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Easy Click Commissions by Mark Hardy is affiliate marketing software and training.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Easy Click Commissions to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Easy Click Commissions or other products by Mark Hardy, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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85 thoughts on “Easy Click Commissions”

  1. Hey Folks, I recently watched the Video on Easy Click Commissions, & the Guy (Mark Hardy) seemed like the
    real deal. Has this worked for anyone? The Affiliate Marketing Software he is introducing seems legit, & has even posted 4 Video screenshots of his Online Accounts with Clickbank, & PayPal. Now that is surely different from
    the other ‘so called’ Gurus (whom I view as Chumps) that review posted Images of their Online Accounts, & the money they have made, but only Mark Hardy, & George Brown (Google Sniper 2.0) have shown Videos of them
    logging on to show that their AMS is real.

    Please let me know if you have made any Money from it. Thanks.

  2. I still have my reservations after watching the video. While he DOES log into a Clickbank account, nowhere does he PROVE that he is logging into his affiliate account. He could just as easily be logging into his vendor account. There is a HUGE difference between the two!

    There are two fields to the top right of the page he is showing – one is for the vendor ID and the other is for the Affiliate ID. Until he shows us that he is entering an affiliate ID (he can partially blank it out)…I will not be totally convinced!!

  3. I watched the video and though this sounds tempting, I still have my suspicions. At one point in the video, he shows over a period of 2 days the profits in a new clickbank account after running Easy Click Commissions. When the video comes back to him, he’s still wearing the same shirt. That just makes me think the video was filmed in just one day.

    Has anyone tried Easy Click Commissions? If so, how were the results? I’m very curious.

  4. I just tried it. Here are the issues I have just found:

    1) Had trouble logging in.
    2) Finally got it downloaded – opened it – had to right click and click on “size” to enlarge window enough to click on “start button”. It could not be seen in open window until I resized it.
    3) Got to first page – typed in search words – clicked on “search” – Captcha page took forever to open, then you had to do the captcha 2 times. After that an hourglass symbol showed up next to the arrow and flashed off an on. Never did get the list of keywords needed.
    4) Can’t get any further than that. Am waiting a reply from support.

    BTW – It’s not affiliated with ClickBank any more. They went to Plimus Sales (?) – never heard of them.

    If I don’t get satisfaction I will ask for refund of money.

    The downloadable guide references ClickBank receipt number in order for you to download. So that is not accurate.

  5. Here’s the problem with this program…..YOU DON’T NEED IT!!…….I have seen behind the scenes of this product. you can easily do the same exact thing with “wordpress plugins.” How do I know this? Because I have been doing online marketing for 4 years, and I am having great success.

    All the software does is find keywords for you and post in articles automatically for you. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t post in that many article directories, at least form what I’m told. You can already go get an existing software that will send 100’s or 1000’s of articles like “Article Post Robot” or “SEO LinkVine.”….

    But another issue here, is that Google has changed again. They don’t like spun articles that much anymore, and they don’t like for your article to be sent to every article source out there.

    From my opinion, with 4 years experience, stay away from this “Easy Click Commissions.” Nothing will make money that fast for you. There is software that will automate tings for you, and you can make a couple of hundred a day with, but this is software that is very….very….expensive. People with this kind of software will never sell it, because it’s more valuable for them to keep it to themselves.

  6. Hi everyone, I also took the time to watch the video and he did make it sound good, but this almost sounds like something I bought last week, the commission crusher, I think its all a hoax to get us desperate people to buy the program, although I do have to say he made it sound good, but after Marys post above, Im not so sure. Hey Mary keep us posted?

  7. I ordered it yesterday and have not recieved as of yet. Have been trying to contact support with no luck.
    After reading the above comments I think I will just request my money be returned.I just want to find one
    truthfull, just one. everything out there turns to S@#t and just after you purchase it. 10% of all monies
    will be given to the Armed Forces, their families, Veterans . NO You know what Im going to raize it to 20%.

  8. I dowloaded it then started it. to my surprise it ask for a clickbank purchase number wherein i payed with plimus.anyway they resolved this at once and instructed me to download software again.it worked after reinstalling upto the point where i would submit the articles..it didn’t work so i emailed support again.they replied that they are trying to resolve the bugs in the next 24hrs, its been 12 hours since and im still awaiting tried it 2 hrs ago still doest work…if nothing happens then i would have to cancel..still hoping though…

  9. I have purchased this product. The difference between the basic and advanced version is simply the amount of keywords generated. Same as when using the free Google keyword tool…difference between logging in or not (100 vs 800 keywords).

    On my PC, this software is very slow to find articles, and even slower to create unique articles (12 hours for 100 articles). When I then attempted to post the unique articles, only 2 articles were submitted successfully. All others failed with either the message “Failed (site down)” or “Failed (invalid form)”. Every submission resulted in a Windows (Vista) “exception error”, which did not crash the program, but unclear whether this affected the submissions.

    I have repeated this process 6 times. All with the same result.

    I will be asking for a refund.

  10. I too took a look at easy click commissions. Like so many others, the sales page is impressive, but I am leary, having been suckered in more times than I can count. Is there anyone out there who is not out to rip off the little guy? I am not interested in making a milion dollars a month. I am simply looking for something that works, brought forth by an honest individual. I only want to make a guaranteed $ 1000 a month.
    Can anyone help me?

  11. I purchased it along with the upgrades, All I can say is crap! I spent 12 hours yesterday trying to get it to do what it was supposed to. I called the support number and was told I would get a call back in an hour or so, that was 24 hours ago now. It seems like just another hyped product that doesn’t work at all. I will say that it does manage to scrape articles from somewhere it takes time but it does get it done. Doesn’t do much good after that as the internal (spinner?) mucks up most articles and they need to be rewritten in many places, some are just not able to be fixed. Then on to the submission where it fails on every one and click finish and all your work is gone! I most definitely will be requesting a refund! Hope this finds you before you buy!

