FB Siphon

FB SiphonFB Siphon is an Internet marketing program about using Facebook ads to promote CPA offers and make money online.

Facebook ads have become popular lately but it’s not a straightforward task to get affordable traffic and convert it at a good rate on investment. In fact, many marketers fail at using it for the first time.

This program explains the process in 13 easy steps to set up Facebook ad campaigns to get cheap traffic and create CPA campaigns to convert that traffic.

In other words, FB Siphon is a proven plan that has a great potential for a solid return on investment.

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2 thoughts on “FB Siphon”

  1. Problem is the first approach says, listyen to the presentation and you don’t even have to opt-in. You decide to buy and before delivery you HAVE to optin with more details than is usual. Then you get spammed by all who purchase your details from Jani/FB Siphon.

    Non delivery was a problem and so I had to ask Click Bank for a refund.

  2. Do you have proof that they sell your details? You can’t just say something like that out of thin air.

    This is weird, you trust them enough to pay but don’t trust them enough to give your details. Sorry but that’s kinda funny.

    When you buy something you automatically optin – Clickbank gives the vendor all your details. So regardless of your refund, they already have your details, you might as well have taken the product.


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