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If you have tried to sell anything online, your own stuff or as an affiliate, you know how important is to convert your traffic. That especially applies if you’re paying for the traffic. Every single visit is important as it may result in a sale.

Many visitors come to your site and read it, they may or may not like what you are offering them, and they may leave your site without buying. But have you ever wondered how much of a push did they need to buy your stuff? Maybe a little tip would have been enough, maybe you’d not buy with a gun in their face.

Exit Splash VideoHave you ever noticed how the big and successful Internet marketers make the best out of their traffic? How many sales pages have you visited? Are you doing the same things as they do?

I can bet you’re not… heck, I’m not doing it (silly me)! That’s why an email I received a couple days ago has intrigued me. It was about a little software called Exit Splash.

If you recall at least few last sales pages you’ve visited have prompted you with a “last chance” offer just when you were trying to close the page or press the back button. How many times you took that offer? You see, that last chance offer is that little push that can make your visitor buy or at least opt-in to your list just when they are about to leave. That’s what Exit Splash does.

This software is easy to set up and if you have at least a simple squeeze page for your affiliate offer, you can easily use it to increase your conversion rate dramatically. It’s awesome.

Decisions, decisions….

Now, I have to dig out all stuff to the light, and tell you that there are alternatives to this software, some paid, some free. So why would I choose Exit Splash then?

Well, first of all if HTML, Javascript sounds like Greek to you, you won’t be able to use the free scripts out there that are similar. Plus, the free scripts are anywhere near as functional or elegant. Only if you’re an advanced developer you can come up with a solution without buying one.

The paid scripts as far as I have seen are either more expensive or are less functional. Besides, Exit Splash comes with extra material on how to bring your conversions to the max.


If you’ve visited Exit Splash website, you may have already seen it in action. Just go to the site and try to click the back button or close the tab/window. What you’ll see next is the Exit Splash in action.

Imagine catching those naughty visitors who are trying to escape your claws without buying caught in the net of Exit Splash… You think it would increase your conversions? You bet it would.

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