  12. I too have purchased this product because this guy Mark came across as a stand up guy. I didn’t have firefox so I installed it hoping to submit the articles but to no avail. Now I can’t even access the software b/c windows auto update has stopped working. I’ll give it a few more days and hope the bugs can be worked out. Dangit.

  13. Hi took a look at this. When I saw the guy in the video I laughed! This is the same guy who was selling a forex trade copier software a while back, copypastepips or something. He sold himself as some hotshot forex trader! Called himself Robert Colmer back then. Now hes called Mark Hardy and selling this crap! From the comments above, doesnt sound like it even works properly, much like his forex product! People dont bother with this. Go and grab a nice steak dinner instead with the $49.

  14. Thanks guys, these reviews have helped me immensely, will not be investing in this, there are plenty of tools available for free that do the same thing by the sound of it.

    Thanks again for the reviews

  15. So happy I came across this site… he really is a very good salesman Isn’t he?
    I was very tempted and like Rhonda I purchased Commission Crusher last week from Steve Iser..

    Anyone got any experience of that product?… I haven’t been through everything yet but today I had a call from someone in his office asking me about it and when the call dropped out they never even bothered to call me back….

    After what you’ve all said I certainly won’t be buying this software.
    Thanks guys..

  16. I’m shocked that this guy used to go buy a different named! the above poster phil was right! “Robert Colmer” and his forex website video are still up, I just saw it and I’m shocked noone busts these people for lying about their magic software. All it does is generate keywords. All they do is sell air! Isn’t it illegal to be misleading? 6-clicks to automatic traffic and money? this is competely illegal? can’t anybody see this???

  17. I purchased this software but I have not been able to login to the members area to download the software I contacted support but no reply for 2 days.

    I have regreted wasting my money on this crap. will request for refund if not head from them in the next 24 hours.

  18. Hi, I watched the video for Easy Click Commissions, and was about to pay when the “bells and whistles” started going off in my head, I always look for the secure sight padlock and couldn’t find one, so I decided to do a search for this product.
    BOY…am I glad I did!
    Looks like I’ve saved myself a whole lotta headaches by not buying into this one.

  19. I clicked the ‘Download’ button but I won’t be proceeding after reading all your comments here. Thank you very much, everyone! You’ve saved me a big headache. I won’t be buying this. I must say Mark Hardy (Robert Colmer) is a very convincing actor, and he’s funny, too! He really comes across as a very sincere person and his jokes are funny, too. Hearing that he used another name for another video and another product only goes to show his talent for acting. This guy should head over to Hollywood. He also very badly needs to go for confession for all the lies he’s told.

  20. Come on guys!

    If its too good to be true it generally is! This guy is just coming out with all the sales patter you would expect from these BS merchants!

    There is no software you click 6 times and will generate money like that, if there is he wouldn’t be selling it for $49 or whatever it is!

    I have been doing this for over 3 years and earn enough to work for myself. Nothing has changed in all that time, the same basic principles still apply! You have to work and work hard at it!

  21. Yeah great website here….Glad I found it. I’ve been using Article Marketing Robot & it works amazingly well.

  22. I posted 2 days ago. Still waiting for support to answer my questions regarding the software not working properly. Guess I’ll request a refund and alert my credit card company.

  23. LOL

    Imagine! This guy came off as having the next best thing to Internet Marketing since the computer!
    I’ve been online since 1995 when we used to post ads on bulletin boards.
    I too have been taken. I Have one piece of software called mass article submitter.
    A real piece of junk. has 8 article directories to submit articles too. So I’ve learned. Just like the rest of you.
    RESEARCH through places like this to get honest opinions BEFORE you buy.
    When I started-Internet Marketing was HATED by some. This is one reason for sure. The scammers.

  24. I was kind of leery to begin with is why I did the search. After reading the reviews it almost made me laugh. Also when I heard you mention Plimus I will steer way clear. I bought the mass article submitter from them and it never worked as promised never heard from support either. If I’m not mistaken they are based out of Russia so what do they care.


    • Plimus is just a marketplace and payment processor like Clickbank, only their refund policy is not as flexible. They are based in California:

  25. I listened to Mark Hardy’s pitch of the Easy Click Commissions and liked what I saw. It is exactly the software I have been looking for. In the video he says more than once he is not lying to you or making false promises. He also says he is only releasing 289 copies (yea, right!). I purchased my copy and during the training videoes I also purchased Backlink Profit Monster. That looks like a good program as well. When I tried to open ECC yesterday a window popped up and said there was an update, ECC would close for the update and then reopen. The Auto Updater did not work and as of 11:00 AM Central time today it had not been repaired so ECC for me at this point in time is completely unuseable. I have sent at least 3 e-mails with absolutely no response. I called the help number on the ECC member site and the young man on the phone said they have had over 20,000 requests for the software so far. Mark said he was only releasing 289? Maybe he personally was going to release 289 copies, but his buddies would release the other 25,000. I would have been fine if during his promo video he had not said how many he was releasing instead of flat out lying about it. I know this is where these guys make their money and this is the game, but for once really, really, REALLY tell the truth and do not lie about not lying. When you go to the Banklink Profit Monster website it simply says “Coming Soon.” So now I have purchased a product that doesn’t have a working website? I was able to download the software the day I purchased it and retreived an activation license; however, the license was sent in an unexecutable document so I can’t use this software either. And there is no working Backlink Profit Monster website to go to for support. I e-mailed prosperous22@gmail.com because that was the vendor e-mail on my Clickbank receipt, but of course I have received no response. I think both software packages could be outstanding products, but the gross lack of customer support along with the lying of Mark Hardy is sure making this look like a scam.

