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Free Money Formula

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Free Money Formula is make money online training and software by Philip Mansour.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Free Money Formula to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Free Money Formula or other products by Philip Mansour, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

If there are no reviews below yet, keep in mind that they come from real users and it can take a little while for someone to post (especially if the product is new). If you want to see more Free Money Formula reviews, bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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  1. I’ve bought Free Money Formula already,but I think it’s not complete for a newbie like me.I don’t understand what can I do with this stuff to make money fast.I need a quick start guide,step by step tutorial,and I’ve tried to send email for Philip Mansour,but nothing answer.What can I do…..???

  2. I purchased Free Money Formula, set everything up according to the instructions, & found that the two most important parts of the program, the article “spinner” and the “submit” articles button, don’t work. I have sent three inquiries through the “support” link and have not received one answer. Also, two downloads don’t work on my computer, the “Secret Money Formula” software and the “Software Update” from March 5, 2011. They work on Windows XP (Service Pack 3). I have Windows 7. I really enjoy this program. I hope Philip Mansour and Chris Busa respond to my inquiries.

  3. Yea i feel the same way but not one of downloads do what they say they gone do an i have already sent at least 3 inquires and he haven’t responded somthings up but don’t know because i like the product for some strange reason and hoping it was some truth behind it.

  4. i agree with alan, the program doesnt work, i have checked the websites that the articles are supposed to be submitted to and have found nothing, the program is a load of ****…it simply doesnt work. however i cannot see why the mothod wont work. maybe i will just submit articles to all of these websites manually, i feel ripped off nonetheless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve had the same problems as Alan, with the submit button and the article spinner. The spinner is supposed to create 10 unique articles based on the original, this according to phillip’s sidekick, Chris. Instead, it just copies the original word for word. I’ve e-mailed support and at first they responded promptly and told me they were working on the issue and an update would be available in a few days. I downloaded and installed the update. Nothing changed. Still the same problems. Since then, I’ve e-mailed support 3 times in the past seven days, with no response. Its as if they’ve disappeared from the face of the earth. Also, if Phillip’s software is so good, why am I being bombarded by his e-mails to purchase other peoples software? I feel like all he’s doing is adding to his e-mail list, so he can make money selling his and other peoples shoddy software. It’s sad that during these difficult times, people like him are taking advantage of those who aren’t even trying to get rich, just find a way to pay their bills. Suckered again I guess.

  6. ye i feel the same way i bought this product because i have been followin philip for some time i he does have some good products from the pass however this one does not work for me either i sent couple emails and finally got a response after a whole week and some sayin to download the new version i did again and guess what nothing still im pretty dissapointed with this good thing i found another way to make money for free i’ll just stick to that for now and im so gettin a refund for this product

  7. I too have all the problems you are describing. The article spinner works for me, but found with Windows7 there are some issues. The software doesn’t submit automatically. I can hit the next selected button to advance to the next site and then hit submit and I was able to submit to about half of those sites that they have you register with. However, those sites are alot of different subject matter.. golf, medical, physcic, etc that don’t have anything to do with internet marketing or affiliate marketing… some do tho Those sites seemed to error.. some submitted. For what it’s worth, if you have the time, you can submit to the different blogs and I do notice my hits are up on my website, but the way they sell this software….. it doesn’t work that way and they do need to make it better or refund peoples money. Also, my request for support went unanswered I just kept playing with it and got it to do what it did.

  8. oh, i almost forgot, i got a refund on this and still have access to the site and downloads, etc. i find this to be the case on nearly every purchase i made on these guru programs. evidently they make so much on us that they don’t check to see who has refunded and who hasn’t

  9. TerryBogard Reply

    Guys, please help me, how can I get refund from this product? It just doesn’t work and I want my money back.. I have even deleted it from my computer already.

  10. I’m with most of the comments here. Have followed Philip since the Saj P days, like his stuff and was expecting great things from this. I’ve had the program 5 days and submitted 6 requests for help/support, have had two replies giving me a link to updated software – same problems if not worse. It’s not automated, not always relevant, not working as promoted and DEFINITELY not 13 clicks… or whatever!
    And yeah… stop with the spamming with other products!

  11. Just a quick update. Support finally got back to me, it was actually later that day I did my first post. They told me they had developed the software for a 32 bit system, so anyone running on 64 was having problems. They also said windows 7 was causing problems. Is it just me? I thought windows 7 and 64 bit systems had been around for awhile. Anyway, they claimed to have ironed out all the bugs. They told me to download the newest update, which was still the March 5th one, Then re-install the original software. If that didn’t work, then somethings wrong with my computer, not their software. Well that didn’t work. I hate to give up, but I’m going to ask for my money back. I’ve tried so many systems and haven’t made any money. Oh yeah, I got an e-mail from Phillip Monsour, saying he was going to start coaching calls or webinars. I forget which. I clicked on the link, thinking maybe he would help clear things up. I should have known better. To participate, you had to pay a onetime lifetime fee of $497.00. No thanks. Maybe if he’d proven to me his products could make me money, I’d be willing to pay the money, if I actually had it.

  12. I purchased the program and at first the download didnt work, so I emailed support and they got back to me within a day and sent me an updated version. That worked!
    Once I downloaded that thoought it would all work and then I had problems with the drop menu in the article submission part…it doesnt give me the option of a new profile like the video shows??? If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Also, when I go into Registration Manager it again doesnt give me the option of a profile name (to create one)HELP again….
    What happened to this being real simple and easy…and then having to buy domain names????Like for real??? Can’t I just make up my own??
    What happened to it being 17 clicks or whatever….?!
    Oh and I’m also getting Phil’s spam messages promoting and selling other peoples systems….I’m so confused but I wasnt looking for a get rich thing, just extra money to pay some bills as times are tough.

  13. Okay, further on my progress. I had a response from the support team, they said to change my Windows Compatibility for the program – did that. [BTW – I am a Mac user operating via VMWare, so BIG learning curve here!] Had deleted EVERYTHING related to FMF – includng Auto Affiliate Arbitrage prog. Reinstalled ONLY the March 5th update – AAA – and things started happening. Even though it looks different it operates pretty much the same. I was able to get as far as [and including] generating the articles, and yes, they were different [need checking tho], saved them, selected all, clicked ‘submit’ — nothing happened. Have sent in yet another request for assistance, will tell you how I go.

  14. TerryBogard Reply

    admin, in that link you gave me.. Do i need to ask a refund from ClickBank or use the e-mail that is provided there? I kinda don’t understand because it’s the first time I ever ask refund for purchased product

    • admin Reply

      Yes, ask Clickbank for the refund. Connect to it with your email and receipt number and you’ll be able to do it.

  15. everything started when they offered the book , they said one price and then at the very end they tell me this really expensive price, 29.99 plus a $11 shipping then they started to offer a million things that i did not ask for , by the time i know it im paying $158 , this is a rip OFF !!! Then i wanted to cancel , they gave a number to cancel but they open monday to friday , i dont think this book is good , and i dont think its real , they dont care about nobody but themselves , this is a rip OFF !!!

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