CPA Ninja Review

CPA is hot these days and no wonder that savvy entrepreneurs not only cash in by promoting CPA offers, they cash in by teaching others as well. Some do good job, some don’t. And today I want to review a product that I think does a really good job teaching you the art of CPA.

CPA Ninja is a set of DVDs and manuals that you will receive to your door should you decide to get it. The authors, Marty Rozmanith and Matt Trainer are known in this market, they also are helped by a guy who claims having $100k net profit days regularly, Amish Shah. Marty Rozmanith is also famous for his WordPress Direct service which plays a big part in CPA Ninja course too.

The idea of CPA Ninja is rather classic in the world of CPA – getting cheap traffic and lots of it to drive to CPA offers. CPA Ninja covers many different traffic getting methods, such as PPC, SEO, social media, media buys, etc. But the main focus is PPC. The reason behind that is that you want to test offers as quickly as possible and as cheap as possible, as opposed to lengthy SEO or expensive media buys, which according to the course are better used to expand on the winners once you find them.

Talking about the expenses, besides the cost for the course, if followed it to the letter, you will spend $100-$200 on PPC to test an offer. And having in mind that finding a single winner out of 10 offers is a reasonable expectation, you can expect to spend $1k-$2k to find an offer that will earn you good money. But don’t freak out, you will likely get back most of the spend from the offers you test.

Another important point about CPA Ninja is that it advocates building an asset sites as opposed to fly-by-night fake blogs ¬†or crappy sites. The idea is that once you find a good offer, you can build a site in the niche it’s in and switch offers anytime if, say, your original one dies (which is not unlikely to happen).

Besides these key points, CPA Ninja is full of great tips about keyword and market research, traffic getting, converting traffic, etc., it has all the basics necessary for newbies and lots of valuable tips for advanced users.

I do recommend CPA Ninja and if you check out the pre-launch videos (if they are still available at the time you read this) you will likely to pick up some great tips, especially about keyword research and PPC. I think it’s cool stuff.

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