  26. I actually bought the software and made it through the annoying upsells! 6 annoying pages just to get to the product I want. However, the software works and does what it suppose to do…great. but the only thing in question is the destination of my articles…the results window reads…Success! but when I click on the CHECK STATUS Button next to it, it brings me right to my computer files as if the page was saved there. Although I still went to check the site itself and see if my artilce was listed….I wasn’t surprised.

    It was nowhere to be found. I sent my inquiry about this to support today 04/28 to see how long it will take before they reply but most of all to answer my question about what I just mentioned here.

    Here’s the message that I got when I clicked on the Check Status button after it was supposedly sumbitted.

    C:UsersOwnerAppDataRoamingEasy Click CommissionsPromote_Status7.htm

    I really thought it suppose to take me to the live page for my status. Who know..if there’s anyone with this issue please post it here for so we can all see it.

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong…I dont’ know…


  27. I purchased the basic and the advanced versions of easy click commissions and when i went to download it i got as far as it telling me it needs to update itself then it said auto updater not working and windows will notify me if their is a solution. So i contacted plimus and asked for a refund on easy click commissions and got it back into my paypal account right away. There was only one day from the day i bought it on april 27th untill i asked for my money back on april 28th. So i’m not impressed . i also called easy click commissions and told them that i just got a refund and they said all i had to do was log out and log back in. Anyways i tried logging out as i already got my refund but i can’t log out lol So i’m ok everyone i got my money back.


    This is the exact carbon copy of the software that was introduced by Daniel Owens called Auto click profits. That software never worked. I got my money back on Auto click profits. I have not yet completed all the sections of the software. It may not work just as much as auto click profits. A user up above mentioned if the software did really work like in the sales video, they would keep it for themselves. All it does is submit articles for you with your affiliate link in the bottom of the article. That process is not over night. It takes time and there is no guarantee. Let’s do the math here. There are 100k affiliates online. They may get sales at the rate of 1 % which would be 1000 sales. Selling the software at $39 which is the price if you attempt to leave the website because they give you $10 off if you try to leave the website. Half of that goes to the affiliate commission which would leave them $20 in their pocket as the vendor. 1000 sales X $20 = $20,000. So why would Mark sell the product to have 1000 other people can directly compete with him when he can make that money in 2 days?

  29. The story stays the same!

    Thanks for the comments above. I think a refund is in order and if you recall they only give you (1) week to test the product. My experience has been similar, download and then automatic upgrade that never happens. Support did get back to me and stated that they were over-whelmed by the response (obviously more than 289 copies).

  30. I bought easy click commissions on the 26th April as it sounded good, but at the same time I still had this nagging feeling that this is another over hyped product, but I still went ahead and bought it thinking this might be different.

    It’s a weird thing how our senses try to warn us that this is a mistake but we still go ahead and make that mistake.

    I started early morning watched all video training and started implementing the instructions, the software worked fine with my Mac and parallels until I got to the spinning of the articles, the system runs a little slow that didn’t worry me too much as long as it did it right.

    When I opened the spun articles they didn’t make sense at all, some of the lines were OK but most were sporadic words that didn’t add up at all, I think I spent 30 minutes trying to make one article look good which meant rewriting it.

    I would be embarrassed to put this stuff on the web or my blog, I’m not a writer but when I put an article on my blog I try my hardest to make sense of what I’m writing about. When I tried to submit my articles every one of them failed.

    I don’t know how the programmer or his associates are getting away with their articles, unless the software is geared to certain keywords to make their demos, I certainly couldn’t with my hobbies martial arts, micro lights, motor bikes and mountain bikes.

    I wasted all day but I learned some thing though there no easy 2 clicks or 10 clicks of a mouse button to make it into Internet marketing but the tried and tested way. Sorry if my comment is too long, but I had to get it out of my system. I put in a refund request to Plimus Sales waiting now.

  31. Stay away from this product. It does not work. A week after the launch Easy Click commission have launched an updated version. I have tried to to open the software is tells me that it will close to update the software automatically. The software returns an error message to say’ Auto updater has stopped working.’. I have contracted the support team to be only told that the number is for business related purpose. This was not mention on the receipt email. On the receipt email it states if you do not received a reply form the email support l address then please contact us.

    I will ask for a refund.

  32. Thank you for publishing a proper and real review site webmaster.

    For traffic learn how to do media buys properly starting small and running with the winners and tweaking etc or learn SEO backwards. All methods involve work and lots of it. Software can help but no easy sleazy push button software from a smarmy spruker will make you money.

  33. Thanks for all your posts.
    I was thinking of buying this product but decided to due my due diligence.
    Glad I did!
    Shame on the marketer that refered me to buy this product.
    Now I am going to unsubscribe from his mailing list NOW!
    There are no simple solutions.
    Just do the work and you will make it.

    Thanks again all.

  34. Hi,

    Thank you for your above comments. I bought ECC, first I did not even get into the members place by type in my provided login details, got error message not activated yet. (got no activation e-mail, just login details). I e-mailed support, so now I can log in.

    I downloaded the software, but there is no “Authorization screen” come up, instead it’s says “new update has been found” but when I click on it I face with “Auto updater has stopped working” the program turns off. Can’t get it into work.
    First I thought it’s my computers problem, I installed it on my other laptop which runs on XP, could not even start the program even after I installed “.Net framework” which was requested.

