked them to honor the coupon. Do you think they responded? I have never seen such a mess of trying to make money each day and the guy in the video said all you need to do is “click, click, click” and sit back and let the program pull in the money and you don’t have to do anything else. I would have been happy just making $275-$300 each day working on the computer for however long that entailed (which I think just trying to set all of this up, I ended up working 12-14 and still did not have the site working). I wasn’t trying to be greedy; just simply looking for a REAL job without the employer. I guess what they say is true, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”…unfortunately!

    My advice: DO NOT BUY GO CLICK CASH!!!

  60. Big SCAM !
    I bought it using my affiliate link, this “software” is just a PHP SCRIPT that install wordpress and provide some articles and images!!! That’s all

    The seller is using big marketing to sell a wordpress script !!!

  61. This Go Click Cash software was suppose to be an easy install but not so far. Support in 24 hours is basically a lie because so many people are asking for support they cannot keep up. They didn’t expect so many sales, they didn’t expect so many people calling for support so a promising system is quickly becoming a dud.

  62. Has anyone had success with PPC sites? I have been buying software for about a year now and I’m tired os spending my hard eanred money on SCAMS. I just want a site to set up and leave alone.

  63. I cannot use this software , When I try NewProduct to Install in sub directories can not to do it .
    I can wiev Rewiev on the Product when i finish the proces which you explained in your video .
    I have buy Go Click Cash V2.0 . I have hosting from Hostgator. In step 2 / 2 would not appear
    that it is successfully completed and I have to go back , no other way out
    Then I must to close the Tab and I must access again in my page
    Whit Click on My sub directories
    that is what I see EROR 404 PAGE NOT FOUND

    waiting 3 days does not answer anything
    I’ll wait another 2 days
    if not answered by support Go Click Cash
    I will return the product

    Sorry for my English

  64. Hello people..
    making money online is easy but not without effort…
    You search products that other people sell online..(digital products usually)
    you put those products on your site and wait till its sold.. when its sold you get a piece of the pie..(money).
    and they also use google adsense… click and get paid… ppc (pay per click) or ppv (pay per view)…
    so i dont know if this guy is genuine or not… but i know these things work.
    and you must invest more money than just this program… you must pay for domain names and also hosting servers… lets say 1 site is 10 dollars… you need at least 100 sites (100 x 10 dollars) = 1000 dollars + hosting
    so if you have the time and a little money to spend i would say try something like this or else stay in your own world… you will be safe there…

  65. I posted on the 23rd about Go Click Cash and, like everyone else, slammed it. But I must give Plimus a pat on the back. I requested a refund of $47 two days ago and received my refund today.

  66. I bought this product 1 week ago and it set me back nearly $250, i got the content and the gold version as well.
    I spent days trying to install this, but had no luck. So i gave up and asked for a refund through primus. To my surprise, within 1 hour i received a reply from go click cash asking if there was anything they could do to change my mind. They could give me a live phone assistance call to help install this and get it going. I was thrilled to bits. But they would have to shedule it in at least 48 hours. I am still waiting, so if i dont get that call help i will have to ask for a refund. If they do call me, hopefully i can understand how to run the sites and change and ad etc. I just hope this lives up to its word and actually makes money. But it does make you wonder where all the buying traffic comes from so quickly.

  67. I have never receive anything and not even the website which I filled out I am very new to this and was very stupid to have paid all of the amount james ask for which total $528.00 plus the website which was another 255.00 . I am trying to get back my money but I am not getting through. I would apreciate if someone can help me. #1 I am 72 years old and not a great computer expert, but the way that james explain the program I was foul in beliving that it was a simple thing I now regret having fall for this program.

  68. I rate this program a big FAT ZERO. I am not a novice. This program will not even install correctly. Brain host is nothing more than a renter from blue host. They don Not even have a full cpanel. Who uses an ftp program any more. Blue host has its own ftp in the c panel.

    The guy teaching the video is so unorganized. Have you ever heard of VIDEO EDITING TO FIX all of your mistakes?

    I tried to install and I get cannot find theme. So I manually extracted the theme and then it says cannot find main picture.

