Fanpage Dollars

Fanpage Dollars by Imran Naseem is a step-by-step blueprint on making money with Facebook fan pages.

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1 thought on “Fanpage Dollars”

  1. I have FanPages and FanPages 2, which I got FREE from Imran Naseem’s site.

    Bob Jones of the Warrior Forum has taken Imran to task many times for Re-Hashing old material. I don’t know who Bob Jones is, but he is apparently a self appointed Guru that likes to monitor the forum. I will not join that forum because of people like him. But that is off my subject.

    Imran may or may not be re-hashing old subjects, but I will say this for him, He explains it in a concise manner, step by step, that I can understand. Some of the material he talks about, I have never seem before. Of that that I had seen, it was usually confusing with points or steps left out and therefore impossible to implement. So far I have not tried Imran’s ideas, but he says they are all legal and work. Some are quite simple and I am looking forward to trying them.

    This is off topic, but speaking of things that work… or don’t work…
    Satyajeet Hattangadi of Novasoft has an article out called “Youtube-money” or “Tube Automator” which does not work as it violates YouTube’s TOS. They took down his videos.
    Another one I am questioning now is “Crazy ClickBank Cash”. There is a demo video that runs ahead of his sales pitch, that illustrates exactly how the program works and what it will do for you. The demo alone is enough to sell the product. Yes, I went for it. Unfortunately, I could not get it to run on my computer and got a refund. An affiliate sent me the link again the other day and I watched it again to see what I might be doing wrong. I followed the demo exactly, before I ever got to the program. And ALAS! The code that they say they are feeling to Google does not work in Google. I tried it several times to be sure that I have the code correct. It just will not work in Google. All I can say here is don’t buy that one.


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