    I checked him also on Robert Colmer name. This is already a big outpoint someone don’t put his real name on his product and you see him later on other name selling something else. This guy is a good actor, but a crappy fraud. You can check the one his forex video as Robert Colmer here:

    and the site here:
    Don’t bother to buy anything from this guy. I’m going to ask for refund.

    A bit of advice:
    – I never go with the upsell first time! It will be always there even if they say “this is the only time you ever see this” I only go upsell when I see the basic product actually work.
    – When you are about to buy the product, click on the close button, almost every time there is new window come up tells you “limited copies, about 3 left x amount discount. You can save about 10-20$ with this.

    Sorry for long comment, I wish you the Best with your online marketing 🙂

    Gabor Mocsan

  35. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Easter was last weekend, so I suppose it’s okay to lie until the next religious holiday…..Ramadan? Who knows….
    I too almost got sucked into the presentation by Mark/Robert or whatever name he may be going by at time time of this posting, maybe Farouk…..Again who knows.
    Luckily, I performed some due-diligence as did others who commented on this site and am thankful to those who, unfortunately, stuck their hand on the hot stove but had the fidelity and honesty to post their feedback about this insidious scheme.
    Thank you

  36. I purchased this when it first came out, and I fell for this guys so-called “honesty”. He is no different than all of the other people that he is slamming in this video. This software is hastily put together, sometimes it does not work at all. I do not recommend wasting your money on this Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go ask for a refund!

  37. I’ve tried a lot of terrible products which inevitably cost me a huge amount of money which prompts me to look for sites like this. Thanks to everyone here I’ve saved myself £37.55 which what it would have cost me with VAT.

    I’ve also been ithinking about buying Xtreme Profit Robot and if anyone can give advice on this, I will be greatful.

  38. HI All,
    Well, like an idiot I purchased this software last week. Guess I should have looked here first. Anyway, I was able to download and bypass all the upsales. The first run of the software it updated with no issues. The software seems to work OK but a bit buggy. The catcha screen sometimes comes up twice and the “found 100 keywords” box comes up on aveage of 6 times. Pain…. Seems to find articles ok. Scrambles the hell out of them though. Gotta spend time editing them. I use MS word for editing. Seems to send out articles OK but have no idea if they are truly getting them. I’ll start looking this week. What is the average time for and article to be posted after being submitted??? I am thinking of a refund but will wait to see if the articles are posting. Overall not to impressed. Glad I didn’t do any of the upsales.

  39. My story is exactly the same as Mary. I wish this product would live up to Mark/Roberts promises, I could really use something like this. I guess this is a classic “Caveat Emptor”. Sucks to be me.

  40. This product is terrible, and to actually be sucked into his madness with telling a story we all can relate about being scammed and conned and for him to turn around and do the same thing. I mean what does free bonuses mean. I went to the bonus page only to be taken to other people’s products asking for more money not even getting access to it.

    What needed to be stated was additional resources not “Bonuses” I had the same problem with the “auto updater” I uninstalled 3 times and decided to call customer service. The guy stated well this is a business to business line but I will submit a ticket for you. It finally started working after a few hours and once the keywords were fetched it would have a pop up box that you would have to click 5 times to even move forward.

    The articles are terrible. I had to go in and re-edit all of them and for best results he says to submit 10, it took me 3 hours to edit them all and then submit them, I have no clue where the articles are going I clicked on the links to check the statuses and it had a website with no English translation. They are not using articles directories that we all know about and are familiar with I was so disappointed as I came to tears to only be ripped off once again it’s disgusting and sickening when people does this type of thing.

    We need more blogs like this instead of affiliate blogs stating the product is a must have for making money online. Thanks you all and great success to us all one day. Sorry for the long comment just needed a place to vent.

  41. All the above ratings are minus one sick of mindless schemes dont be a victim like me (again). Why cant people be honest? DO NOT BUY EASY CLICK COMMISSIONS. The guy is an absolute JOKER.

  42. I purchased the ECC basic software and did not purchase any upgraded offer since I got annoyed with the peer pressure you get from this guy right after you click on the “Pay” button. First, in his video sales pitch, he tells you that all it takes is 6 clicks and the rest is done automatically so you can go to bed and wake up in the morning to watch your clickbank account go wild. Once you make your payment, there are more things to buy to really make money…
    The software does not work at all and gets stuck at the very 1st step of finding keywords. I dont even get the captcha window. I have been very patient and sent the many emails. They always reply with answers like: Right click on the software icon to run it as administrator and it will work. Of course that was a BS answer. Another one was: “Our programmers just came up with an update and the software will upgrade itself as soon as you start it” Another BS. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’m still not running.
    The training video makes it look so easy and so powerful that you really want to make it work. I was being patient because I had so much hope that it would work and I wanted to give them time to remove all the bugs, but I’m slowly running out of patience.
    I saw a previous post saying that the limit was 289 copies. They sold at least 1000 copies a day and I heard that from the guy who answered the phone which, by the way, is just another company affiliated with them that claims to give you a free online training session paid by ECC, but all they want to do is to sell you some marketing strategies.
    I finally realized that all those so called “Gurus” are just clickbank affiliates selling each other’s BS softwares.

