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Easy Quick Profits by Mo Latif is a make money online product.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Quick Profits”

  1. I have not downloaded this product yet – I was hoping to see some reviews here first. But I have listened to the sales pitch and to be honest it sounds beyond ridiculous. The guy first blames the people that want to make money online for never having made money. He says its your fault because you were greedy and purchased from someone that you didn’t know. Then… he encourages you to by from him??? Greedy??? hmm.. How ’bout there are tons of honest people out there trying to make a nice living and give their families more opportunities? I guess that never crosses these guys’ minds.

    Anyhow – after a series of hush hush events he then meets a guy that is a prior customer of his that belongs to a “secret society” that we don’t know about. He says that they are pretty much the mafia and makes them seem very dangerous. He calls thsi guy “The Godfather”. This customer of course agrees to email him info – and of course share his knowledge with him.

    Whatever… seriously.. to me the sales pitch is so ridiculous. Are we to believe there is a secret society much like the mafia that shared this secret of how to make money online with this dude… but they don’t really care that much that he is now selling it to the world?

    If you haven’t seen the sales pitch please go watch it. Its at least 20 minutes of how to make yourself feel really stupid for even watching it.

    So, I guess the next step is for me to feel even stupider for going and buying it – which I will most likely do.

    I’m such an idiot – but oh well…like he said.. its my fault.. 🙂

  2. Be interested to hear what this is? as always with a blind sales letter you are none the wiser at the end

    It’s from Mo Latif who’s made a lot of money online but does this actually work

    Any idea anybody? Tony


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