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Fast Cash Commissions by Anthony Morrison, Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan

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10 thoughts on “Fast Cash Commissions”

  1. Before you invest in the Anthony Morrison Fast Cash Commissions I implore you to do your research on Anthony Morrison. I was a victim of his last get rich scheme Hidden Millionaires and before that he was running Cool Blue Performance online business. Just do an online search of any of these and scores of people will claim they were the victim of a scam and defrauded. I was laid off from my job and my savings were running low. I bought a book late one night for $19.95 then spent another $3000.00 and 6 months later I have not made a cent despite working hard every day to do so. No matter how hard you try or how much you spend buying more training from this you will not make money. To date there have been no independent posts from real people who have made money only friends and relatives of Anthony Morrison stating they have without disclaimers and in contravention of FCC guidelines. I have since found out all the information is available for free on the Internet. My phone has not stopped ringing with them trying to sell me more. There are many independent websites that have investigated Anthony Morrison and many others where numerous people have told stories similar to mine. Please spend the time to check him out and hopefully this post will save one person what I have gone through.

  2. Bought this product yesterday. In the true and fine tradition of all the Internet Marketers I have seen since, the minute I got the product I was hit with not one, but two upsells for $197 and $297. One was for a virtual assistant who you could have work for you for a whole month. I can’t remember the other one but it was similar.

    I ignored them and carried on.

    The layout of their website is good and easy to follow. Good videos to explain each section.

    However, the content of them is well at best very poor.

    They show you how to get a Clickbank account and shorten a link at tinyurl. Then they show you what CPA is and how to get an account at Peerfly. I knew how to do all that and am a member of both. Pretty much wasted on me.

    You get a sniper tool that helps with keywords, which is nothing special. After that it would seem you can run a couple of spamming tweets, facebook posts and Youtube posts with the clickbank link in them. To me that’s just spam.

    It states clearly you don’t need your own website but they refer a lot of the actions to having your own website and conveniently supply affiliate links to hostgator, godaddy and aweber. Starting to sound familiar?

    Extremely disappointed in this and the people who promoted it. Refund requested from good old Clickbank.

  3. Honestly I´ve read (and learned) so much for the last couple of years and I can tell you, you can make money on the Internet , yes you can (I´ve made some), BUT FOR SURE NOT BUYING this kind of “courses”, I spent literally thousands of dollars over the past years and something I´ve learned is that everything is all the same, and everything can be found free over the internet, not kidding, this (and the other “magic” products/courses coming and going every single day) have nothing new under the sun. They have a pretty attractive videos and professionally designed sites that sells, this is what we need to learn, out of that nothing new, we need to find our way in the SEO world, learn how to effectively look for keywords and products, create our sites, landing pages, etc… I personally do not advice to buy this products, just learn what they do and take the good of each and every one of them, and maybe, just maybe, some day you´ll make some money over the internet, but never the “Instant 5 click millionaire” picture they are trying to sell to you, just beware of your hard earned money, the only formula for success (as in any other business) is common sense, research, and HARD WORK every single day, again, I honestly believe you can do a living over the internet (I am doing it) but far to being a millionaire, at least as today, let me share just one example, as I said, I am living on the internet marketing (for the last couple of years) I do it to support my mortgage, 2 cars, wife, 2 small kids, cat and a dog, no fancy cars, no fancy vacations, just a middle class regular life for an average family, to do this I work around 8 to 10 hours DAILY, and have around 100 websites over the internet, hard work ahh?, yes it is, just like any other paying job or business, after all this is just another business, another way of doing business.
    On the other hand, your mental state and attitude make the difference, if you decide you need to buy and try is fine, hope it works for you, we need heroes and superstars to keep on moving around the industry. just one peace of personal advice, research about the products and people promoting those products before you spend money, this will help you have peace of mind and attitude absolutely needed to keep on going doing business.
    Wish you the best of lucks and see you over the internet, the world is real small after all.