    The only thing remaining to do is to request a refund. I hope that that “Plimus company” is serious

  43. Well I have been reading all this negitive flap about this product and frankly I was disapointed about having bought this product but to my suprize guess what happened…. It works it loaded it found articles it spun the articles and sent them to where it said it sent them as I followed up on what I had wrote and where it all went. I only bought the basic version and I guess it comes with only 10 directories it sends to but it works for me any way. I just can’t say anything bad about imagine that!.
    And no I am not an afilliate for this product I am just a guy wanting to get ahead and so I took action crossed my fingers my software updated just fine.
    Here is what I did. 1. I downloaded the instructions and read them then as the instructions said exit all programs and yes your antivirus is a software program too so I turned it off as well and I had no problems the software is a little slow so be paitent and do something else while it looks for articles If you pick to many key woords it could take al long time I found this out so I just do two or three at a time and it still gets 100 articles and then it will spin the ones you pick up to ten in my case I chose weight loss articles and came up with a gold mine of info (but no gold as of yet but fingers crossed, Now with the articles spun you had better read them!! because they may be spelled right but sometimes the sentences don’t make any sense so read and edit before you submit or you might look not so smart to the reading world, Good job Mark at least it works for me anyway.

  44. Hi Everyone,
    I have just bought this product. At the moment I am unable to login! Saying I need to activate account…Did anyone else come accross this? If so how did you activate?

  45. I just bought this software application and it stopped working. The software is asking for an update to be run, causing the application to shut down. I called the 877-830-2791 and they informed me of a technical issue not allowing for updates to be installed. I requested a refund and they informed me to send an email to INFO@EASYCLICKCOMMISSIONS.COM to request my refund. I hope I get my money back. But be cautious of SCAMS….. I hope that this is not one of them…..

  46. The story stays the same. I have just contacted Plimus and asked for a full refund too. Mark Hardy (if that is his name) is obviously a scam artist and those of you who (like me) purchased the product were caught by his lies and our desire to be able to make a living better than what we are doing now. So glad I found this website, so sad it was too late. Have bookmarked it now for future reference.

  47. Hi Theresa,

    I had that problem. Could not log in. They sent me no activation Email, just the login details. I wrote customer service they added me manually in about 30-48 hours time.
    When I finally downloaded the software, there is no “Authorization screen” come up, instead it’s says “new update has been found” but when I click on it I face with “Auto updater has stopped working” the program turns off. Can’t get it into work.
    I hope you have better luck with it.


  48. Ok,
    This is gonna make us ALL very mad. those of you with this ECC software look in your app data directory. In there you will find a folder named Promote_Status. In that folder are ten webpages all designed to say submission complete.

    C:Documents and SettingsUserApplication DataEasy Click CommissionsPromote_Status

    This appears to be an UTTER FRAUD folks. Better get your money back ASAP.

    From Looking at the source files it appears that the adds are either being deleted or going out to promote somebody else’s site by giving them content.

    Better get to work on those refunds.

    Sure hope google and the big dogs pick up this forum and post it

    Easy Click Commission SCAM!!!

  49. I just wanted to say thanks to the contributers to this review of Easy Click Commissions.
    I was sent the link to the webpage with Mark on it and it started off very plausible. As time went on, it began to sound familiar and tthen I realized that I had heard this same style of story a couple of times before and what made it so similar is that it goes on and on and on to the point of overkill and I lose interest before the video ends.

    On a number of occassions I have been scammed by pure liars; people who say “I am honest” and are in truth the very opposite and nothing but outright dishonest liars.

    I think Mark and people like him ought to be made ashamed of putting out simialr junk to the Guru’s thy are denounicing in their videos and trying to make out they are going to give us a product which is so much better and it works. I think these people (but who knows their real name) should be exposed and shamed.

    If this had been a Clickbank product I might have bought it knowing that Clickbank is a honourable company and on several occassions I have requested a refund. As I explain when requesting a refund either the product has been over hyped or has simply failed to work within the 60 days guarantee. So often it is not clear what is being sold unitl you buy the product an open it. I have found myself buying the same product of an almost exact copy and therefore regard this as a duplicate purchase.

    So long as Clickbank keep giving refunds I do not mind buying and trying in order to find a genuine product. I would expect if Clickbank get asked for too many refunds of a particular product that they will exercise their own censorship of the product and withdraw it. As Clickbank are only keen to profit from sales and do not to their own preview and filtering of the products they accpet fto sell, then I feel that Clickbank is obliged to offer a refund when requested.

    In this case, I am not even going to buy and try as it would be a pure waste of resources.

    I have just had an idea for by blog which I have to start over again as the company I have been using went offline before I could back the site up. I am thinking of posting a picture taken from Mark’s video and any others I find and start posting a rogues’ gallery with the header ‘Do not trust this person’. If they are using Aliases to hide behind then I will see whether I get sued. After all, selling junk products as this blog has revealed should go against them.

    I wish everyone searching for an honest product that produces say $100 day is found.

  50. Okay I was thinking about purchasing this product but I have bought and returned so many to clickbank in the last six months that now I try to check them out first and WOW THANKS to all of you and the person who wrote this page I will save my money. I would very much like it if Robert Cook would contact me he sounds very knowledgeable. I have now decided all of the new stuff that comes out with just a video like this in the beginning are probably made by the same group because after I purchased a few of them they all pretty much are the same in the end. The disappointing part is most of us really just want to average $75 to $100 a day just to enjoy life and have some extra money coming in. I don’t mind working for it, but everything is so conflicting. I can build blogs all day long but in the end if no one goes to them it does no good.

  51. Hi Gabor,
    Thank-you for your response (and everyone elses). Gabor I have had the same as you. Although I have managed to enter keywords!! No activation code and no box that prompts for it. Very bizarre indeed!
    Im gonna give it a shot but not 100%. Will keep you all posted:-)

  52. I Hope everyone out there gets their money back on this one. I have experienced everything that has been posted and basically that boils down to nothing….noda…..I can’t even get a response now from the support team from Easy Click Commissions.

    I have requested my money back, but haven’t heard a word. At least with some of the other crap I got myself into, I did get the refund.

