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Get FB Ads Free by Jani G and Alex Malave is a software program and training showing how to get Facebook ads for free.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Get FB Ads Free to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Get FB Ads Free or other products by Jani G and Alex Malave, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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22 thoughts on “Get FB Ads Free”

  1. Checked out this one today and the title is a bit misleading. You would think it’s about getting Facebook ads for free right? Well you’d be wrong. It’s basically a piece of software that helps you create facebook fanpages. You use them to direct people to your squeeze page, or cpa offer, or clickbank product or whatever. So I guess what the title means is make free FB fan pages that are basically ads. Hmmm.

  2. Thought It Sounded Kind Of Fishy

    This Then Means That In Order To Make Money You Need To Have A Large Facebook Fanpage Base.

    If You Don’t, Then You’d Have To Purchase Fans Through Several Companies That Offer This Service
    For An Additional Expense

    Thanks For The Honest Review

  3. Hey, thanks for the review…i was just about to buy but had a supicious feeling about it. if it’s so grandiose, why is the price sooo cheap? i hate false adverstising! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the review.
    deceiving marketing only results in non working product.
    the guy said literary “I can put the budget $55000/ day” well, this is not true, he does not even make ads.


  5. i’m a bit sceptical, most of the offer claimed to be like super guaranteed in term of effectiveness but the end result is nothing happen, it just dried out our pocket and max up credit card balance. ehmm.. difficult to get someone really want to help now days.

  6. I purchase the product what i received is members area link and they are demanding me to buy domain and web hosting to get the most search engine traffic but i have not gotten the software i am still waiting to receive the software. Well it is a good idea to have an information website they are offering in the members area.

  7. I was about to purchase this software, but I thought I’d quickly do some research and stumbled across this GREAT site. Not getting it, as it does sound sus’ that one can receive FREE Fb adds by inserting a short code etc.

    Thanks for helping me make my mind up. :-))))

    It’s bloody hard to find an honest and real working software product. Is there one out there that works? Any answers??

  8. adding additional question to the last one….

    I am looking for a great software to build self sustaining autoblog with unique (spinned) content!!!

  9. Thanks for this great info site.
    To be honest, this Jani G guy is starting to look like a scam artist – reason being>
    I bought his product Auto traffic Hijack, well long story short – he never replied to my questions and i ended up getting a refund, just few days back received an email from the original creators of the software, telling me that Jani G has scammed him as he was suppose to split money with them or something of that sort but he didn’t pay them, they now asked everyone who bought the software from Jani, to ask for a refund and they have now given us a free copy of the updated software with full support.
    So yeah, i am going to probably stay away from whatever he says.
    I am glad i did my research as i was quite skeptical about this in the first place.

  10. Thanx for this honest review.I was also about to buy the product.It has become pretty hard these days to trust to someone.I guess making money is not a simple affair,it requires consistent hardwork and and also some budget on your part 🙂

  11. Hi everyone. The code is just for good looking fan pages. You have to pay for your campaigns. The ads are free if your campaign is based on CPL offers which will convert extremely well.

    All we are looking for that magic software.

    I pretend to find a method to obtain results if I work hard. that´s all.

  12. Thanks to all for the honesty, in my mind this way of advertising a “great way to earn money” etc starts at the top of a very very long winded web page that is supposed to get people into buying the idea by the end of it and states there are only a few places left is a load of crap and is a very old way of selling. Try going back to the page after visiting and you will find the SAME number of places left… This is a scam…

  13. Hello,
    I don’t know if everyone is aware but Face Book is eliminating their FBLM fan page and going to a new IFrame system which means FB free ads is only good until 3/10 when face book executes the changes. My wife who is an online business manager, has been going through classes on this subject, and I have already gotten some theme pages for the new IFrame being put into place.
    So yes beware and do what you must do

  14. dear all,

    its all scam, dont buy, dont loss yr money,,,,
    i have just read a review on WarriorForum,,, they are professionals


  15. I bought this software and only got a paper in the member’s area. It lets me to pay and upgrade my membership. In addition, you have to accept a website as a free gift, but pay for website hosting charge
    , otherwise you cannot start campaign with this software. The worst part is that they ask you entering your credit card number before telling you how much they will take fron your card. The good news is that this software was sold through Clickbank, I could get my money back within 60 days.

  16. Bought the product. Have not used software but watching videos. To be honest there is a good bit of marketing info but the whole pitch is so these scamsters can joint venture to try to sell members a lot
    of high prise ($997) products. Thier product ‘Free FB Ads” is hype. Claim immediate acceptance to CPA Networks. Only one that is accepting has very poor programs to choose from. ‘Free FB Ads copy and paste campaigns examples are not complete, requires CPA Networks are hard to join, the clickbank programs you are told to join does not have affiliate support and ‘Free FB Ads’ support apparently does not have enough intelligents to comprehend simple questions. Replies have nothing to do with the question ask. I bought through clickbank so I think I can get a refund. I am planning on trying anyway. My recommendation: Stay away from this product and anything these scammers offer in the future.

  17. >Is there one out there that works?

    >>Of course, there are plenty. What kind of software exactly do you want?


    Yes I was wondering if you knew (or any of the followers in this great forum) of a decent and working/honest software package that helps build your database of friends/likes for your facebook fan page.

    Thanks admin and followers!

  18. I bought this product from Jani G, and now the site has disappeared and I can´t log in any more.
    I´ve tried to contact to Jani and it is impossible. The support email of 2Get FB Ads Free” never worked. I´m afraid that he is a scammer guy. If you try to log in from the link of this page it will take you to a site in wich you can find several offers and maybe Jani G will be paid for it. The site has been changed. The original site is missing.

    I know that there is not launch time and nobody is interested in this product now, but if any of you know how I can contact with the owner of the software… I would be very grateful.


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