  4. Let me tell u something
    There is nothing on the Internet to make
    You instant money ,,, please people don’t
    Get suck in to those spam .Like my father
    Say you have to work for your money .
    And today I will chalange anyone
    To prove me wrong .
    If I was the guy finding the secret about
    Making fast cash on the Internet
    First I would give it for free
    There is your flag
    You are on comission
    You make money , they make money
    So now eliminate all the one that ask
    Money at the front .and they all are.
    The only way I made money so far
    Is by finding supplier that will
    drop and ship. And open a virtual
    Store. No matter what you got to do the
    You make money

  5. Unfortunatelly I was one of the people that purchased the extra features for this product, that’s extra $201, and that was just as useless…this was two weeks ago-not a single dollar-and i have followed all the videos but they leave out so much leaving you confused just so they can sell you the 1 0n 1 coaching which costs $6000! (ouh but wait-if you refuse they’ll lower it to $4000!!!) Absolute scam!! Still have time to return it, but still waiting to see if the virtual assistant can make money for me.

  6. with all of the above being said, i phoned Fast Cash Commissions’ phone support after 7 weeks after this product was launched and asked for some successful user testimonials & they could not supply me with any. i wonder how come?

  7. I have not purchased this product however I was considering endorsing this product as an affiliate through clickbank. After doing the research from actual buyers of the product, I feel that endorsing this scam would not be the brightest idea. I mean I could make an affiliate commission, sure, and never have my name attached to it. Make my 75% commission and be on my way, no one would ever know. But what about the people I’m spamming? Seriously, if you’re already online and have websites going, the make money market is great but you have to accept the reality that you’re just peddling dreams, just a dreamweaver of sorts when you decide to affiliate with cash commissions, just like the maker of this program. Seriously, if its just that easy to make a webpage with a flashy video and stick a buy now button on there then why isn’t everyone doing it? The answer is they are all doing it. Maybe not as flashy as the cash commissions landing page does, but they are doing it. The make money niche market is good and bad and depends on the kind of person you are and how greedy you want to be.

  8. Please people DO NOT BUY INTO THIS ABSOLUTE SCAM! I will tell you exactly what you get for your $47, a lousy good for the trash bin peice of software that will ultimately get your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Myspace and Samepoint accounts permanently suspended for violating terms of service parameters…Basically this is the finest form of SPAMMING unwanted messages, tweets and everything else with your own URL’s or affiliate links! People will report you immediately for using these platforms for spam! Thats all this software teaches you, nothing more nothing less. Absolutely disgusted for wasting yet more money on overhyped shite! Don’t listen to anything Anthony Morrison says as he is a professional scammer, read the reports online about him, read the feed above by Paul Kelly: October 23rd, 2011 at 5:21 pm which I totally agree with, in fact I agree with all of the above, we have all been scammed by him, well he can now go and buy himself another new car from the money he has fraudulently taken from all of us victims! Do not endorse his products, do not promote them through clickbank either as your reputation is at stake! These people just keep on churning the same crap out just with a different name, they pay professional copyriters to write sales pitches that get your money easily. They promise the earth and deliver a blade of grass! Don’t listen to them I can assure you, you would be better off just sticking to the basics of internet marketing…
    A very angry X customer of Anthony Morrison!

  9. people,yea i did make that tragic mistake of believing in this piece of garbage ANTHONY MORRISON,i purchassed 3 items from this lowlife and never recieved NOTHING,at about 500.00 hard earned bucks, and if you viewed his so called honest face this SUPER SCAMMER had the nerve to put his family or so called family in his @#$%! video,now this trash A.M is trying to charge me monthly at $72.57 and when i try to reach this SCUM SCAMMY!! fast cash commissions TRASH for a refund i can’t get through,these TRASHEY mother @#$%! want to give me coaching at 3,500 bucks,yea you SCUMBAGS,i got all the coaching i need. so PLEASE if anyone has any info on how to recieve a refund from this (HELL BOUND) a.m please help.

  10. This is a product sold through Clickbank so you should get a full refund of all purchases (unless some upsells were sold not through Clickbank) and cancel the subscription by going to and filing a refund request, without having to contact the vendor.


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