    I am like most of you that have left comments…..I don’t want to make a million dollars…I just want to make a few hundred….or so. Is that possible? Is this all just a dream created by the wealthy few to make more money for themselves? I still believe it is possible, to earn money on-line with affiliate marketing, so I will continue to search. I will listen to any advice from others in my same situation.


  53. Thank god for a google search I say! Was just about pulled in by the faker who seems to have many an identity on Easy Click Commisions! Am quite the newbie and have already been pulled into these kind of scams numerous times – but have learnt now to always do a search and find out a little about things, and a place like this, is a breath of fresh air.

    Anyways, After being scammed and having money taken off of me, that I haven’t got alot of to begin with, I am now banned from purchasing anything else through Clickbank!! 3 times I have had a refund – for programmes that seriously did not work and didn’t provide the so called support they apparently have – and I’m penalised??!!!!!! Something seriously wrong there. Shouldn’t it be these fakers penalised and taken off of clikcbank instead of the innocent that just want to get by.

    I am also like many of you above – I just want an income – not a million dollars! There should be more places like this out there. Real people, providing real and genuine advice.

  54. I purchased this product, after a week working with their support, I wasn’t able to get it to work. The quick money demos are just not realistic. The program issues was that it wouldn’t submit the articles period. It would say site failed or site down. They did an update and then there was one submission site available that also did not work. I requested and got a full refund today.

  55. I have the software and I am experience great frustration. Like many people I felt the sales video was sincere and very convincing. I have tried using it but have been unsuccessful in a few things.

    First the training videos leaves many question remaining

    however I must say that their support has been great. I usually get a response back 24 hours.

    The main problem is the article submission. I expected to have to edit the spun articles but the biggest claim of the product is the biggest problem.

    Most of the articles I submit give me errors. When I click the link to ask for help it leads me to the article submisison page but does not give me the answers on how to fix and submit.

    Lastly, trying to find the actually articles is killing me. I visit the sites that the software says my article is posted. I search and search and search and cannot find it. How am I to back link to my articles if i cant find it. I have submitted these questions to support and hopefully Ill have an answer tomorrow.. Ill keep you posted.

  56. hey guys…

    i’m like everyone else here. spent all friday reviewing, found this. now, nothing works on my computer, read this whole thread (after diligently searching the net for reviews!) and wish i didn’t have to go through the refund process.

    has anyone successfully gotten a refund from this? i purchased this through plimus.

    does anyone recommend anything out there that works!??

  57. Don’t buy it, I have spent more time trying to make it work than it’s worth. They don’t return emails and when they do it still doesn’t do what is says it will. I don’t mind working, but this easier to just do it with out this software.

  58. Hi,

    I managed to get some answers from support, I want to share it:

    – When it comes up “new update has been found” but when I click on it I face with “Auto updater has stopped working” the program turns off.
    You have to start the program as administrator otherwise will not work. Go to “Start”, “All Programs”, select “Easy Click Commission” right click the icon, menu comes up, select “Run as administrator”. Now you can get the update.

    – There is another problem come up when submitting article it says “failed, wrong format” You have to have the .net Framework 4 installed on your computer. Before you get it, uninstall the ECC first then go here and install the .net Framework 4 on your computer:

    Reinstall ECC, it should work. at least that’s what they say. I’m just getting to this stage, I’ll let you know back.

    To be honest they could let us know what software we need to be able to operate ECC if it will work at all someday, and don’t let us go around wasting weeks to get it work.
    I hope the above helps.

    Gabor Mocsan

  59. Software doesn’t work, I’ve been waiting over a week for them to get the bugs out. The second version they sent didn’t work either. Thanks for the comments – TIME FOR A REFUND!!!

  60. The guy in the video is not actually Mark Hardy, it is a paid actor. Mark Hardy does not exist, as you will find when you search google. I have been trying to get a refund for this program as soon as I downloaded it and tried to open it and it didn’t work. Unfortunately it appears that I have to fight to get my money back because noone is actioning a refund request.

    For future reference: google plimus and see how much trouble they have got themselves in and then make a mental note to NEVER EVER buy any product through them ever again. They say they are like Clickbank but they are NOTHING like Clickbank.

    Anyway, if you have managed to get a refund then please get back to us and let us know how.

    I am off to do some homework on who actually owns the site.


  61. Just wanted to share the message that I sent to Plimus to get the refund in 5 hours : “The vendor is a liar… and his product is absolutely garbage… You should verify who you are doing business with as your reputation will suffer… see all the comments on the internet… Anyhow I expect IMMEDIATE full refund… so go ahead and get your money back so ECC will not profit too much from this scam….!!!!

  62. Well I would like to say a big thank you to you all with your real honest comments, I too got caught up with this promo and this person Mark or whoever he is. Normally I checkout reviews but for some reason I was so taken by him REAL video clip that I went ahead and purchased this product. And then I decided to read up on the views, only reason was as soon as you purchase that product it then wants you to upgrade and all that rubbish, this was when I decided to checkout its integrity. MAN wish I had of done that before I placed my credit card order.

    Oh and btw getting a refund from Plimus is time consuming, they say the vendor has up to 2 weeks to respond to my refund request and then I’m to respond to their request and then after that if all not resolved they will refund. Well you could say I was not at all too happy with that!!! And after reading the above comments, I have not only called and left a message asking for an immediate refund I have also added another comment on my refund request through Plimus asking them to action an immediate refund explaining how this person is not who he says he is and that is product is basically a scam and so forth, so it will be interesting to see if I get a refund in the next few hours NOT in the next few weeks!!

