Forward To Marketing

Forward To Marketing by Alex Jeffreys is a membership program and training for budding internet marketers.

In this membership Alex Jeffreys wants to teach the beginners how to create an online business and how to properly do internet marketing.

I don’t have any experience with this product and haven’t found much information about it yet, so if you’ve got any experience, please leave a comment.

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  1. Dear Admin and everyone

    Firstly, I was a student on Alex’s first coaching program “Marketing with you” and having joined his latest “Forward to Marketing” – I just wanted to provide an honest review in that the course is about setting up an online business, outsourcing and building a list very quickly without having the use of leveraging (i.e. help from jv marketers and partners etc…), various forms of online marketing and promotion methods.

    There are certainly plenty of resources and training videos with clear instruction on how to set up the profit pulling platform, Aweber opt-in-forms, hosting, domains etc.. provided by Garry Parkes

    And for the monthly outlay of around $47 – pricing is not to bad either and quite accessible too – there is also the option of paying the “$497” full year fee in one payment.

    Overally, expect Alex to over-deliver as per usual, Dean (Holland) will also be there during some of the webinar/video training calls – as to whether one can make money or profit – the content, information and resources are definately there (and are delivered apparently every few days with some at 12-24 hours interval. Have to wait and see on the latter claim.) and ultimately it will be up to individual to take action in order to succeed.

    Best regards
    Nigel Yip


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