    I tried blue host and brain host. I know blue host is great. I have 7 sites with them and they are only two hours away in provo utah.

    products by Adeel Chowdhry and James Denzel, NEVER AGAIN! WATCH OUT!

  69. Hey everyone. I think we better start now on getting our refunds back before GCC does a hike unless Plimus takes the full responsibility of footing the bill. And what is going on there. Why doesnt Plimus make the people who set up this program accountable or pull out of the agreement. I finally got a bite from BrainHost. They tried to persuade me to stay by offerring other payment options but I said I wanted a refund. Its been two days now so expecting an email from them at least today. Every now and then I will pop back into the GCC site to see if the program has improved but its a waste of time. Shouldnt they send an email to say that they have improved the program. No emails at all. Wow Carmen thats alot of money to invest but so far we have had some success from other joiners getting it back. We are only on one site and there are quite a few other reviews on other sites. Id say theres a significant number of us doing the same thing. The poor customer service agents. I bet their phones are hot hot. I have sent out a few tickets to the support team at GCC and no response and trying to contact Plimus as well for a refund.

  70. Greetings to All! I am glad that I came to this site to check out this program after watching that “extravagant” video by James Denzel. I have been trying to learn IM and searching for that “golden nugget” that promises thousands instantly for over a year. I have purchased many programs, refunded some but also paid quite a sum for monthly fees without making a cent, but at least now I first check the 3 review sites that I have come to believe have truthful reviews and this site is the first one I usually check. I am thankful that I did not buy this product after learning all the troubles that many of you have with the refunds and especially with the Brain Host. I had come across them several times but fortunately did not decide to let My Creative Site Design build a website for me and spared myself all this fuss and agravation and expense. Prior to coming across Go Click Cash, I received the sales pitch regarding a Software product launched May 25th – Commission Predators by Chris Fox. This product sounds very promising-has 3 softwares- keyword research software, content creation software and traffic generation software; has a Word Press Theme and offers Affiliate Marketing Training. It supposedly “makes niche websites” and “drives targeted traffic”and costs $47 only. Sounds very promising, but so far I could not find a “reliable” review- several commentators on Warrior Forum were not very encouraging. In conclusion, my left brain will agree with the commentator who stated that the best thing is to try to learn basic SEO,etc. and I think the Extreme Niche Empires is a good place to start and stop trying to find the “golden nugget” that promises thousands of dollars at a click of the mouse. Good luck to all of us.

  71. I experienced exactly the same issue as Debbie and I did give them a lot of chance to fix my issues. I was promised a phone call but they never called me. I requested refund and got it. For those of you, who were thinking of getting a refund, just go right ahead as it does take some time for you to get refund from plimus inlike clickbank. So, don’t waste your time with this. Thanks.

    PS: Also, note that the program has a 30 day guarantee, not a 60 day like CB. So, get your refunds fast.

  72. i have tried over the past week now to get my refund and guess what they are not replying even to pay pal, that speaks very loud words to me. Leave this type of trash where it belongs. and DO NOT under any circumstances get involved with anything to do With the associated names to this garbage.

    products by Adeel Chowdhry and James Denzel .

    also if having problems contact the F.T.C. federal trade commission, they do shut scammers and falsley promoted sites down once and for all.
    then contact your credit card company they will also get your refund back from pay pal, no questions asked.
    then pay pal will close the account on them if not done already.
    there is no where for them to hide not even with computer generated background images.

    good luck with your claims.
    and remember no more from these two :-Adeel Chowdhry and James Denzel .
    they get internet marketers a bad name.

  73. I am getting the screws right to me. After opening the program, I could see right away I’d been nabbed. It looks like every other thing every out and like someone said above, I already have hosting and domains, but none of these ever work with my hosting (that is PAID for already). So….in their ‘TERMS AND CONDITIONS’ it says promptly refunded within 24 hours….HA….it took three days, no response. I resubmitted then got two offers to make it right, offer assistance, then 50% off. I said…no, I’d just like a refund (7 days later) and they refuse to respond. I’m so livid right now and of course, there’s no way to reach anyone or do anything. It’s not the $47 that I need as much as the principal of the thing.