    I would like to say though I have purchased a great product from a great person who resides in Australia and I know you are probably wondering why would I be interested in this ECC, I guess I’m just like everyone else trying to find a way of making money sooner than later. I’ve found this is out the hard way and will just stick to what is currently working for me, it does take longer but this person is no scammer. I’m not too sure if I’m able to post his name on here, he is based in Melbourne VIC Australia.

    All the best to all those who are trying to make a legit earning in the realm of Internet Marketing.

  63. This product is a SCAM! “Mark Hardy” goes by different names depending on what he is selling. (see other posts above.) I feel like an idiot falling for his “pitch”. DON’T BUY EASY CLICK COMMISSIONS. Period. If you got taken like I did, I suggest you deal directly with Plimus for an immediate refund. Submit a refund ticket to register that this is a scam and request a refund from them directly. This will get your refund request in their system attached to your order number. Then call them at this number and they will give you an immediate refund: 866-312-7733. Hope this helps somebody else in some way.

  64. I purchased the ECC software and then I fought my way thru the upsells. I paid for a freeweb site with the names security for two years $167.00 i think. Then I get the phone call for the one one mentors to qualify me for the traing. I am supposed to be motivated and ready to go and really interested in making money. Sooner and not later right. Well I was now lucky enough to speak to a lad who was at least honest enough to tell me what the smallest subscrption fee was to be with. He reluctently gave me a number as to the least amount I would be allowed in for that amount was $3,500.00 paid in full to have the mentor by my side to help me really get started right. $3,500.00 and we would head in two months be making close to $1,000.00 per week. If my goal is higher, that could be accomplished with more work.. Crazy stuff eh. Well after the pestering by two different guys from Mark Hardy’s office, the last one said have a good life and you need to ask for your refund as you won’t make any money without the help. Thay even made me madder and i have attempted to request a refund from Plimus today. We shall see if any of this comes clean and I do get the no questions asked refund within 60 days. I have only been around this crap for about 10 days here. we shall se. Good luck to all. I am awaiting source for refund that actually works. We all may be scammed by the looks of it.
    Only time will tell Now.

  65. i too, was sucked in by his ‘sincerity’. boy youd think i would learn as the old saying goes, if it sems too god to be truuuuuu. well you know the rest. im going to be brief. everything they all say is the same thing im going tru. hours and hours. now i suppose its going to be weeks for a refund. but think i might blast them with a little anger and we’ll see. because i am angry. i really thought this guy was for real wish there was a way to bust his a—. i also got the backlink profit monster. so, theres more $. even if do get refund, i think their gig is to use the money, collect the interest and be done with you. laughing all the way to the bank anyway thats my story . im really tired of all this internet crap. just wish there was SOMETHING out there that was legit for us and didnt take 50 yrs. to get a decent income.

  66. I’ve just completed watching the video. I found it to be entertaining at the most. What I did find most interesting was how “Mark” spent more time slamming the people who had “scammed” him then truly promoting his own product. Not a good sign. Anyone who would entertain the purchase of a product based on its “unique algorithm” offered to a mass market needs to take a breath and clear their mind. Just remember folks if it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true. Pass on it.

  67. I was very interested in ECC until I googled it and found this fantastic website.

    I read through all the comments and then decided to do a little research . . . It seems that the ECC website has an income of over $10,000 per month, (averaged out as it’s only been up around a month) so there are many, many others who were not fortunate enough to find MadIMMarketing first!

  68. Just as I had suspected, a scam. I actually thought he was for real, but decided to research up on it, & it
    proved my suspicions were correct. MMtttcchheeww, these p****s are making it really difficult to discover what
    Affiliate Marketing Softwares really do make you real Money legitimately.
    Surely there has to be a legit AMS that actually works as it is advertised. Can anyone out there please help me
    out, & let me know what it is? I am very desperate, & slowly running out of options fast.
    Thanks in advance.

  69. I would put 0 in the ratings if that option was available, this is just another rip off, do not buy this, it took my money and when I pressed the download button, I got an error message. I send an e mail for support and never got a reply. Do not ever buy these products, the only way these guys make money is by telling lies to needy people. They make money selling dreams and thats it, do not buy this shite, they stole my money I got no refund not even an answer

  70. Hello everyone,

    Well I feel I need to add my experience with ECC to those mentioned above. I purchased ECC April 25, 2011. I was taken in by the video as well. I have had problems with the software since day one. The same problems mentioned above so I won’t repeat them. I would like to add that their customer service does not exist. you may get a reply in a few days which gets you past that current problem but then another one surfaces. I am still waiting on my last request for help that was put in 6 days ago. I find myself lookin through my email every hour hoping to see a response so I can proceed. That email has not come. AND then I searched to see if others were having the same problems I was having or am I the only one. That’s when I found this webpage and had to share my experience.

    I have requested a refund through Plimus. It is just a shame that one can not get their money back as fast as it was taken. According to Plimus’ policy it may it may take 2 weeks before I can get my money back. I also purchse the two upgrades. For those that have not gone through a Plimus refund here is what I received when requesting a refund:
    “You have reported a problem to Plimus related to your recent order of ECC. This action has triggered our Dispute Resolution Process that enables you to communicate with your Vendor through the dispute system.

    Our objective is to resolve the matter to your satisfaction as soon as possible by providing both parties an opportunity to communicate on the matter.

    The Vendor is given a week to make a response to your initial message. After that, you are asked to reply within 5 days of his response.If the Vendor does not receive your response within 5 days, we assume that you are satisfied with the answer and automatically close the dispute.

    If the dispute is not resolved after 2 weeks, it will be reviewed by the Plimus team to progress towards a final resolution.

