eSlumdog Millionaire Review

Looks like I’m on a spree tonight. There’s another freshly released Internet marketing product that has caught my attention. And the reason why I got interested in it is this. eSlumdog Millionaire is all about unconventional traffic methods. That is, it says good bye to SEO, PPC, Web 2.0, social marketing, classifieds, you name it. Rather it focuses on how you can make others do all the work for you.

eSlumdog Millionaire VideoIt’s an interesting product, the concept is something you don’t see everyday so I think it’s worth a look. Here’s why I think so…

The Pros

  • Alternative free traffic methods. Google is unstable so are all traffic methods, to add something to your traffic arsenal is only a good idea.
  • It’s laid out in a simple step-by-step manner which is ought to be easy for you to use
  • A program that has something different to offer
  • Affordable


The Cons

  • I wasn’t sure if it’s an advantage or a draw back, but I put it here. To take the best of eSlumdog Millionaire you have to have something to sell. Affiliate programs won’t cut it, because in essence this program is about you getting affiliates work for you. But it will show you how you can easily to team up with someone who has something to sell or how to easily get a product.
  • If you’re already having at least some success with other online marketing methods, and there are many, you may want to focus on what you’re already doing. Only buy it if you think it will really help you.

All in all it’s a good product that brings something somewhat new to the table. It’s quite affordable and really interesting.

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5 thoughts on “eSlumdog Millionaire Review”

  1. If this is very simple, then I wanna try it. I’m sick & tired to have more sleepless night, earning nothing
    from Gurus who presumed they can teach me something. But I am 100% sure that I had helped the
    Gurus to paled up their pockets.

    I guess it takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success!

  2. I have a cash gifting site and I want to do more online marketing programs to make more money. Will this system really help me get free traffic. I have had zero success in a month and a half with very little traffic, yet I have spent nearly $2k on advertising. I want something better. Do you have any advice and can you help me? Will eSlumdog really give me a ton of traffic for free?

    Thank you

    • Hi Evan,

      I don’t know what you spent the $2k on exactly but not to get traffic for that amount of money you have to do something really wrong. Usually it’s not the traffic that’s the problem.

      eSlumdog teaches how to recruit an army of affiliates essentially. That’s what you should be doing anyway, so yes it can help. Though it will require effort, like everything that brings real results does.

      I see you have an optin form on your front page. If I were you, I would go to freelance sites (elance, scriptlance, getacoder, etc.) and hire a few people to bring you leads. There are many guys around who know how to bring traffic and by paying them per lead you will only pay for results. It’s a quick way to get at least some prospects so you can test your sales page and your sales process before you put in any more effort.


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