  74. Hey everyone, last night I almost pulled that last remaining credit card out to buy this because I was sold on what was being said and yes he is correct about a lot of things-in general “affiliate marketing.”
    What I liked: Is there is no monthly fee (except up sales if you want)-A $10 discount if you try and click off his page which brings the cost to $37.- should be a good product and I say that because I have spent the last 9 months learning the “platforms” of click bank, and the others he talks about. So I can see the light through all of this and it’s not all crap. If your really listen to him, yes he’s arrogant but truthful when he states that you too can make a revenue in 6 months to 1.5 years if you do it yourself, because it takes that long for the “Google crawlers” to (Bring enough revenue Mass traffic) notice your site and review it, if it is relevant to what is being search for like “Healthy Foods.”
    I believe what he is offering the marketers is a short-cut to building web pages to promote a product and provide Info (review on products) and promote, mainly he has done all the “Configurations” (Pointing you in the right direction for cash) for you. therefore you would be left with choices of placing banners, choosing physical products (Commission Junction) or Digital product info. from Click bank and doing other sales methods
    I have no doubt he has made an insane amount of money because I to look at the world as one big ATM because people want information and reviews.and the convenience of buying online and you just need to tape into to that with Keyword research (that’s where the free traffic is)
    Did you here what I said ?:
    Everyone wants to make easy for all; the reason why I see this through different eyes is that I have a foundation of Knowledge and tools to build what he is offering.
    Thoughts=====> I might try it out because you always want a faster way to build more sites. You don’t want to have to take the time to build sales capture pages which then take you to an offer. He talks about CB, Ad sense,Amazon; all these are multiple streams of income and you get paid some in 30 days to 60 days and longer.
    I think the most important thing is to get hosting which is about $80 a year and you can build as many pages and promotions as you want. A hosted URL search would look like this: http://www.healthyfoods.com,net,org (3 most popular) and a sub hosted account would look like: http://www.healtyfoods.wordpress.com,net,org=====>see the difference. The bottom line here is that with a hosted account ===>your able to market anything from any affiliate offers. Starting with “healthfoods” and your own Hosted account===>Keyword research through Google adwords will help you free, this is about 90% of what you really do. because your providing a need for what people are searching for.
    Then during your research of healthyfoods (Example)===> the breakdown would be to find the top 10 keywords being search for Globally, The 1st keyword phrase should be the most searched for in that niche` for example “healthyfoods.com” (buy that domain name) and the other 9 highly searched words buy those so you will have 10 pages for that niche`(do you understand that all your traffic will come to these sites all offering the same whatever, but you’ve branched out to capture all the top searches.
    “Configurations” are the tech things and criteria done for you here……So us Online Marketers would consider this a Tool to be used, but I still think you have to have a decent foundation on keyword research,how to build sites,headers, and so on. Read,read,read! I Really hoped this has helped. Remember through KW-research this can be a science to a viable stay at home income.

  75. Hi all, wow yes Im one of the Go Click purchasers too. Had the same problem with Brainhost overcharging my credit card, but I did get that refunded within a few days. I sent Brainhost a message telling them that this “overcharging” or “unauthorised charges” seems to happen a lot with Brainhost, judging by all these comments. In Brainhosts defence, you can opt out of that option, as Brainhost have “defaulted” to the gold package (or whatever it was they sold for $161.00) so you dont realise until its too late. Also in Brainhosts defence, I like my website http://www.motivatemediet.com and have already received 3 positive comments on it! Go Click is another story so far. I made it all the way to the installation but cant go any further and according to the ticket response from Go Click, an update is due 31st May (today New Zealand time – hi Debbie!!). I am of the belief that more is required from us, that yes anyone can do it, but that its not quite as simple as the video promo suggests. I’m not throwing in the towel with Go Click just yet, shall give it a go once I can get into the thing, then reserve judgement. For a newbie, the free website is a great starting point and I’ve researched enough now to know what else is required. My friends have just been through the World Internet Summit held here in beautiful NZ (hosts and future holders of the Rugby World Cup Sept – Oct 2011) and they witnessed internet marketing actually working. Good luck all!! Keep us all posted.

