Direct Mail Is Still Viable

In these days of website banner ads, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other Internet-based marketing options, some less advanced marketing methods seem to have fallen by the wayside. Billboards, direct mail and informational pamphlets aren’t often thought of as useful contributions to a company’s marketing campaigns, but if used correctly each method can not only be a viable advertising avenue, but also contribute to the business’s online advertising actions. Direct mail, in particular, can add value not often considered by business owners. There are some general rules about direct mail marketing that advertisers need to keep in mind to help prevent their mailers from being thrown away, but if followed properly they can bring several benefits that can be unavailable to those using solely Internet-based advertising.

Best Practices

Direct mail marketing works best when it’s highly targeted and ties into a complete marketing campaign. Fortunately, those are two things mailers do very well. There are many tips out there for mail marketing, but the primary lesson to be learned is that direct mail marketing companies allow their clients to tailor mailers towards specific demographics in localized communities. Taking advantage of this aspect of mail marketing is of utmost importance, because it allows businesses to adjust their design and copy to more closely match different target audiences. Providing a clear call to action and directing the recipients to the business’s website and social media accounts gives them a clear direction in which to proceed to interact with the community and makes them more likely to check out the information presented. Businesses that utilize direct mail marketing should constantly be collecting data on what aspects of their campaigns receive the best results and adjust their continued strategy based on their needs and the desires of their target audience.


If used properly, direct mail marketing campaigns will span anywhere from several months to a year or more, constantly updating former and potential customers and encouraging them to engage with the company. Reconnecting with past customers allows a business to provide coupons or notifications of additional services they may wish to try, potentially leading to a profitable upsell. Contests and special promotions can lead to consumers trying out a company’s services for the first time, giving the company the opportunity to generate new, loyal customers. Additionally, a physical piece of mail can make an advertising message more real for the customer and can potentially include a valuable gift that can generate more brand loyalty.

Direct mail marketing campaigns, while not often considered current or viable, can provide some great benefits to businesses if used properly. Providing a clear message, call to action and tying in other marketing campaigns can engage customers and keep the mailer out of the trash and in someone’s inbox. The possibilities for direct mail marketing are nearly limitless and, when coupled with its laser-precise targeting capabilities, can be used to entice new customers or retain current ones.

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  1. Great points and I completely agree that direct mail still works. With printing services that handle an entire campaign, it’s fast, efficient, and inexpensive. I would add that campaigns should tie into the website of an organization any way possible. We’ve been using QR codes for awhile now and they work great because you can track results. They also double as a call to action, so they’re worth checking into.


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