Easy Video Player

Easy Video PlayerEasy Video Player is a tool that gives a kick start to anyone looking to make money through video. Some of the biggest features include:

  • Secure member-only content
  • Auto redirect video (ex., for affiliate sales)
  • Easily embed videos on any site
  • Easily use Amazon S3 to host your videos
  • Embed opt in forms and buy now buttons right inside the video player
  • Virally share videos

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3 thoughts on “Easy Video Player”

  1. Hey There,

    I appreciate what you are saying about the upfront cost however I have paid other comapnies up to $20 per month! for an easy amazon s3 solution and that didn’t even have half the features that Easy Video Player offers. I would definitely opt for the one time payment any day and as it’s hosted on my server you get more control over everything.

    It’s definitely a winner for me!

  2. I have no idea about the features and value since the company doesn’t have a decent help line. E-mail that takes a day or longer to return! I think it’s BS and I am cancelling my purchase. In my opinion, STAY AWAY!


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