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8 thoughts on “Free Mass Traffic”

  1. The software is nothing more than a social bookmark submitter which also submits RSS feeds and submits to directories. Basically, the guy who is selling it is a liar. There is no way in Hell that he made $400 using this software, let alone $400,000.

  2. I purchased this product awhile back and have used it regularly since. I attempted verify that it actually works and can’t seem to find any…and yes, I said any….listings of the many submission I made. At this point, I’m not convinced it actually does the job of submitting as it’s suppose to do. I have also been checking all the hit counters to my sites with no significant increase in traffic since using it.

    Additionally and in my opinion, I think that that fact that some guy made as much as they said in as short a period of time as they said with this single product alone is simply a FLAT OUT LIE and there should be a law against stating something like that. I’m getting really tired of all these FALSE claims these “Gurus” make in their videos. If a brick or mortar store did this, it would be called “false advertising”, which is illegal and punishable in a court of law, so why can’t they do something about all these Guru’s making false claims. Some day, one of these guys is going to get slapped with a major lawsuit, which will inevitably put a legal stop to all this deception. Anyway, I no longer call them Guru’s….justifiably, I refer to them as SCAMMERS. Gurus truly help others succeed, they don’t take advantage of others just to make a profit, and that’s what most of these guys do.

    OH, and for the record….the training videos for this product are terrible. They don’t explain anything and only “very quickly” say do this & do that…with no explanation as to why or what exactly it is you are doing. It’s all very vague. Don’t bother buying this product.

    I’ve since found another submitter that works much, much better and that I have been able to verify submissions of my content with and that have increased the traffic to my websites and has resulted in an increase in sales.

  3. I have to somewhat agree, the hype is way over the top… I have been using FMT for 3 days now and I have actually found my sites listed in several directories, I hope to see more appear as the week goes on.

    I think its very software designed to help you get backlinks .

    I don’t expect to make a foryune like the promo says, and also they try really hard and I mean really hard to up sell you. I say for $40.00 its a great time saver form signing up with directories.

    I will try and do a follow up in ten days or so unless i’m so filthy rich by then lol….

  4. I don’t really expect I should earn that much through this software. But what I want from buying this software is to get simply just a traffic. But the directories of this software are just limited and I hope we can add some directories..

  5. Hello,

    I decided to try this product, because it had such a high rating on Alexa 3,172 after only
    being released 5 days ago. The video was convincing, and the guy sounded like
    he was telling the truth. He even got his wife in on it. This seemed to be getting a method
    of getting traffic that I had never heard of. He made enormous income claims, but I didn’t
    pay any attention to them, because I know better.

    This product is just a directory, RSS, & social bookmark submitter. I sure was disappointed
    because I was looking for something NEW that worked well. Also, if you buy this product,
    your going to be upselled til your sick of it. Upsells that would add $200 onto the price of the

    In my opinion, the upsells are the whole goal for the product. They will make so much more
    money with them. Obviously, don’t get this product if you don’t need a directory, RSS, & social
    bookmarking site submitter.

    By the way, the guy in the video states that this has nothing to due with social bookmarking sites.
    What a liar. You should be able to get a refund from ClickBank, if you are a sincere and state
    in a couple of sentences why you want a refund. I’ve been getting refunds for 3 yrs. from them.

    Good Luck,



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