  76. I may be 80 percent there. No Activity in my pay choice. This is far more than I expected to get into. Love to learn and that I am. I have chose to accept the turtle route that is required of me.

  77. Heres a suggestion everyone. Why dont you go through all the products that are on this review site and you will find a couple of honest legit promotions. Click on the product reviews tab at the top and look out for these things. The ratings, The Comments. From 5 -10 comments. Any more than that there is bound to be mostly thumbs down comments. You can usually tell from the first 5 comments that you could be on to something or not. Im downright exhausted going from scam to scam reviews. I like the looks of 2 products but you might find some more. There are alot of products unfortunately without comments and ratings. I liked the look of Google Sniper 2.0 and 20 minute payday. Watch the space on either one because Im going to try out either one. Probably Google Sniper.

  78. i had to give the overall rating for this product as one sadly there are no minus ratings that you can put otherwise it would be sub zero.
    yes debbie you will like google sniper, honest george is a genuine guy and his tutorials are as easy as abc, also if you have any problem you do get response.good luck and keep at it.

  79. Hi Guys

    Well I was one who bought this. Yet again I am suckered into this.
    I have had no problem downloading to my website until I come to
    the authorizatiion area & with their V2 & now V3 I get an error message to do with
    Clickbank & that’s it. 5 hours continually wasted. There support not only
    takes 3-5 days they never exactly answer the Question. Only stock answers
    about how the system is working & making money!! On their support page
    it says live help. I live in Australia I can use different times 24 hours a day
    IT Has Never Been Open!!! Everybody else save your money I am about
    to ask for a refund! Hey did anyone go to James webinar 1 1/2 hours
    then only 15 persons allowed in to their expensive offer offer what a waste of time!!
    Frustrated Bob

  80. The only way to make money online is to do loads of advertising, not just on the internet but everywhere, your friends, family, put up flyers where they will let you. Word of mouth is the best way and buying and using the product your self helps too.

  81. I toyed with buying GoClickCash for a few days, but after reading some of these comments, I was glad I hadn’t. I quite liked this video. It’ has been good to hear that I am not the only one struggling and being ripped off. I’m more cautious now, but haven’t given up. Like most, I have spent 2 years trying various products, creating blogs, websites. I have been scammed by a US firm for $8000 for adsense which brought in less than $10 over 1 year and though a refund was promised they were no longer contactible. (Jim Ford Modern Marketing Systems). Anyway I have got fed up with all the promises and long videos, and the extra purchases offered after the first one. So you end up with all this stuff on the computer. I built about 8 websites with Mass Money and did not get one sale. I created weebly sites and squidoo and ezine articles. Nothing has worked. I recently purchased facebook fan page creator software which I feel more positive about. It does seem to be easy to create a fanpage, and you can promote affiliate products or add shopping carts. Anyway I’ll see how it goes. I’ve only had time to do one quick site and it certainly could be improved, it’s not complete. I would have to say the support so far has been excellent. I’ve put the website in to show how it looks but this one is very basic and not at all professional looking. (I’m not trying to sell the weight loss to anyone who reads this).

  82. go click cash is a total scam get your money back throught plimus 1866-312-7733. it’s the only way you’ll get your refund!!! Cause go click cash support only lie and told me that they snt me a refund and i call plimus and nothing was in process. a SCAM so go to plimus if you want your money back!!!!

  83. The phrase I liked the best was “server crashing traffic” coz that sounds good. From what I have read on this page GCC is offering hosting, and a template with various plugins. Non of which, I believe, can be used to generate traffic. Does anyone know how this is supposed to be done?

  84. Im sure most of the new affiliates got an email last week from Nancy at support to say the version 3 was up and running. I tried it. Still cannot download. I am still going strong trying to get my money back. Plimus just answere my email which I sent out about 8 days ago and referred me back to the company. I think theyve had enough of us ringing them for refunds. LOL! When I clicked onto the link that Plimus gave me it took me back to the GCC site and they have temporarily closed down due to technical issues. Maybe they are doing a runner. Or overloaded with the negative response from affiloiates wanting refunds.

  85. The GO CLICK CASH Ultimate SCAM PROOFs

    1) In the James Denzel Go Click Cash video, this photo was featured as below

    And now checkout this link below which featured George Clooney in a champagne Ad.


