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On any given week day billions of people check their email on their way to work. Email has not only become a way for people in the business world to communicate; it is also a means for people to communicate with their friends and family. So why wouldn’t marketers take advantage of this by email marketing?

Perhaps because they encounter difficulties. It’s not always easy to reach your target market and get them to open your emails because of all of the spammers. Here are some tips to help your email marketing create more value for your company.

Cell Phone Friendly: Today most people can access their emails from their phones. Consequently, your email marketing needs to phone friendly. When someone opens the email on their phone they need to get the whole message, so if the pictures do not open your text should summarize what the email is about. Also a smaller text size makes it easier for the reader.

Interesting Subject Line: Like a good title to a book that grabs your attention, the subject line is what draws the readers in and makes them want to open the email. It is very important that the subject line is not too long, either. It is best if you try to stick to five words or less.

Email Delivery: When you send your email messages, you need to make sure the receiver is getting email in their inbox and not in their junk email. Depending on your email server you need to check and see what their stipulations are on how many emails may be sent out in a certain amount of time. Another thing that causes emails to go directly to the junk email box is what words are in the subject lines. Do not use words that are known to be used in a spam message. This will not only send it to the junk email box but deter the reader from even opening it.

Personalize Personalize Personalize: The more a person feels like the email was sent specifically for them the more likely they will be to open it. By using a person’s name or personalized information, you can make it more relevant to each individual recipient. You might be thinking that this would take a long time but there is email marketing software to help. Products like Easy Mail Merge for Outlook make it easy to personalize each email that is sent. After you install the program then you open Outlook and start a new mass mail session. Then import email addresses and other optional text that you want to change for each person. And you can even schedule when the emails are to be sent out.

As email marketing becomes cheaper, it’s very important to make sure that people are opening your emails. By using software and these tips, you can be sure your email marketing is being as effective as possible.

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