    We understand that this may require time and thank you for remaining patient and courteous throughout the process.

    If you are not obtaining the results you are looking for through the communication with the vendor, please let us know and we will enter the resolution process directly.
    Thanks for listening … I hope this helps anyone sitting on the fence deciding if they should purchase or not.

  71. Bought it and was never able to use the program. Every time I tried to load it a statement popped up that said NEW UPDATE FOUND EASYCLICK WILL CLOSE TO DOWNLOAD … AND NOTHING HAPPENED.

    I redownloaded the program several times and nothing changed. I sent three E-mails to easyclick and never recieved a response. I called their toll free umber three time and was informed twice that they were really interested in mentoing me but that they were aware ofa glitch in the program that was to repaied i a few ours or one day at the most. The third call was not answered and that I should leave a message and they would return my call ….. no answer yet.

    I thought the program looked good so I bought the reciprical connection program …. which I can’t use because the easyclick program has failed me.

    Tried to send an E-mail to ask for my money back if they could not make the program and it would not go through. I tried to send it three times with the same result.

    Finally contacted Plimus who collects money for clickbank(Mark Hardy) and they gave me my refund immediately. I paid through Pay Pal and have started a conflict resolution through them ….. but will cancell it since Plimus was so easy to deal with ( unlike Mark Hardy and his easyclick fiasco)

  72. I bought this product about a month ago and haven’t received anything as of yet. I am out $197.00 for a product that wasn’t sent to me, (and he talks about other money grabbing gurus?) Les.

  73. I bought into this scam because he claimed it had a 6 month guarantee. I have received nothing and can’t find a way to request a refund. Looks to me like a great scam!!

    I will see if this comment gets any reaction from Mr. Hardy.

  74. you know if i had a software that could make me a whole lot of cash by just clicking a mouse i certainly would not share it with anyone, not even for $100. And i know everyone here will do the same. Aint you’ll fed up with all these same clickbank products promising loads of cash ! Now don’t get me wrong if anyone can get on a google first page that a lot of people search for every day then YES you will make loads of cash. IT’S ALL A GAME !
    Whoever has the best sales pitch!

  75. Purchased the blasted software after a very slick presentation by Mark. Sometimes I even scare myself when I go for crap like this and I fall for all the lies. The software did not work at all for me. I followed instructions to the letter and got nowhere, not even the login stage. I called pilmus for a refund. They said they would get it going. I’m still waiting. I thought the software would help my insurance listings on line but was totally disappointed as the software would not even log me in. From what I have read on this post from others. I would recommend to skip this type of scan and do it the old fashioned way; use your creativity and hard work, there are no easy ways to making it online. just work hard and smart. Ask yourselves: If this software or system is so great, why is the person selling it? Why not keep it a secret and make tons of money? Why do they feel the need to “help” you out?
    It’s all a lie. They are just “helping” themselves to your money. They do so much volume they can afford to refund half the orders, specially if they hooked themselves hundreds of thousands of orders. For them, this is better than the lottery. It’s a numbers game. They don’t care about any of us. They are just selling hope on the premise the sales will outnumber the refunds. Plus, they railroad you into buying internet hosting and other services. True, if you read carefully, you don’t have to buy a thing, but in the heat of the moment you just want to make things work for you to make money, so you go ahead and foolishly follow the pied piper and buy his snake oil. Lesson learned. I should have done my due diligence.

  76. This is the most worthless piece of crap I have ever bought! The sales line is so full of lies it is embarrassing. Mark Hardy does not exist it is an actor playing the role of an idiot. This product is just another in a line of similar garbage from the same creators. And insult to injury the articles were to be posted onto directories some with an admirable PR 1 my wouldn’t that just drive a ton of traffic. A bad joke.

  77. I purchased easy click commissions about a 2 weeks ago and as of today it has generated over $ 4,500 for me… just kidding! easy click commissions is garbage.

  78. purchased ecc under clickbank and found it to be useless. the sales blog tried to sell a laundry list of addons and plugins to make it work. i tried to get refunds and was granted all but the basic $47 before they moved from clickbank–no notice from cb or ecc, and no explanation from either, it was a very disgusting experience. the mouscateer that sold it, steve isler, was absolutely no help. i will never buy from him or mark hardy again. sales/marketers should have some knowledge and creditbilty or they have nothing! rate all above a 0.

  79. Thank you everyone for your valuable in-site I had purchased commission crusher and being very new at this stuff I found everyone you purchase something from..the moment you plunk down the money they are selling you something else you will need to make money. I figured out how they are making all of this money and showing all of us the numbers…everyone of us are looking for at least extra income on line because the job market is in shambles and our current employment picture has lot of blank slides (bad future picture). Many of us find something, hear their pitch and then make the purchase… a few weeks go by and we are for the most part still attempting to put into action the plan they said would work.. AND YES 6 clicks to success does work… we make the 6 clicks and he records all of the daily purchases in his account. Nice…. Then he shows us our numbers and we fall again for the stuff. Like I stated earlier I purchased Commission Crusher along with the additional 10 campaigns… still trying to make that work… I think its going to take more money on hand to cover all of the Clicks

  80. Thanks for posting such honest and detailed comments. I keep getting emails from Mark Hardy for his Easy Click Commissions. Having been out of work now for 1 year… these ads are so tempting..lucky for me I don’t have credit cards anymore! Too easy to “take chances”. So I will delete his email, and continue looking for a legit way to make money online/home based.

  81. well, sorry to say ….. I didn’t do my due diligence, so its my own fault …….

    TOTAL SCAM ! buyers beware rings true !

    ( I don’t know how this scum lives with themselves, Karma is a bit– , and hope it gets him in the END !


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