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G HeadshotG Headshot is a software and internet marketing course by Jani G and Dylan Loh that should enable marketers to make passive income.

The software is supposed to make it very easy to create SEO optimized websites that would attract traffic from the search engines, and these websites are supposed to do that without extra work. While I can’t tell how this software works exactly, the only way to get traffic from search engines without extra work is targeting long tail keywords.

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  1. I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago and the literature has some good information in it. However, I dont see or have access to any “software” or recorded webinars in the members area that I log in to. In addition, promises of links to these recorded webinars never arrirve as promised. I have written support at least 7 times now to report my problem and have yet to receive a reply. I have requested a refund (cause there is supposedly a 60 day money back guarantee) and these requests have been ignored. I cannot report on the usefulness of this product as I dont seem to have the full product advertised and what I paid for. I guess another lesson in BUYER BEWARE!!

  2. I checked out youre post This Blog is Getting Robbed!
    I didnt think anyone could getaway with that you would think that the internet police would disallow or blacklist the site from any traffic until it is removed like on article submission sites you cant post duplicate content .
    Also (the reason I’m at this site to begin with) G headshot didn’t launch till Nov 4 maybe Deborah Commented November 18th, 2010 at 6:30 am “purchased this product a couple of weeks ago”, unknowingly didn’t have full access yet and the link she bought it through couldn’t have been up for long and there was a glitch?. These guys have been around for a while and have created other successful products in the past. Hopefully Deborahs Problem will be resolved.

  3. leeotron, there’s no such thing as the internet police, it’s wild wild west out there 🙂 No worries, content theft is something you have to learn to live with if you want to do business on the internet, that’s cold hard reality. I was rather frustrated when I wrote that post but I moved on since.

  4. I was just about to purchase G headshot but after reading the problems Deborah had it has put me off,
    or is it still worth buying?

  5. i bought this product back in november & i had get a refund because this product makes promises it doesn’t keep like making as soon as your website is set up, you can’t download the product reviews and last but not least they don’t reply to your email but just email you about new product which they will a commission on.

    with the above being said, as far as i’m concern this product is a scam & i will never by any of its creators products ever again!!!!


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