Epic Traffic Systems

Epic Traffic SystemsEpic Traffic Systems is a three part traffic generation program that teaches and provides tools for auto-blogging traffic, social media traffic and paid traffic.

The auto-blogging traffic part is a whole system that allows you to quickly create traffic generating blog networks. Epic Autoblogger will configure your host, installs and configures blogs, finds and posts content, sets up money sites and provides an interface to easily update all of your network. The outcome is your own traffic generating network that runs on autopilot.

THe social media part of the course teaches traffic generation methods using Twitter, social bookmarks, Youtbe and Facebook. It also provides some automation tools.

The third part is all about paid traffic. Besides the training it includes the Epic Campaign Automation Suite which automates PPC campaigns, CPV campaigns, Media Buy and Banner Ad campaigns, generates campaigns and sites from datafeeds and automates social media campaigns.

Besides the main program, Epic Traffic Systems includes an 8 week training webinar series and video footage from the recent Live Traffic Domination Workshop.

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