    2) Buyer will be sent this email titled :ONE LAST CHANCE (RE: Your Software)
    Check out the link from the email below:

    Notice that the CHAT column. Same message will reappear each time you refresh or close and open again everyday. FAKE SOFTWARE !!!! the expiry time keeps changing too. These are the message below:

    Mark: hey james what’s going on
    Joe: hiii
    Lee: hello
    Noraida: im in canada
    Dwayne: yay i can hear you ok
    KEN: i can’t wait to hear your secrets!
    DAvid: yo yo can you see me
    james: im hearing you just great!
    Josh: Note pad at the ready Im excited
    joshall: I hope this is good
    Kim: ready to go
    Clinton: sorry I was

    And so on…

    Convince Now ? If not go ahead and buy the software . Ha ha…

  86. Red alert! Scam Alert!!!!

    This company is NOT in the U.S.A. If they take your money, you’ll NEVER see it again. There’s NOTHING you can do once they have your money. You can complain on the internet, because that’s the only relief you will get.
    So who are you going to contact if they ignore your e-mails? No one! Here’s where they are located:

    Green Omega Inc.
    103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza
    +44 7745540080

    • The vendor is not responsible for transactions, the payment processor which in this case is Plimus and which is a Silicon Valley based company, is:

      If you’re going to the vendor for the refund, you’re making a mistake. Go to Plimus, many people have received refunds from them, albeit they’re a bit stricter than Clickbank. So no need to raise unnecessary red alerts.

  87. My husband decided not to get a refund right away, he thought that the reviews and the other items were still beneficial to add on to existing websites that he had;
    THEN TODAY he recieved an email that BTW was in his junk mail, so it could have easily been deleted without being seen…
    This email explained that if you have bought the system and are “inactive” ( I am guessing this includes not being ABLE to get it up and running) YOU WILL BE CHARGED 5 dollars a month after the first three months; for the following 6 months after THAT you will charged 25 dollars a month for inactivity and then after the intitial yedar you will be charged 50 DOLLARS A MONTH for inactivity. So “admin”, you said no RED ALERTS, but I say, this is all so unethical and we will never trust in a product with any of these names (Denzel/Chowdhry)endorsing it.

  88. Well, I bought GoClickCash! You shouldn’t do it!
    I bought it.
    And everything went alright, until I tried to create a project. And, in fact, this is the core of the package. Without it, the whole story has no sense. It is totally useless.
    So, when trying to create a project, I had to stop for ever, because I received a fatal error message. I have a hosting account, I installed GCC on my domain and when I typed my FTP details, it said: “FTP server is not valid”.
    Obviously, I asked for help from James Denzel’s help desk. Guess what? No reply, even after a week!
    I asked for a refund. The same “answer”: no reply, no refund.
    So, I can do nothing, but look throughout the window.
    What does it mean? Can you tell me?

  89. Douglas said GREAT NEWS ,HI I got the go -click cash product for $37 then an up-sell for $86 . The video’s were so bad within 2 hours I requested my money back 3 weeks latter still no joy from this site I got the phone number 001 866 312 77 33
    to Plimus I paid through pay-pal they sent e-mails for my refund but thats all a complete wast of time .
    so ring this number 001 866 312 77 33 the young lady Debbie arranged a refund of both moneys emediately along with an e-mail to confirm it, no problem thanks to this site and JIM Thanks JIMBO Douglas

  90. I agree with John. I bought the software and installed it but it did not come out like it was displayed in their video’s. After trying another one which came out the same I decided to contact support. I submitted my ticket and waited and waited for someone to respond. They say within 24 hours you will have a answer. It took 7 days for them too answer and said that the software was not the problem and made a web page for me which looked good. I tried it myself and the same problem. Tried it on 3 different computers with different operating systems and the same result. Again submitted a ticket asking for a refund this time but after a week my ticket was deleted. Submitted another one and after 2 days was deleted again. Mr. James Denzel is only in to earn a quick buck with his software that does not work and when asking for the 30 day moneyback guarantee he does not respond but deletes the request.
    Bottom Line is DO NOT BUY HIS SOFTWARE. It’s a waste of time and money.

