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Deadbeat Millionaire by Dan Brock is an affiliate marketing software.

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16 thoughts on “Deadbeat Millionaire”

  1. I purchased deadbeat affiliate last year and this is a very good product. Dan explains everything in a clear way and I learned a lot from him. If this product is just as good as his previous products…. I am certainly going to buy this product.

  2. I just purchased this product a week ago and have a few questions that I can’t get answered. It’s been 4 days now of trying to contact customer support and no answer. Does anyone know how to contact these people other than through the customer support link? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. i to have had problems getting any response from support on the two products I have bought from Dan!! This is a problem as it is having a serious effect on my decision to buy anything from him again. Dan really must sort out this problem as quickly as possible.

  4. So, nobody can say if works as the he said or not, right? I can tell you this, that are in the tiny letters from his own page down below:

    This is not a business opportunity.

    Any testimonials and/or examples used are exceptional results, in no way apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

  5. I purchased two products from Dan last week. I am new in this arena and have submitted requests for assistance on three (3) occasions through the support link. I have yet to receive a response. The offers come with a 60 days money back guarantee, but if I don’t hear from support soon I’ll be requesting a refund long before then. I hope this works out; he seems knowledgeable and friendly.

  6. I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago. Just for the record I purchased Dan’s earlier product so I was willing to give this a shot. For those that don’t know about this product Dan gives you niches including keywords and then helps you set up a website through his “software”. Sounds great doesn’t it. Except he doesn’t actually do that. You buy a domain and give Dan the name of the website and info needed to actually set up the site. Well it has been a week now – no site. Ok, they’re busy. Sent a support request just to make sure I haven’t done something wrong – still nothing a week later. When I first bought the product, I sent them a message telling them they made a mistake on an affiliate link in their PDF (they put the affiliate link of another niche that they recommmended into a different niche). As of today they haven’t fixed it. I see a lot of “gurus” and people who claim not to be gurus promoting this product.. However, right now there is not a product to promote. I’m giving this another week or two to see if Dan’s focus changes from promoting to servicing. If he doesn’t then I’m going to cancel. I would stay far away until or if he fixes it.

  7. The product is great.
    However, it is very frustrating trying to get through to anyone as they have a SUPPORT link but there is NO support.

    SO far, I have got some wonderful sites built with the software. But the BIG problem is …
    1. The software doesn’t ask for your affiliate code, so the affiliatiate links are DBROCKS1. Which means I am basically buying a site and letting somebody else put up THEIR affiliate links and they get paid while I am paying and hosting the website!

    2. The software has overwritten 3 of my 2-year old websites. We were not warned that it would not work with sub-domains/folders. I have been trying to get some help to reverse that big error. But NOTHING!

    3. Th software cannot seem to find the websites, and keeps making it in a “fake” path. Says cannot find domain in cPanel even though website is clearly in cPanel.

    Probably going to have to cancel and get my money back!

    My advice, don’t waste your time with this product. And if you have already bought, get a refund. Maybe then somebody will wake up!

  8. Just a general warning to anyone who is new to this internet marketing business. There are 100’s of offers out there, all sounding like the easyway to get started. Problem is, they ALL usually give you 80% of what you need to know and you are left floundering trying to understand the other 20%. So you buy something else that you think will help and before you know it you’ve spent a few hundred or few thousand dollars and still haven’t got a good website up and running.
    After a couple of years I finally decided to take it slow and easy. Learned how to build an simple WordPress site, outsourced the backlinking to the Phillipines and am slowly climbing my up the Google page rankings.
    Be patient people. Just find a good online course. I used one by Matt Carter called Rapid Profit Formula. Think it costs me $47.

  9. Heres a suggestion everyone. Why dont you go through all the products that are on this review site and you will find a couple of honest legit promotions. Click on the product reviews tab at the top and look out for these things. The ratings, The Comments. From 5 -10 comments. Any more than that there is bound to be mostly thumbs down comments. You can usually tell from the first 5 comments that you could be on to something or not. Im downright exhausted going from scam to scam reviews. I like the looks of 2 products but you might find some more. There are alot of products unfortunately without comments and ratings. I liked the look of Google Sniper 2.0 and 20 minute payday. Watch for my comments on either one because Im going check them out.Sniper and 20 min payday offer 7 day trials for $1 with a guarantee that you will make money. Good luck

  10. I bought Dan’s Deadbeat superaffiliate, content is good for starters… but the problem is, like everybody’s complaining about is the customer support… I’ve also experienced the same thing.. maybe Dan is the customer support officer also? just a thought…

  11. I have not bought Deadbeat Millionaire but I HAVE bought Deadbeat Super Affiliate; the latter is a good course consisting of PDFs and videos – very easy to follow and implement. I have set up several sites and even made a couple of sales within a month or so. BUT BUT BUT – there is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHATSOEVER. I tried the membership support form and even the vendor email address on my Clickbank receipt but received NO response from either. This is a SHOCKING way to do business. Because of this, I will not be purchasing Deadbeat Millionaire after all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND “GOOGLE SNIPER 2,0” by George Brown, the customer support is EXCELLENT and helpful; just allow a day or two for a reply.

  12. Well, I bought the product and within a week asked for a refund (and got it). I tried to install one of the websites numerous times using 3 different computers and different OS’s. All failed to install anything, Support is terrible and the advice given was worse than useless. In the end I did what BOB above suggested and learn how to use wordpress and do it all myself.
    Well only took me a couple of days and I’ve now got a site that I’m quite proud of. So Guys and Girls if you really want to attemp this affiliate marketing thing as I am do the following to get started:
    Buy a couple of years worth of web hosting that gives you unlimited domains, size and bandwidth.
    Register a domain name in a name to suit what you want your site to be about.
    Using your hosting servers cpanel, run fantastico to install a copy of wordpress for you (takes a few minutes, very easy)
    Thats it! just log onto your website as admin and start posting away! Oh and dont forget to join clickbank and amazon to
    get affiliate codes for both of them.
    Hope this helps as I found the whole experiance a right pain to start with, now it’s all dead easy.

  13. @Gail on 12 may–did u even read your post–u said u purchased the deadbeat software, then u said if this product is as good as the previous products, you will buy it, In otherwords u said u bought deadbeat millionaire, when actualy u havent. Hmmmm!
    ANYWAY, I did buy this software it is a lot of good info(for the price $47 bucks) I can see where there is some potential in the info – But, as with most things u have questions–There is no one to ask as everyone has said.
    Crazy NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHAT SO EVER!! so i will file the program in the information resource category and let it collect dust,

  14. My website is fairly infamous for skewering gurus that don’t deliver and I have to admit, Dan surprised me with Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I actually learned something from that guide and I really thought I was the point nothing would raise my eyebrows. I haven’t looked at Deadbeat Millionaire but I give a full thumbs up for Deadbeat Super Affiliate and highly recommend it for anyone just starting out.


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