  91. GoClickCash is a SCAM! I tried it out – faithfully – despite it being more labor intense than advertised. On day 7, I requested a refund (well within the 30 day period). A guy named Taz said to try version 3.0 and he would give me a 25% refund. I deferred and he said that it would take 3-5 days to get my PayPal refund. They not only didn’t refund the money but deleted my tracker. They did this 2 more times. I since have filed a complaint with PayPal and filed a claim. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GOCLICKCASH.COM OR THE COMPANY PLIMUS – THEY ARE A COMPLETE FRAUD!!!

  92. I am really fed up with the GCC program. I live overseas and recommended this to my brother in the US. Itold him that it was only 37.00 with the discount. He believed me and ordered it..then the price begin to rise. He was up to 181.00 when we last communicated he said the support system was nill to ZERO. I sent him a check for the money wasted on this scam. Mr. j d you right your full of it!

  93. Hi Jpeay. Why dont you just get your money back. Most of us did. I had to pester Brain host and eventually they gave the money back. The only thing you should lose is the domain name you paid for but that is still your domain which you can associate a new site to. Get your money back.

  94. After reading through some of these posts, I must say that most of you are either not really experienced within the IM niche or have not seriously checked Mr. Denzel’s product go click cash that closely. Not here to offend anyone, so don’t take this personal, just want to educate some on the realism of what this industry has become.

    For one James Denzel is a complete scam. He is not what that video on his sales page assumes, it is just fluff copy to wow potential visitors into thinking they can live such a life. Welcome to Internet Marketing advertising in this day and age. It unfortunately has become so shady it’s crossing the threshold on illegal. I could probably write a book about how sly these so called “Guru’s” have become to get people to purchase these 1..3…7 click wonder software platforms that are going to raid your clickbank accounts with cash within the next month. And, I probably should write a blog dedicated to just that, but enough about this for now.

    Go Click Cash is a complete failure, and currently i’m not even sure it still exists online–so much for its hype! It had major problems from the start, not to mention the OTO addins that you had to purchase following the initial purchase–which you were pursuaded to think was all you needed to succeed. $400 or $500 dollars invested later, you realized that you were given a whole mess of software and content that was going to make you rich. Not.

    Not only was the software complicated to install for most unsavvy users, it was completely bugged with most hosting cpanel services. If your site actually was created, you had to do massive modifications within your own WP dashboard to make it work as appeared on their training videos. In addition, most of the features were bugged on pages beyond the actual main landing page itself. Their support network was horrible, and really didn’t provide the answers you needed in a timely fashion.

    The content being provided was just rehashed articles that were 4-7 years old. The data was not unique at all which only served to further hurt you on search engine rankings. Their so called proprietary spinners only were providing 17% on average–according to Copyscape–unique results on your page. Google’s latest algorithm updates would seriously damage these types of rankings on such pages. Most pages that were created were initially spiking traffic for the first week, then becoming buried on keyword targets as search engines focused more on the pages.

    While I cannot support this data, i would assume a 75% return on this product was requested following the first 2 months of launch. Though this is sadly becoming the trend with these push buttom WP creation platforms. What many fail to understand is that the product itself is not where the magic lies in most internet marketing products online, it’s in the sales pages and video pulls that biz opportunity seekers are being shown. This is not to say that everything is complete garbage on the net and nobody can earn income online, but 95% of it really is.

    I’m very sad that this is what the internet marketing niche has become these days, but take heed to this post people before you invest in your next 4 click wonder!

  95. I just called them and yelled so loud that they gave me the refund within 3 biz days, i guess i paid 79.95 (i thought i only was charged 35..00 They offered me 64.89 refunded i took it and told them to take the 15.00 they made and shut it up there ass. Thats the secret. YELL and be as nasty as you can they will refund you.

  96. Today it seems my GCC website was shut down and the corresponding cpanel webmail I was using along with it. I had logged on this AM to the mail as I have been using it for all my IM biz enterprises and it was fine. The site I had been neglecting, I admit. You’d think Brainhost or Word Press would send some kind of warning, but no.


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